Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 22: Defeat the Opponent with Only One Punch

Upon hearing his words, even the dumbest person knew that Mu Li wanted to provoke Mu Feng so he could humiliate him in public.
Mu Zhong frowned, and the look on his face was terrible.

On the other hand, Mu Kuang and Bai Ziyue were furious.
However, just as they were about to fly into a rage, Mu Feng managed to calm them down with a wave of his hand.

Mu Feng stood up, looked at Mu Li, and said: “Well, since cousin Mu Li wants to spar with me, I’m in no position to refuse.
However, how can you address my brother like that? Just like you, me, and the others sitting in this hall, we’re all members of the Mu family.
We’re all brothers and sisters.
Just now, you said that he’s a piece of trash.
Did you mean that the others and I are also pieces of trash?!”

Mu Feng’s voice got louder and louder as he spoke.
In the end, he was coldly shouting at Mu Li, with a trace of anger in his tone.

No matter what, Mu Feng was still a teenage boy.
Even though he had much more life experience than his peers, it’s not like he didn’t have a temper.
He was someone who killed people in battle, and the aura he developed in the battlefield came with a somewhat heavy temper.

On top of that, Mu Kuang was someone who was willing to stay by his side during the hardest times in his life.
He valued Mu Kuang a lot and would even willingly sacrifice his own life for him.
He just couldn’t tolerate anybody badmouthing Mu Kuang in such a way.

Mu Li was shocked by Mu Feng’s temper and trembled in fear.

However, when Mu Li glanced around the hall and saw that the other family members and his dad were looking at him with a hint of displeasure, his fear soon turned into anger.

“Th-that’s not what I meant.”

Mu Li explained.


With a wave of his hand, Mu Feng interrupted Mu Li and said coldly: “You want to spar? Let’s spar!”

After that, he looked at Mu Hai, clasped hands, and said: “Uncle Hai, please excuse us.”

After finishing his sentence, Mu Feng walked out of the hall while Mu Zhong, Mu Kuang, and Bai Ziyue hurried to follow him.


Mu Hai glared at Mu Li and walked out of the hall as well.

The others also started walking out of the hall.

Mu Li looked at Mu Feng’s back and gritted his teeth in anger.

“Brother Li…”

Mu Li’s gang approached Mu Li.

“Let’s go outside.
Today, I’ll make sure that I teach that Little Lord a valuable lesson.
I’ll let him know who’s in charge here!”

Mu Li sneered coldly and walked out of the hall.

There was a spacious field outside the hall.
The Mu family members had already formed a circle, and Mu Feng was standing in the middle with his hands behind his back. 

Mu Li walked into the circle with a hint of anger on his face.

“Cousin Mu Li, you may attack first.”

Mu Feng said calmly.

This son of a b*tch! How dare a cripple like him act so arrogantly?!

Mu Li cursed in his heart, clasped hands, and said: “Alright then.”


As soon as he finished his sentence, Mu Li stepped forward and punched towards Mu Feng.



A gush of white-colored Vitality surrounded his fist as he punched out.

Judging by his punch, one could see that Mu Li was at Tong Mai Ninth Sky.
After a little more training, he would be able to reach the Zi Fu level and become a true cultivator.

At his age, reaching this level was quite impressive.
However, he was still no match for most of the Mu disciples from the main family.

The strength of this punch was nearly 1,000 kilograms, which could instantly kill a normal person who didn’t cultivate.

Mu Feng swayed slightly to the left, dodging the punch, and Mu Li responded by swiftly punching towards him from the left.

With a twist of his foot, Mu Feng turned and agilely dodged the punch again.
He then took a few steps back to maintain the distance between them.

However, Mu Li continued to attack, without giving him a moment to rest.
He punched at Mu Feng with both fists at a very quick rate, throwing out almost eight punches in just a second. 

Surprisingly, Mu Feng was quite aigle, and he still managed to swiftly dodge all of the attacks.

The spectators, who were cultivators themselves, were stunned by what they saw.

As the saying goes, ‘dilettante watch the scene of bustle, experts see a road’.
At a glance, it seemed that Mu Feng was forced to step back and defend due to Mu Li’s punches.
However, a fellow cultivator would know that Mu Feng was at least as skilled as Mu Li, because he was able to easily dodge all of the attacks.
One could see that he had trained in some Wudo Forms. (EN: “Dilettante watch the scene of bustle, experts see a road” is a chinese saying that basically means experts can see the essence of something, whereas laymen can only see things at face value.) 

That’s right, Mu Feng has indeed trained in a Wudo Form, known as Swift Wind Steps.
This Wudo Form was a Huang-class lower-ranked skill, and Mu Feng had already cultivated it up to the Da Cheng level.
The only level higher than Da Cheng was the highest level, Yuan Man. 

Mastery progression in Wudo Forms was divided into four levels, starting from the basics.

The first level was known as Chu Kui, which was the initial stage of exposure towards a given Wudo Form.

The second level was known as Deng Tang, which implied that one’s cultivation in a Wudo Form had reached a higher level.
This level was also known as Xiao Cheng.

The third level was known as Da Cheng, which implied that one was already skilled in the cultivation of a Wudo Form.

The last level was known as Yuan Man, which implied that one’s cultivation in a Wudo Form had reached perfection.
This was the highest level known in the cultivation of Wudo Forms.
It was said that a cultivator who had achieved the mastery level of a Wudo Form would then be able to integrate it with other Wudo Forms.
At this level, a cultivator was able to use the Wudo Form instinctively, without thinking.

The Swift Wind Steps that Mu Feng cultivated had already reached the Da Cheng level, and was nearing the highest level, Yuan Man.
This Wudo Form allowed one’s body to move about like the wind, making it much easier to dodge attacks.
It was one of the critical skills learned by Mu Feng that kept him alive on the battlefield.

“Wow, what an excellent Wudo Form! This is one of our family’s Wudo Forms, the Swift Wind Steps, right? Judging by the way he moves about, it seems that he has already cultivated it up to the Da Cheng level.
Usually, it takes roughly three to five years for one to reach the Da Cheng level! He is indeed a Wudo genius!”

“Yeah, just look at them.
Although Mu Li’s punches are quick, Mu Feng hasn’t even been hit by one punch.
Is he really a cripple?”

“That’s true, but ever since the match began, all he has done is evade the attacks.
He hasn’t retaliated with his own attacks at all.
Is it because his cultivation has really gone down the drain? Maybe he can’t counterattack because no longer possesses Vitality.”

The branch family members started to chat with each other.

Meanwhile, Mu Li was starting to get furious.
HIs punches didn’t even skim the edges of Mu Feng’s clothes.
On the other hand, Mu Feng managed to dodge all of his punches with his hands behind his back.
It looked like he was just taking a walk in the park.

“Haha, Mu Li, your punches didn’t even touch the edges of Brother Feng’s clothes!”

Mu Kuang laughed loudly.
Upon hearing his words, Mu Li flew into a rage.

“Show me your true skills! Don’t just keep dodging! Why don’t you fight back?”

Mu Li shouted loudly and started punched out at an even faster rate, but this caused his punches to start falling out of rhythm.

“You want me to fight back? Why didn’t you say so earlier! Here I come!”

Upon hearing his words, Mu Feng’s eyes shone with excitement.
He took a few more steps back, but then suddenly stepped forward, dashing towards Mu Li.

Mu Li was stunned when he saw Mu Feng’s sudden move, which created a window of opportunity for Mu Feng to attack. 

Mu Feng seized the opportunity and threw out a punch with all his might.

“Tong Mai Punch!”


The milky-white Meta-power that was flowing in six of his sanguine Meta-pulses started gathering in his fists.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack…!

Surprisingly, the sound of his arm bones cracking rang out nine times and his fist shone with a golden light.
He then punched directly at Mu Li’s chest, his fists as fast as the wind.


Kachakk! Khoff! Khakk!  

After being hit the blow, Mu Li’s ribs cracked.
He spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying more than 10 meters away.

Meanwhile, Mu Feng pulled his fist back and exhaled a long stream of white smoke.
His face wasn’t red and he appeared as cool as a cucumber.

He defeated his opponent with just a single punch.
Everybody was speechless, and It was dead silent.

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