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himself so he couldn’t eat what Lin An bought.
It was awkward that his parents could eat, but he did not want to eat.
It wasn’t that he was being pretentious since it was just fruit, but he just habitually didn’t want to have any more involvement with Lin An.

Another reason was that he now had a new start as there was Zhou Zui waiting for him to pursue.
He wanted to have no contact with his predecessor, with no connection or involvement which was the least he could do to be loyal.
If this could not be done, then he would feel like his heart was weak in pursuing people.

“Xiao Lin has looked for you, right?” His mom asked him as she turned on the TV.

“Hmm?” The question was a bit abrupt and Xiao Ke was concentrating on eating oranges so the question caused him to splash the orange juice.

Xu gave him a piece of tissue and handed it over.
“I saw his intention and thought he had looked for you.”

Xiao Ke threw away the orange peel and wiped his hands.
“What did he say?”

Old Xiao picked up the conversation next to him.
“He seems to have regretted it.”

After he finished, his mother gave a hmm sound.
” Saying he feels sorry for you, you were good to him.
These words mean that he can’t let go.”

Xiao Ke bowed his head while keeping his arm on his knee, and it was only after a while that he let out a snort and laughed while saying, “In the future, tell him to look forward…there is no turning back.
Don’t look back.”

Xiao Ke sat at home again for a while, and then drove back to his place.
The road has to take an elevated section that was also a section of the tunnel.
In the tunnel, you were not allowed to change lanes so you could only drive straight ahead.

This was the way life was, you can only keep going forward so turning around and going back wouldn’t be the same road it once was.
Since the initial decision to separate, there were two roads, and it was now impossible to go back.

As soon as he got off the expressway and turned a corner to his house, Xiao Ke suddenly stopped on the side of the road to take out his cell phone to give Zhou Zui a call.

After four or five rings, Zhou Zui picked up, “Hello?”

As soon as he heard his voice, Xiao Ke’s whole body was very comfortable which made his heart feel very peaceful.
Xiao Ke smiled and asked him, “Did I disturb your rest?”

Zhou Zui said, “No, I’m still at the store.”

Xiao Ke looked at the time, it was 10:30.
He was a little surprised, “You haven’t returned yet?”

“Yeah, I’m working overtime.” Zhou Zui asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“No, I just want to talk to you all of a sudden.” Xiao Ke leaned back and breathed a long sigh of relief.
“How much longer do you have to rest?”

Zhou Zui probably looked at the time and said, “Another half hour.”

“Then you’re busy.” Xiao Ke rubbed his fingers unconsciously on the phone.
“I don’t have anything to do, just idle.”

“Hey, don’t!” Lu Xiaobei’s voice suddenly came from the other end of the phone, “Come on, you two continue to talk! I’m not tired, I’ll hold the phone for you! Don’t hang up, talk!”

Zhou Zui did not make a sound, but Xiao Ke could think of the scene.
Zhou Zui must be wearing gloves while he was tattooing and his top was dirty with pigments while Lu Xiaobei was holding up the phone to him.
Though he got teased, Xiao Ke didn’t feel embarrassed.
Instead, he laughed and told Lu Xiaobei, “Not chatting anymore.
You can hear whatever we say.
If we start talking about R-rated content, I’m scared you might start blushing.”

“If you want to discuss that stuff, I can talk with you the whole night.
Then this conversation would have nothing to do with my big bro.” Lu Xiaobei suddenly started hee-hawing.
It sounded like a donkey’s bray.
It was the middle of the night, so he seemed a little crazy.
“Brother Bei loves risque content.” 

“Forget about it.
I’m not bullying children, I’m hanging up.” At this moment, Xiao Ke’s mood became very relaxed.
A phone call could play such a big role, which was very magical.

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Ke sat for a while before driving back.
Through this short journey, Lu Xiaobei’s donkey laugh sounded in his ears which caused him to laugh a little.

In fact, he did not know that Lu Xiaobei who was on the other side of the phone had laughed for a reason.

Zhou Zui did not have the habit of answering the phone when he was working as it was very inconvenient.
This was why the phone was basically answered by Lu Xiaobei.
The numbers on his private phone rarely called, and so if they did, Lu Xiaobei would directly put it on the speakerphone.

When the phone rang in his pocket this time, Lu Xiaobei came over and pulled the phone out of his pocket.
Zhou Zui took a look at it and it said “Xiao Ke.”

Lu Xiaobei swiped his finger to connect, just about to put it on speakerphone, Zhou Zui looked up at him before raising his shoulder that indicated for him to pick up.

Lu Xiaobei hurriedly gave him the phone, but also snickered at the side.
After the phone was hung up, he did not want to throw it around so this time Lu Xiaobei put it back into his pocket.
He didn’t want him to wait for a text message or something that would delay him looking for his phone.

Later that evening, Lu Xiaobei sent a WeChat to Xiao Ke, [You can do it, Brother Xiao! I underestimated your strength.]

He sent it when Xiao Ke happened to be still awake, so he sent back a message to him, [What did he say?]

Lu Xiaobei, [Not much to say, anyway, you go.
Beibei will be here waiting for your call day and night.]

Xiao Ke made him laugh and replied to him, [Thanks Beibei.]

Lu Xiaobei, [Don’t thank me.]

Xiao Ke locked the screen as he did not want to talk to this little crazy man, and he was ready to sleep.
He had just closed his eyes when his phone rang again with Lu Xiaobei’s message.

Lu Xiaobei, [Brother Xiao, I’m serious.]

Lu Xiaobei, [You added fuel to the fire, really.
I truly thank you.]

Xiao Ke raised his eyebrows to type several different questions but thought about it and deleted them so only one sentence was sent over. 

Xiao Ke, [Ok, just wait.]

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