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Zhou Zui did have the intention to satisfy Xiao Ke, who had said that he was a top, and Zhou Zui did want to make him happy and give him everything he wanted.
Zhou Zui was not willing to let Xiao Ke’s wishes go unheard, but how could Xiao Ke really be willing to let Zhou Zui be the bottom? He liked Zhou Zui’s strong masculine scent, and he wanted to see Zhou Zui plunder fiercely rather than take it passively.

Thus, Xiao Ke felt for the lubricant and put it into Zhou Zui’s hand while smiling and saying, “It’s my first time, Teacher Zhou, don’t hurt me.”

The lust caused Zhou Zui’s eyes to turn red, and he looked into Xiao Ke’s eyes.
There was a lot to say between the two of them, but they didn’t have to say anything at the moment.

If Xiao Ke was going to be the bottom, then he couldn’t do it on the sofa.
Zhou Zui pulled Xiao Ke back into the bedroom, and it was only when Xiao Ke was lying on the soft bed that Zhou Zui covered him with his body.

Zhou Zui was very patient and gentle while helping Xiao Ke expand, but Xiao Ke lost his patience later on so he hooked himself to Zhou Zui’s leg and held his hot dick in one hand while bringing himself over with a seductive look.
He smiled slightly and said, “If you don’t come inside, I’ll cum on your leg first….”

This kind of thing had nothing to do with the inability to let go as they were both adults, and sex was one of the best binders of love.

The two of them were kissing rapidly while Zhou Zui was holding onto Xiao Ke’s lips and whispering, “Professor Xiao”.

Xiao Ke’s eyes were closed while his eyelashes and eyelids fluttered.
Zhou Zui liked the man in front of him so much that his heart clenched and throbbed.
He was truly in love.

Xiao Ke tried to relax himself so that Zhou Zui could enter more smoothly, and he also tried to make himself feel less uncomfortable.
This was the first time he had done this, and his experience was still superficial.

“Does it hurt?” Zhou Zui stared at Xiao Ke’s expression as he saw him frowning slightly so he asked him this in a whisper.

“It doesn’t hurt too much, it’s fine.” Xiao Ke opened his eyes and smiled reassuringly at him while wrapping one hand around his neck.
Zhou Zui’s hair stubble slightly touched his palm.
Xiao Ke breathed a long sigh of relief and said, “I finally got this piece of meat in my mouth, I’ve really wanted it for so long.”

Zhou Zui, who was possibly possessed by lust, changed his usual aloof style and said, “Is it tasty?”

Xiao Ke didn’t expect Zhou Zui to come up with such a phrase, so he hesitated for a moment before he smiled and said, “It’s a little hard and too big for me to chew.”

Zhou Zui lowered his head as he laughed, and Xiao Ke liked to see him laugh so he lifted his head to kiss him again.

A passionate round of sex was filled with the impacts and intermingling of two men.
It was intense, savage, and soul-crushing.

When it was dark after everything subsided, Xiao Ke let himself fall onto the bed.
The bed and floor was covered with wreckage that he didn’t want to worry about so he didn’t bother to look at it.
His whole body was now in a state of relaxation.
One sexual encounter almost drained him.
Teacher Zhou was a bully.

Zhou Zui came out of the shower and half-kneeled next to Xiao Ke so that he could try to carry him to the shower.

Xiao Ke hurriedly said, “Hey, don’t move me!”

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Zui was a little worried, “Uncomfortable?”

“No, I’m not uncomfortable, I feel great.” Xiao Ke smiled and licked his lips, then “hissed” as he slowly sat up.
“I’m too comfortable so I am a little sensitive.
If you touch me, I am afraid I will orgasm.”

The most intimate things were done, so Xiao Ke could not say anything.
He was not even ashamed to run to the bathroom in the room as he called back to Zhou Zui, “Come on, Teacher Zhou, let’s take a bath.”

The water in the bathtub flowed soothingly, and the massage function was turned on to relieve the soreness of the body.
Xiao Ke thought to himself that there were indeed advantages to having a relationship with a wealthy man, and Boss Zhou’s bathroom was too luxurious.
The 120,000 yuan bathtub was indeed very enjoyable to lie in.

He had just now considered the door to a new world opening, and had never had such an experience.
It was his initiative to be the bottom, and though it was not a dedicated sacrifice, he really thought that it would be hard to hold Zhou Zui as he may lack the strength.
The two of them had different body types, and Xiao Ke secretly did not want Zhou Zui to be on the bottom.
He liked Zhou Zui as his looks and his temperament were all of the features that were Xiao Ke’s favorite, especially his strong dominant aura.

From the first day of his pursuit, he had thought about this issue.
After the psychological hurdle, it was actually nothing and was very comfortable.
When Teacher Zhou pressed him down and fucked him until he came, it was stimulating enough in itself.
The minutes before and after Teacher Zhou released his sperm, Xiao Ke did not even dare to think back as more than two thoughts would immediately make him raise the flag.
Those few minutes caused Xiao Ke to be hooked to death, and he simply could not hold himself back.

He just wanted to bite him hard when looking at his forehead, those taut veins, and his scarlet eyes.
He was such an alpha male that Xiao Ke never liked him as much as he did at that moment.
He rubbed the top of Zhou Zui’s knee in the water and asked him, “What is this?”

Zhou Zui didn’t say anything and just planted a kiss on his arm.

Xiao Ke was not used to sleeping naked so Zhou Zui brought him a new pair of underwear, and Xiao Ke fell asleep first.
He was really a bit tired since it was more tiring to be the bottom than the top for some reason.

The bed had been cleaned up by Zhou Zui with new bedding, and the floor was cleared of the messy tissue and used condoms.

Xiao Ke woke up from a short nap and Zhou Zui had already cooked noodles.
Xiao Ke ate before he lounged on the couch while wearing Zhou Zui’s T-shirt and sweatpants.
Zhou Zui wore nothing on his upper body but had a pair of boxers on his lower half.
He had a tattoo about three centimeters above his knee, which Xiao Ke was sure was not there before, at least not last year when he wore shorts.

When Zhou Zui came over, Xiao Ke didn’t let him sit down and pulled him in front of his eyes to take a closer look at the thing on his leg.
It was a very cool and beautiful line of writing with a very rough style, and it took Xiao Ke half a day to figure out what it was so he looked up at Zhou Zui to ask him, “What does that say?”

Zhou Zui sat next to him and said, “Yesterday is dissolved; the future begins today.”

Xiao Ke asked him, “When did you get this?”

Zhou Zui said, “Two or three days ago.”

Xiao Ke didn’t say anything after that but smiled.
After a while, he gave him a firm hug and said, “I know what Teacher Zhou is thinking.”

The more Xiao Ke looked at him, the more he liked him, and it took half a year for the meat to finally enter his mouth.
It was really satisfying.

The two people were very relaxed as Xiao Ke leaned on Zhou Zui, and Zhou Zui gently rubbed his ear with one hand before he said, “Professor Xiao, I never tattooed anything on my body before, I don’t like to keep things on my body.
I think nothing in this world is really worth carrying to my death.
Once upon a time… he mentioned many times that he wanted to give me a tattoo, and I refused, because of this we fought many times.
But this time, I really wanted to get a tattoo on my body.
I wanted to show you, and most of all, myself.
If you didn’t come today, in another week, I would have gone to you.
I only intended to leave you a month, any more than that and I can’t stand it, I can’t afford to wait.”

Zhou Zui said every word in a very serious manner.
No matter what he did, this man always made people feel that he was serious but not perfunctory, and Xiao Ke loved his serious look.
“When the time was right, I was going to show you this sentence, what I want you to know is that although I have a past that you may not like, I myself do not like it either.
But I want to go forward and I want to be like you and not look back.” Zhou Zui looked into Xiao Ke’s eyes and said, “I also want to ask you, Professor Xiao…when the time comes, can you trust me one more time?”

Xiao Ke was silent for a long time before his eyes finally reddened and he nodded before he spoke in a muffled voice, “I was so shocked but I didn’t release your hand, so remember, I didn’t let go for a second.
How could I not come? Just wait.”

Tang Yawei’s words that were shouted out had made Xiao Ke’s brain turn wooden, but from the beginning to the end, they held hands while Xiao Ke did not let go, and even subconsciously clenched and squeezed Zhou Zui’s hand tighter.

Zhou Zui nodded, “I remember, but I’m still afraid.
You are too good, I am very rotten, I am afraid that you will not come again.”

This person usually did not open his mouth much, but once he said what was in his heart, it was overwhelming.
The sincerity of his heart was put out for you to see with his sincere attitude and devout eyes that were so straightforward that he wanted to laugh despite also feeling distressed.

He received all of his feelings as the cool man who made his heart flutter was seriously talking to him about love.
Xiao Ke felt that he was also quite successful.
At 30 years old, he had found his true love and hoped that this time would be the last time.

It was already dark outside, and Zhou Zui’s house was in the innermost part of the neighborhood without streetlights.
The entire window was black which reflected the warm light inside the room.
This feeling was very comfortable and made him feel very safe.
It didn’t matter how cold or dark it was outside, as long as he was beside him, he felt warm.

–Live as though everything of the past dissolved yesterday, and all of the future begins today. 


The author has something to say.

The last sentence is from Yuan Liao-fan’s “The Four Lessons”.  袁了凡《了凡四训》1

Translator Notes:

pdf_file/liaofan.pdf The quote is on page 27. 


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