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hought about it before he nodded and said, “OK, I’ll try.”

Zhou Zui finished looking at Lu Xiaobei’s work and went to the other two tattoo artists to briefly say a few words to them.
The other two tattooists and Lu Xiaobei’s identity were different.
They were independent tattooists who used Zhou Zui’s building and were not considered Zhou Zui’s disciples, so each time Zhou Zui gave them a few sentences, they were very attentive and humbly listened.

Xiao Ke watched as Zhou Zui told them about the figure, about the intensity of the light, and about the adjustment of the gesture.
Of course, in his eyes, Zhou Zui was charming most of the time, but it was heartwarming to see him speak so seriously and professionally about a field he knew well.

After he finished his lecture, Xiao Ke asked him, “Why aren’t you lecturing? I see Xiaobei’s microblog interacting with those studios and often giving lectures.”

Zhou Zui laughed lightly and shook his head before he said, “There’s nothing to talk about.”

“Him?” Lu Xiaobei sneered.
“I have said it, but this big star, I thank God that he can even open this store.
If he were to do lectures? Would he be able to pursue that?”

Xiao Ke looked at Zhou Zui, and Zhou Zui was helplessly looking at him.
Lu Xiaobei trolling his big brother was a daily occurrence, and Zhou Zui had long been accustomed to these comments.
Xiao Ke could not help but laugh so Lu Xiaobei continued, “He doesn’t have any aspirations at all.
If not for the fact that he’s actually skilled, the two of us probably would’ve starved to death long ago.
He doesn’t go to competitions and doesn’t go to discussions.
When the association invites him to give lectures, our Teacher Zhou refuses to even show his face.
Those of us at Zhou Zui Studio have no contact with the outside world.”

Lu Xiaobei stepped on the switch of the tattoo machine to turn off the motor machine in his hand and stood up to get a box of pigments on the table next to it but his mouth did not stop.
He stole a glance at Zhou Zui before he said, “An immortal, simply an immortal.
A master beyond this mundane world.
Nowadays, all sorts of nobodies can step on him saying they have a few useless trophies, thinking they’re hot shit.
That day you weren’t here, a dumbass brought a design by Feng Lei and said we were copying him.
Fucking dick said we were copying.
I was so close to slapping him across the face.
I needed to let him know what copying is.” 

Lu Xiaobei’s mouth was so vulgar that it didn’t end, and it was like a machine gun.
Xiao Ke hurriedly made a gesture and said, “Okay, Brother Bei, calm down.”

“Too negative,” Lu Xiaobei sat back in his chair and turned on the machine before he went back to work while also continuing to say, “Our lives were too negative until we met Brother Xiao.
Brother Xiao is our sunshine.
Brother Xiao, quickly take his hand.”

Although Lu Xiaobei constantly dissed Zhou Zui, Zhou Zui still did not suffer and picked up a drawing.
Who knows whose semi-completed design it was, but he took a pencil and made some changes to it.
Xiao Ke winked at him before he pointed at Lu Xiaobei and said with his mouth, “Menstrual period?”

Zhou Zui laughed and tilted his head towards Xiao Ke before he came close to Xiao Ke’s ear and whispered, “He’s holding fire inside, let him talk.”

This distance was a little too close so Zhou Zui finished this sentence and Xiao Ke’s shoulders were burning.
He unconsciously shrank his shoulders and rubbed his ears.
Professor Xiao’s ears were very sensitive.

Zhou Zui looked at his reaction and took a step back before he softly said, “Sorry.”

“Shh.” Xiao Ke smiled and let out another “shhh”.
He raised his hand and rubbed his ear again before he looked at Zhou Zui and said, “What’s wrong with being sorry? No need, I’ll just find a chance to return it myself.”

Zhou Zui just laughed and didn’t say anything so Xiao Ke didn’t tease him any more.

Lu Xiaobei still muttered from over there, “I don’t know why you can be so cheerful.
You’re turning yourself into a monk.
Meeting one paranoid person is enough fucking shitty luck for a lifetime.
He died himself–”

“Xiaobei,” Zhou Zui suddenly interrupted him with a deep tone.

This was the first time Xiao Ke had heard Zhou Zui speak in this tone, and his heart thumped.
He looked to Lu Xiaobei, and Lu Xiaobei also felt that it was not right to speak and did an “OK” gesture, and no longer spoke.

Xiao Ke also looked at Zhou Zui.
He put down the drawing in his hand.
He stood there for a while without meaning to talk, and then turned around to go upstairs.

Xiao Ke sat back in his chair to read the information, but he didn’t actually read a word of the latter.

Lu Xiaobei’s machine was still buzzing, and Xiao Ke suddenly remembered the handsome man he met here last time and how he looked at Zhou Zui with paranoid eyes.
Zhou Zui had not mentioned anything about him.

Xiao Ke leaned back in his chair and let out a long breath while listening to half of the words.
He was now interested, but no one continued so this feeling was really annoying.

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