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d Xiao Ke’s initiative as this person with a very strong offensive said that he would chase him while Zhou Zui retreated a few times, but no one can carry the charm of Xiao Ke.
and it would be impossible to shoulder.
Later, Zhou Zui was really moved and wanted to continue on as he liked Professor Xiao a lot.

Last time, Xiao Ke had said to Lu Xiaobei that people die and are permanently burned into the heart so Zhou Zui was less afraid to talk about the past, but he still knew that this hurdle would not be easy to get through.

The day after finishing that thing, Zhou Zui had actually wanted to find Xiao Ke and didn’t really want to cut off contact.
However, he still did not call as all his thoughts were negative, and he thought that Xiao Ke needed time.
Zhou Zui also needed time, and he had to explain everything to Xiao Ke.

“Gee, do you really think you’re a warrior? Just speak to him.” Old Cao felt that Zhou Zui’s state of silence had driven him crazy, and he picked up a piece of tissue paper to throw at him.

Zhou Zui took the tissue and put it aside while saying, “Let’s just wait.”

Lin Xuan and Cheng Ning simply laughed.

Fang Xi said, “I’m impressed.”

“You’re a fucking dick if you do nothing but wait,” Old Cao’s personality was straightforward and he couldn’t look at people like Zhou Zui so he scolded him twice before he said, “Then you wait.
You deserve to be single for life.
You’ll end up alone, warrior.
Just wait until you are eighty and you can’t get a good man.
You can’t just wait for a good man to emerge-“

His words just fell off as someone behind him suddenly picked up on the words, and the scene then turned silent –

“Why can’t he? Isn’t there a good man here? Who is strong enough to bully my Teacher Zhou?”

Everyone looked back while Zhou Zui, who had his head down, immediately looked up at the sound of the voice.
Xiao Ke, who was holding a huge bouquet of flowers just like last time, locked eyes with him and winked at him with a smile.
It was the same look, and the smile was still as good as ever.

Zhou Zui took the cigarette out of his mouth and pressed it into the ashtray while looking at Xiao Ke, and he didn’t know what to say.

Zhou Zui’s newly shaved head had hair that was shorter than the original hairstyle that Xiao Ke had always loved to touch with his hand.
Zhou Zui looked at him and was afraid to make a sound.
Professor Xiao was obviously distressed, and he held the flower with one hand while the other hand took something out of his pocket with difficulty and threw it towards Zhou Zui.

Zhou Zui raised his hand to catch it and looked at it before he hurriedly turned his back to put it on the table.

Xiao Ke’s face had a smile on his face when he asked him, “Do you like it, Teacher Zhou?”

Zhou Zui pursed his lips and nodded his head.

The thing was something that others could not recognize, but Old Cao could as he was too familiar with it.
He stood up to turn around and shouted, “Holy shit!”

Xiao Ke looked at him and then said to them, “You sit in a circle and let my teacher Zhou stand by himself, you collectively attack the honest people, bullying my teacher Zhou since he will not talk back.”

Lu Xiaobei ran down from upstairs and shouted, “Brother Xiao!”

Old Cao said, “What do you mean by throwing a bottle of lubricating oil over there, Professor Xiao? Are you that wicked?”

Xiao Ke raised his chin and said with a smile on his face, “I’m sending a gift, okay? I just want to give this to Teacher Zhou, I’m happy about it.”

Xiao Ke finished walking over and sent the flowers into Zhou Zui’s arms while he looked him in the eyes and said, “I drank too much last night and got up late today; otherwise I would have come long ago to keep them from bullying you.”

Zhou Zui did not say anything and held the flowers in his hands while looking deeply at Xiao Ke in silence.

“Last time I came, someone stirred the pot and I didn’t finish my confession.
I want to ask Teacher Zhou, do you want to be my boyfriend?”

Xiao Ke cocked his head and smiled at him which was very handsome and charming.
This person was always so bright.
Zhou Zui’s eyes only had Xiao Ke and the bouquet of red flowers he had just sent into them.

Zhou Zui opened his mouth and said with a muffled voice, “I especially want to.”

Xiao Ke went over and bit Zhou Zui’s face, but not hard.
After biting, he deliberately touched the spot with his lips.
The details could not be seen by others as Xiao Ke’s head blocked their view, but the action was exciting enough regardless of whether they could see it or not.

Old Cao asked him, “You do not admit it? I saw you admit it and thought I had a chance, Professor Xiao, will you consider me? My background is fucking simple, my ex-boyfriends are countless but all alive.”

This statement is too blasé, Fang Xi thought, Just wait for Zhou Zui to recover and tear you up.

Xiao Ke did not turn around and asked Zhou Zui in a low voice, “Do you have clients today?”

Zhou Zui shook his head, “No.”

Xiao Ke smiled and took one of Zhou Zui’s hands to lead him outside.
While walking out, he told Cao Yuan, “What I meant by conceding was that I’m conceding to myself.
I actually feel really wronged.
The thing that bothers me the most is when someone’s heart is permanently branded with someone else.
I’m a perfectionist when it comes to relationships.
Either I have to get that person’s entire heart, or not at all.
If this were the me from before, I would’ve backed out a long time ago, however, this time, I’m conceding.
I can give up on my principles, but I can’t give up on my Teacher Zhou.”

Xiao Ke pushed the door and left, just as Xiao Lin was coming back from outside.

Xiao Lin stared in disbelief, and Xiao Ke smiled at her before he said, “Watch the household with Xiaobei.”

Xiao Ke got into the driver’s seat of Zhou Zui’s car while leaving Zhou Zui in the passenger seat with the flashy bouquet of flowers placed behind him.

From the beginning to the end, Zhou Zui did not speak.
The emotions in his heart were strong, and the more he thought about it, the more he could not say anything.

Xiao Ke looked at him sideways and asked, “You didn’t think I was coming, did you? Were you afraid?”

Zhou Zui replied honestly with a nod of his head and said, “Yes.”

Xiao Ke smiled and shook his hand while running his thumb over the back of his hand to comfort him.
He then spoke softly, “Don’t be afraid.
I told you, I hope to be with you for the rest of your life.”

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