The streets of Ibouro seem more like modern Europe than medieval Europe.


 The roads are beautifully paved with earth magic, and water and sewage systems are maintained using magic tools.



 Although horse-drawn carriages are still the main vehicles, magic vehicles powered by magic tools were also seen from time to time.


 Just as Japan developed through science and technology, life in this world seems to be becoming richer through magic tools.



 As for tools for daily life, there are no microwave ovens, but there are magic ovens, and refrigerators & freezers are becoming more common.


 In large cities such as the Royal Capital, there is a shortage of magical stones to use magic tools, and I hear that some researchers are trying to farm magical creatures.



“Oh, they sell ice cream, Horacio.” (Nyango)


“Ice cream… what?” (Horacio)


“Ice cream is a mixture of milk that has been cooled and hardened, you’ll find out when you try it.
Uncle, give me two, please.” (Nyango)


“Here you go!” (Vendor)



 The evolution of magic tools has created a refrigerator large enough to be placed on a cart, so in the summer they do mobile stalls.


 Horacio was devouring the ice cream, which was served on an edible plate similar to a Monaka [T/N: Stuffed/sandwich wafer with sweets inside], immediately after taking a cautious bite.



“Yummy! Cold, sweet, yummy!” (Horacio)



 Compared to the ones sold in Japan, the texture on the tongue is not as good, and the vanilla flavor is lacking.


 Still, the milk was rich and the taste was not bad.



“Horacio, eat my half.” (Nyango)


“Eh, Nyango is paying for it, I would feel bad…” (Horacio)


“No, if I eat all of it, I won’t be able to eat anything else.
Help me eat and enjoy all kinds of food.” (Nyango)



 Horacio, an oxkin, is already as big as an adult apekin, but I, a catkin, am not even eighty centimeters tall.


 If I kept eating all the food, I would be full before I could enjoy the food stalls, but with Horacio’s help, I would be able to enjoy many food stall menus.



 The food stalls in Ibouro are similar to those in Japan but somewhat different.


 They sell things like crepes rolled over meat or vegetables, or pasta soup that looks like ramen but is not, but it has the flavor of a foreign festival.



 There was no goldfish scooping, but there were fish stencils.
No target shooting, but there were blowguns.



“Let’s go with the fire magic tool that’s on display up there.” (Nyango)


“Well… Nyango, it’s unlikely to fall even if we hit it.” (Horacio)



 At the top of the three-tiered box is a white-colored stone with a magic circle engraved on it.


 In both size and use, it is what a lighter would be called in Japan.



 Five blowgun shots cost one copper coin, and the magic tool would have cost about two silver coins if you bought it at a store.


 The target is small and heavy, so even if it hits the target, it only falls over and does not fall down.



“Nyango, let’s aim for the candy at the bottom.” (Horacio)


“Just go for it.
You can’t be a knight if you aim at the candy at the bottom.” (Nyango)


“What’s the matter, boy, you’ve been asked by the knighthood? That’s a big deal.” (Stall Owner)


“Yes, today Horacio is in luck.
Uncle, don’t cry when your magic tool falls.” (Nyango)


“Hahahaha, don’t worry, I won’t cry just because of a fire magic tool.” (Stall Owner)



 The middle-aged, overweight, dogkin uncle burst into laughter his belly shaking.


 A few falls a day would probably be enough to pay for itself.



 Blowguns are all about lung capacity, so there is a big difference in the power of the blowgun between me and Horacio.


 I would pay the money, but it would be Horacio’s job to actually send the blowguns flying.



 Two copper coins and ten blowguns were used, and three times the darts hit the target.


 The grimoire itself is heavy and even has a cord to hang it around the neck.


 Unless it hit one of the upper corners and fell while spinning, it was unlikely to fall off.



“Nyango, let’s aim for the candy.” (Horacio)


“Don’t give up easily, uncle, one more time.” (Nyango)


“Hahahaha, isn’t that catkin boy better suited to be a knight?” (Stall Owner)


“If only there was a Knight Order that would be so fond of recruiting a catkin with the void attribute.
Look, Horacio, go for it!” (Nyango)


“Do you really have to have that magic tool?” (Horacio)


“I do.
Hurry up!” (Nyango)



 I slapped Horacio’s butt, who is distracted by the candy on the bottom shelf, and made him aim for the magic tool.


 The previous ten were camouflage if you will.



“Okay, before you aim, take a deep breath… one more time.
This time, take a shallow breath and hold it.
Aim!” (Nyango)


“Fuh!” (Horacio)



 The blowgun just grazed the magical tool and fell, hitting the curtain behind it.



“Good, just like that.
Calm down and concentrate!” (Nyango)


“Fuh!” (Horacio)



 This time, the blowgun hit the magic tool, but since it hit the underside near the platform, it only shook a little and didn’t fall over.



“Good, let’s concentrate on the next three.
Relax once, take a deep breath… and go.” (Nyango)


“Fuh!” (Horacio)



 This time the blowgun passed over the magic tool.



“The left and right sides are perfect.
Keep it up, relax, concentrate… and let’s go.” (Nyagon)


“Fuh!” (Horacio)



 The blowgun hits the upper side just in time, and the magic tool tilts.


 The magic tool rolled with a twisting motion as it fell, tumbling off the corner of the box.



“Okay! You did it, Horacio!” (Nyango)


“Oh, it fell, Nyango, it really fell!” (Horacio)


“Oh my… this guy really surprised me.
It seems that the boy is really lucky.
Here, take it!” (Stall Owner)



 The dogkin uncle smiled wryly and held out the magic tool to Horacio.



“Yeah… Yes, Nyango.
I finally got it.” (Horacio)


“That’s a parting gift from me.
Horacio has wind attribute, so it would be convenient for you to have when you camp for training.” (Nyango)


“Eh… are you sure?” (Horacio)


“Of course.
Of course.
It’s only three coppers, but it’s a good one, right, Uncle?” (Nyango)


“Hahaha, it’ll cost you ten times that, boy.” (Stall Owner)



 The dogkin uncle is appealing to the other customers as he holds his new magic tool in his hand.


 Horacio’s eyes widen when he hears the price, though I think he’s adding on it a bit.



“Nyango, I knew it…” (Horacio)


“Horacio, take it.
In return, don’t give up, stand up to your training, and make sure you become a knight.” (Nyango)


“Nyango…Thank you.
I will take good care of it and I will surely become a knight.” (Horacio)



 Horacio hung the magic tool around his neck and smiled shyly.


 Well, it’s cheating that the magic tool fell.



 The moment the blowgun hit it, the air mass that had been on standby pushed the magic tool down, and in addition, solidified the air behind it at an angle so that it would roll away.


 The magical tool rolled down without seeming unnatural, just as I had calculated, so I did a guts pose when it worked.



 I felt bad for the dogkin uncle, but it must have been good publicity because other customers started aiming at it one after another, thinking that it would fall easily.


 I probably couldn’t have dropped it without cheating, even if I had poured three silver coins into it.



“Okay, Horacio.
Next one, let’s eat that!” (Nyango)


“Black orc skewers… are those real?” (Horacio)


“I don’t know.
Maybe we’ll find out when we try it.” (Nyango)



 Black oak is like Japanese black beef.


 Each skewer contains four large pieces of meat, weighing about 100 grams, or two copper coins.


 The price, about 200 Japanese yen, seems too low for the real thing.



“Uncle, give me two skewers.” (Nyango)


“Here, they are just freshly grilled.
Be careful because it’s hot.” (Vendor)



 I paid four copper coins and handed one to Horacio.


 The cross-section of the meat is oval, and at first glance, it looks like a filet, but there is no way I could buy a black orc filet at such a price.



 The surface is crispy and slightly charred, but the inside is juicy and tender.


 The rich flavor of the meat is further enhanced by the salt and blended herbs.



“Yummy, what is this, yummy?!” (Nyango)


“Nyango, this is really delicious!” (Horacio)


“Yummy… black orc, is delish! Hey, uncle, which part of the meat is this?” (Nyango)


“Well, it’s delicious, isn’t it? It is a genuine black orc, but the part of the meat is a business secret.”



 The bearkin uncle smiled proudly.


 It’s probably the part of the meat that would normally be thrown away, but I’m not familiar with cooking so I don’t know.



“Hmmm… where is this meat from? Well, it tastes good, so it’s okay.
Okay, Horacio, let’s go to the next one.” (Nyango)


“Nyango, where are we going next?” (Horacio)


“Next is the Adventurer’s Guild.” (Nyango)


“Eeeee! Nyango, are you going to become an adventurer?” (Horacio)



After completing the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” those who have been released from the magical power seal can register as adventurers.


 Many of those who become adventurers are confident in their physical strength, and magical power, it is a profession that is not suitable for me a catkin.



“Come on, let’s go.” (Nyango)


“Wait for a second, Nyango.” (Horacio)


“Come quickly or I’ll leave you.” (Horacio)




 I pulled along Horacio, who seemed to have unfinished business with the black orc grill stall, we set out for the Adventurers’ Guild in Ibouro

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