ended up panicking while also refusing to speak with him.
Ultimately, they were both highly knowledgeable, and they had seen and understood much more.
Xiao Ke talked to them in a sensible and calm manner, and they did not fail to listen to him.
The family didn’t have a hard time knowing that he liked the same sex, but the  family was in low spirits for a while before it gradually went back to normal.
He was with Lin An for over five years and Lin An had treated Xiao Ke’s house like his own during the last two years while having a good relationship with Xiao Ke’s parents.. 

After dinner, Doctor Xu cut some fruit and set it on top of the coffee table along with a rectangular box.
Xiao Ke looked up at his mom, and used his eyes to ask what it was.  

His mother looked at him with downcast eyes and said, “Xiao Lin brought it to me last week.
It’s a birthday present, so I’ll let you have it.
Since I didn’t care much about your business, I asked him to give it to you, but he just put it down and left.”

Xiao Ke’s face was expressionless when he took it to open it, and he smiled once he saw what was inside.
Lin An was quite generous.
This watch cost more than 80,000 yuan in China, and it would cost around 60,000 to 70,000 yuan to buy it overseas.
Xiao Ke asked, “He came back?”

“Well, since he already visited, then of course he’s back.
But I didn’t ask him if he was leaving again later.
I didn’t want to ask too many questions and embarrass him.” Dr.
Xu picked up an orange and started peeling it before she glanced at Xiao Ke.

Xiao Ke nodded, “No need to ask.”

“I know you don’t want to talk about it.
I just want to pass these things on to you so there’s no need to be defensive.” Dr.
Xu smiled and finished peeling the orange before she put it into Xiao Ke’s hand.
“It’s been so long, but neither of you have directly told me what’s going on between you guys, and yet you won’t even let me ask, nor will you say it yourselves.
It’s like we have much time on our hands to inquire back and forth.” 

Old Xiao also interjected with a whisper, “Yeah, we don’t care.
We just want to know if you’re fighting? Or if you already separated…?”

Xiao Ke had drunk too much alcohol last night and had not gotten enough sleep which made his head hurt the entire day.
Although the pain had lessened after eating, it still hurt.
He leaned back on the sofa with his eyes closed while he pinched his brow.
For over a year, he didn’t tell his parents about his affair with Lin An.
He didn’t want to mention it for the simple reason that he felt like it was a slap on the face.
When he had first brought Lin An home, he could have sworn that he was the one who had promised many things, but he was now the one sitting here facing these problems.

Xiao Ke didn’t open his eyes and sighed heavily.
“He was here then how come you didn’t ask him…?”

“We did, but he didn’t say anything.” Old Xiao took a sip of tea before looking at him, and then carrying on in a soft voice, “If you don’t want to say it…we’ll ask him next time.” 

“Don’t.” Xiao Ke pinched the bridge of his nose once again, and ate a segment of an orange.
He looked between his dad and mom.
“We broke up a long time ago.”

It really had been a long time.
He couldn’t even remember the complicated emotions he had felt back then, so his voice sounded flat when he spoke, like he didn’t care at all anymore.

The two older people had actually prepared their hearts for this and already figured it out.
However, they still looked at each other mutually with open mouths as they did not know what to say.

“The fate has ended, the grudge has ended, the former fate can not be renewed, and everything is gone with the wind.” Even Xiao Ke laughed after he said this as he ate another segment of orange.
“That’s it.
I’m not saying anything more.” 

The room was silent for a few seconds except for a TV show that was still on, until Dr.
Xu replied, “I have already said that it is difficult to stabilize your kind.
Even though you both looked quite reliable before, this is still the case.
I don’t want to say too much since you’re 30, but you should clearly think about this by yourself.”

Xiao Ke nodded.
“Okay, Mom!”

Xu glared at him but didn’t continue.

This matter had been weighing down on Xiao Ke for more than a year since he was unwilling to mention it at home, but it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be now that he actually mentioned it  as his heart felt like it was blocked with something that wouldn’t go either up or down.
Xiao Ke said, “If there’s still anything else here that belongs to him, just box it up and throw it away.
Or you can schedule a time with him to pick it up.
And this watch.
Since you accepted it, you return it Ms.
I’m not taking it.” 

This issue wasn’t up for discussion for Xiao Ke as he refused to take it.
Lin An hadn’t even dared to give it to him face to face, because he knew deep down that Xiao Ke wouldn’t take it.
Lin An had said to him before, “Your name isn’t for no reason, sometimes you are really mean.”

Xiao Ke originally planned to stay home for the evening, but he was not in the mood anymore.
After chatting with his parents for a while longer, he planned to find some excuse to leave when he received a call from Fang Qimao.

Xiao Ke picked up and asked him, “What’s up?”

Fang Qimao shouted over the phone with his distorted voice, “Come out and sing, Professor Xiao! I may have to drink tonight, and if I get drunk, you can drive me home!”

This was something Xiao Ke would not do normally, but today, he couldn’t wait to leave and get some fresh air.
Thus, he asked for the address before he wished good night to his parents and left the house.

The night breeze that was still hot blew in his face and added to the panic in his heart.
Xiao Ke went to the convenience store and bought a pack of Wrigley’s Doublemint and a bottle of icy water.

The gum had been made available in a variety of ways over the years, but Xiao Ke still preferred this age-old version of Doublemint.
The extremely minty flavor filled his mouth with only two chews, and he followed it with a mouthful of icy water.
It was only then that he could understand what it felt like to have ice in his throat.

Whatever messy thoughts he had were gone, and there was only coldness left.

It felt refreshing and very cooling.


Fang Qimao sent him a location over WeChat, and Xiao Ke replied to him, [OK, wait for Master Xiao.]

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