Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 16: Leaving the Mu Family

“Little Lord Feng, the Lord wants to have a word with you.”

Mu Feng was facing the rising sun and absorbing the Qi of Heaven and Earth in his courtyard when a servant’s voice rang out from outside.

“Oh, big uncle is looking for me?”

Mu Feng opened his eyes and replied: “Okay, I’ll head over now.”

Why is big uncle looking for me?

Random thoughts flashed through his mind as he tried to figure out why his uncle wanted to see him.
Mu Feng then walked out of his courtyard and followed the servant to the main residency where his big uncle lived in.

The servant secretly scrutinized Mu Feng from head to toe and was slightly surprised to see that Mu Feng seemed to be very healthy and lively.
His eyes shone brightly in the light and he emitted an energetic aura.
He didn’t look like a man who was ill or whose Meta-pulses were damaged at all.

After a while, both of them arrived at Mu Chen’s residency.

The hexagonal courtyard where Mu Chen lived in was delicately designed.
Both the front yard and backyard were very spacious.
There was a battle arena in the backyard whereas various types of exotic plants grew in the front yard.
The whole area was very tranquil.

Both of them walked into the living room and saw that Mu Chen was already there, waiting for him.
A beautiful middle-aged woman dressed in yellow stood next to him.

“Big uncle, big aunt.”

Mu Feng greeted them with a smile.

“Oh, Feng Er is here.
Come and have a seat.
Have you eaten breakfast? I made your favourite pork dumplings.”

Zhang, the middle-aged woman dressed in yellow, said with a kind smile.

In the Mu family, his big uncle’s family treated him the best. 

“Hehe, I would love to eat some of big aunt’s home-made dumplings.”

Mu Feng grinned and accepted her offer.

“Sure! In the meantime, have a chat with your uncle.
I’ll let you know when they are ready.”

With that being said, Zhang left the room with one of her servants.

“Feng Er, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Mu Chen took a sip of his tea and said in a serious tone.

“You are somebody who has experienced life and death in the battlefield, so I will no longer treat you like a child.
I’m thinking of sending you back to your hometown.”

Mu Chen said with a frown.

Upon hearing that, Mu Feng was surprised and asked: “Wh-why?”

Mu Feng’s hometown was not the capital of the Nan Ling Kingdom, but rather a small city called An Nan City instead.

Long ago, the ancestors of the Mu family fought for sovereignty from the rule of the previous emperor.
They were outstanding soldiers back then.
After a few battles, they decided to settle down in the capital and gradually increased their family’s influence within the kingdom.
Now, they were one of the upper-class families in the capital.

“As you are aware, you were nearly assassinated a few days ago.
It’s obvious that someone wants you dead, so it’s not safe for you to stay in the capital anymore.
Besides, our family is in a pinch right now, so we’ll need to be even more vigilant, as one wrong step will cause the whole family to be in jeopardy.
I was thinking of sending you and some other young disciples back to your hometown so that our family would not be wiped out if something bad happens.
If our family did indeed face a catastrophe, at least we would still have somebody to pass our bloodline down.”

Mu Chen said.

Mu Feng sensed that there was an underlying meaning in his words.
His heart sank and he asked: “Big uncle, is there anything wrong? Did something bad happen?”

Mu Chen nodded and said: “I’m not supposed to tell you, but since you’re not a child anymore, it’s time for you to bear some responsibilities as well.
I’ll have to tell you eventually anyway.”

“Do you know who holds power in the current imperial court?”

Mu Chen asked suddenly.

“Who holds power… Hmm… Isn’t it the king?”

Mu Chen replied.

“No, it isn’t.
After the previous emperor passed away, the king was too young and lacked experience in handling the country’s affairs.
Nowadays, the one who really holds power is the North King, Nan Hao.
You do know that he was the one who set-up your father and the Mu army, right?”

“Why did he do that? It was because your father was the leader of 200,000 Mu soldiers.
The Mu family has always been very loyal towards the royals.
Nan Hao tried to get on good terms with your father, but you know your father’s temper.
He declined him without giving a second thought.
That was why he was targeted by Nan Hao.
He led himself to his own death.”

Mu Chen said slowly.

Although Mu Feng was only 15 years old, he understood what Mu Chen meant.
He then asked in horror: “Don’t tell me that… Nan Hao plans to take over the throne?!”

With a wave of his hand, Mu Chen closed the door with a powerful force and nodded.

“Wh-what should we do now?”

Mu Feng was shocked, although he never really understood politics.

“If there ever comes a great battle where we must pick a side, our family would definitely defend the royals to our deaths.
That’s why I want to send you away.
Previously, I thought that you would be able to break free from all of this by entering the Royal Wudo academy.
However, judging by our current situation, it leaves me no choice but to send you back to your hometown.”

“No, I don’t want to leave.
I want to share the troubles with all my Mu brothers.”

Mu Feng shook his head and said.

“You can’t stay.
You’re not a kid anymore, what can you do even if you stay here? Do you think that you could be of help to the family? Even if your cultivation was not lost, you couldn’t be of much help anyway, not to mention that your cultivation has now gone down the drain.
Mu Tian is dead and you’re his only son.
I can’t afford to let anything happen to you.”

Mu Chen said solemnly without his usual kindness. 

Upon hearing his words, Mu Feng clenched his fists and felt very reluctant to leave.

Power, it was all because of power.
The Mu family was now facing a stormy battle, but he couldn’t be of any help because he didn’t have the power.

Mu Feng knew that what his big uncle said was true.
Even if he had not lost his cultivation, even if he was still a Zi Fu level cultivator, he would still be a nobody in the capital.

He couldn’t avenge his father’s death because he was weak.
He couldn’t seek revenge for the 200,000 Mu soldiers because he didn’t have power.
Because of power itself, he had to leave Wan Er.

At this time, deep down in his heart, Mu Feng felt hungry for power.

“You and Mu Kuang will be going back to your hometown tomorrow night.
I will send Mu Zhong to protect you guys.”

Without hearing his reply, Mu Chen made the decision himself.

“The dumplings are ready.”

At this time, Zhang brought out two large bowls of freshly steamed dumplings and put them on the dining table in a room that was next to the living room.
She then asked the two of them to go over and eat.

Mu Feng ate the dumplings while random thoughts flooded his mind.
At this moment, the delicious dumplings that he had always liked were tasteless.

After finishing his breakfast, Mu Feng left the courtyard with mixed feelings.

Zhang looked at Mu Feng’s receding figure and sighed deeply.

“Feng Er really lives a tough life.
Since he was a young boy, he didn’t have a mother.
Now, his father has passed away and his Meta-pulses are damaged.
Why is heaven treating him so?”

Zhang said with teary eyes.

“A man grows stronger in rain and storm.
Who knows? Perhaps this is a test from heaven…”

Mu Chen said softly while gazing at Mu Feng’s back.

The following night, Mu Feng and Mu Kuang rode out on their Unicorn Horses and took one last look at the Mu family residency that looked brilliant under the moonlight.
A trace of sadness flashed across their eyes.

“Brother Feng, will we come back one day?”

Mu Kuang asked with a hint of unwillingness in his eyes.

“Of course.
We’ll definitely be back!”

Mu Feng looked at the mansion and said with determination.

“Little Lord Feng, it’s quite late already.
Let’s leave now.
It would be best if we can reach your hometown before dawn.”

Said a muscular man dressed in black robes.

He was Mu Zhong, a powerful cultivator who had reached Ning Gang Seventh Sky.


Mu Feng nodded and rode off into the night on his Unicorn Horse.

Their three figures soon vanished into the darkness.

One day, I will change my destiny.

One day, I will seek revenge.

One day, I will thwart all conspiracies!

I would rather die fighting than live an ordinary life!

Mu Feng made a silent vow in his heart. 

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