Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 20: The Vicious Boy


Mu Zhong threw the arm on the ground while the guard howled in pain.
While the guard’s howls were echoing in the streets, the others stared at the muscular man in horror. 

A trace of fear flashed across the young man’s face as well.
He then shouted angrily: “All of you, kill him now!”

The remaining five guards exchanged looks, ushered battle cries, and dashed forward towards Mu Zhong and Mu Feng with swords in their hands.

However, Mu Zhong and Mu Feng remained calm and didn’t move at all when they saw the scene.
There wasn’t even a trace of fear on their faces.

“Little Lord, how should we settle this?”

Mu Zhong clenched his fists and asked with a smile.

“I suggest that we don’t kill them, but give each one of them a broken arm.”

Mu Feng said calmly.

“You got it!”

Just as Mu Zhong finished his sentence, a strong Energy Force was instantly formed around him.
He stepped forward and a gush of blue-colored Meta-power burst out under his foot, causing the nearby sand and dust to form a whirlwind.


Suddenly, Mu Zhong dashed out as fast as a bullet, and in a blink of an eye, he was standing in front of a guard.
He grabbed hold of the guard’s arm and twisted it.



The guard screamed and his face twisted in pain.
His arm had been ripped off.

Right after that, Mu Zhong grabbed hold of the sword held in the detached arm and threw it towards another guard who was preparing to strike at him.


A flash of blue-colored Sword Qi flew out and instantly chopped the guard’s arm off.

Mu Zhong then swiftly moved about, chopping an arm off of another two guards, each with a single strike from his blue-colored Sword Qi.
All of the guards screamed and rolled on the ground in pain.


“Go to hell!”

At this moment, another guard sneaked behind Mu Zhong, raised his sword, and viciously struck down towards Mu Zhong.


However, just when the sword was about half a meter away from Mu Zhong, a blue-colored shield formed around Mu Zhong, blocking the attack.

The strike bounced off the blue shield.
Mu Zhong then turned around, grabbed hold of the guard’s arm, and struck down with his sword.

“Ah, no!”


The guard screamed in pain and fell on the ground along with his detached arm.
Blood gushed out profusely.

“Was that… a Gang Qi Defense Shield?”

“Yes, it was.
He must be a Ning Gang level cultivator! There’s a Ning Gang level cultivator in An Nan city!”

“Hehe, Huang Yi is so unlucky.
That Ning Gang level cultivator called the young man as ‘Little Lord’, so it seems that the young man is a disciple from a big family.”

The people on the streets started whispering to one another.
Upon seeing what Mu Zhong had done, the young man dressed in yellow silk robes trembled in fear and stumbled a few steps back.

H-He is so powerful! Is he one of the strongest within the main family? Or is he just Mu Feng’s bodyguard? Damn it, why does a cripple like him have such a powerful bodyguard? Don’t tell me that it’s just because he’s the Little Lord of the main family?

Upon thinking this, a wave of jealousy and hatred swept over Mu Cang.

“A Ni-Ning Gang level cultivator!”

The young man dressed in yellow silk robes was so scared that he wanted to flee as soon as possible.

However, Mu Zhong dashed forward and stopped right in front of the young man.
The young man who was about to flee bumped into Mu Zhong and fell on the ground.

“D-Don’t kill me! D-Don’t chop my arm off!”

The young man fell back a few more steps and shook in fear.
However, Mu Zhong grabbed him by the collar and dragged him in front of Mu Feng. 

“Little Lord.”

Mu Zhong seized the young man, looked at Mu Feng, and waited for his orders.

“Pl-Please, I’m begging you, don’t kill me! Please have mercy! Don’t chop my arm off!”

The young man continued to plead for mercy and even wet his pants, emitting a stinky smell.

Mu Feng looked at him and said coldly: “Now you’re begging for your life? What happened to your vicious aura just now? Are you that much of a coward? You may not want to die, but did that kid want to die?”

A murderous intent stirred up within Mu Feng.
He picked a sword up from the ground and held it tightly in his hand.

“Wait a minute, Little Lord Feng.”

At this moment, Uncle Fu and the others hurried over and whispered into Mu Feng’s ear: “Little Lord Feng, how about we call it a day? This young man is Huang Yi, he’s the little lord of a powerful family in An Nan city, the Huang family.”

“The Huang family?”

Mu Feng frowned.
He didn’t know much about the families in An Nan city.

“Yes, the Huang family.
His father is a Ning Gang Ninth Sky cultivator, and the Huang family is one of the three big families in An Nan city, alongside our family and the Wang family.”

Uncle Fu said.

“That’s right.
My father is a powerful Ning Gang Ninth Sky cultivator.
If you dare hurt me, my father will not let you off the hook easily!”

Huang Yi, who was kneeling on the ground, began threatening Mu Feng when he heard what Uncle Fu said.

Upon hearing his words, Mu Feng smiled and struck down with his sword.


Huang Yi’s left arm was directly chopped off.


Huang Yi’s face twisted in pain, and he curled up on the ground while screaming in agony.

Mu Feng then said to Huang Yi in a cold tone: “I don’t care what your family background is.
You were going to need to take responsibility for your words from the moment you ordered your men to kill.
I, Mu Feng, am not like you.
I’m not a coward, and I don’t bully people who are weaker than me.”

A scowl appeared on Mu Feng’s face, and he started to emit a murderous intent.
His coldness and ruthlessness caused the people around him to tremble slightly in fear.


Looking at the young man, whose sword was still dripping blood, a cold shiver ran down Mu Cang’s spine.
He thought about the sarcastic tone of the words that he said just now and looked at Mu Feng in horror. 

After all, he was just a little lord who has never killed anyone before.
His aura was nothing compared to the murderous aura emitted by Mu Feng, who had killed hundreds of enemies on the battlefield.

Has he really become a cripple? 

Mu Cang began to have doubts.

Meanwhile, a stronger sense of respect was stirred up within the hearts of the other Mu family members. 


Mu Feng threw the sword on the ground and picked his own sword up.
He then kept his own sword into his Qian Kun ring, turned, and left the scene with Mu Zhong, Mu Kuang, Bai Ziyue, and the others.

Meanwhile, the guards with broken arms were still lying in a pool of blood.

The other Mu family members exchanged a few glances and left the scene as well, except for Mu Cang. 

He just stood there, with his face as pale as a ghost.

“Mu Cang, what’s gotten into you? Let’s go.”

Mu Lan said.
Mu Cang snapped back into the present, continued to stare at the receding figure, and left with her.

You little brat! I swear I’ll kill you, no matter who the hell you are!

Huang Yi held stump where his arm used to be, looked at Mu Feng ferociously, and shouted to himself.

“It seems that a powerful young man has arrived in An Nan city.”

“Hehe, I wonder what expression his father would have if he found out that Huang Yi lost an arm.
That butler just now was Uncle Fu, right? If that’s the case, that young man must be somebody from the Mu family.
I never knew there was such a person in the Mu family.”

The crowd began to leave the scene while chattering to one another.

“Haha, you were so cool just now, Brother Feng! I want to be like you too! A real man!”

Bai Ziyue excitedly said to Mu Feng, looking at him with eyes full of admiration.

“What you saw just now was but a glimpse of this cruel world.
Ziyue, if you wish to live a better life, then you must be even stronger and tougher than your opponents, so much so that they wouldn’t even dare to mess with you.”

Mu Feng said with a smile.
After nearly being assassinated, Mu Feng was now even more mature.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Bai Ziyue nodded.

“Hehe, kiddo, there’s still much more for you to learn.”

Mu Kuang chimed in.

“Cheh, there goes the same for you.”

“You…… I’m much stronger than you, okay? I can win a match even if its against a hundred of you.”

“Huh, can you win a match against Brother Feng then?”

“Er… Well…”

“Haha, I knew it! You can’t win!”

“You little brat! I can’t win a match against Brother Feng, but I can obviously beat you up!”

They headed to the family’s residency while chattering playfully to each other.

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