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is action was completely beyond Xiao Ke’s expectations which he did not anticipate so he did not react, and when he did, Zhou Zui had already gone upstairs.

Xiao Ke’s heart suddenly had a kind of indescribable feeling.
He did not expect someone to stroke his head when he was 30 years old, but more importantly, he was touched and felt like it was very wonderful.

It was true that love made people younger.

The weekend was actually very short and after eating a few meals and drinking twice, the time was basically over.
Everyone got along with Xiao Ke for two days so they all added each other on WeChat, and made an appointment to go out together next time.
These days, although Xiao Ke only said a few words to Zhou Zui, the relationship between the two was much closer than before they came.

After all, it was the ambiguity of a crowd that made one more ambiguous.

The group said their farewells to Jiang Tao’s mother, and they took some mushrooms and medicinal herbs from the mountains.
Fang Xi stuffed an envelope containing 20,000 yuan under the chair before leaving.
As a result, he was not able to go far before someone came up to him, which was Jiang Tao’s cousin, and since he did not know who had left the envelope, he could only put the envelope into Jiang Tao’s arms before running back.

Jiang Tao’s eyebrows were raised high, and he shouted as he asked, “What era is this? Who is it? Come out and get killed.”

Lin Xuan laughed and said, “Never mind whose it is, it’s just a token of appreciation.”

Jiang Tao shook his head, “Stop it brother, slapping my face?”

Fang Xi smiled in a bitchy manner and raised his hand, “T’was I.”

“Die quickly.” Jiang Tao slammed the envelope onto him.
“Wasn’t it heavy carrying that all the way up the mountain?”

Fang Xi walked over and said, “Take it, Tao Zi.
It would be wrong for so many of us to come up here empty-handed.
But we also couldn’t bring anything too big.
Otherwise, do you think that I would really give you money? I haven’t come to the mountains to see my aunt since a few years ago, so don’t push it.”

They were still arguing about this all the way to the parking lot, but they didn’t come to a conclusion.

On the way back, Xiao Ke and Zhou Zui still shared a car, and Zhou Zui was driving while Xiao Ke was sitting in the passenger seat when they went down the mountain.
He asked Zhou Zui, “Do we need to do anything?”

Zhou Zui said, “No, it’s not a big deal.
If we calculate these things too carefully, we’ll only create distance between each other.”

Xiao Ke actually felt the same way, and although he did not know these people before, the money was unlikely to be accepted according to his impression of Jiang Tao from the past two days.

On the mountain, there were specialized transportation services, and there were also people who carried unwell people that wanted to go up the mountain.
After going down the mountain, Xiao Ke found a transporter to contact.
When Xiao Ke said “Jiang family”, the person was quite familiar with them, as if they often send things to their home.

On the way back, Xiao Ke ordered a massage chair, and the leader estimated that two people had to carry it up.
Xiao Ke contacted the man, who said it was fine, and then they found someone to carry it up together.

Xiao Ke hung up the phone, and Zhou Zui looked at him so Xiao Ke asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhou Zui shook his head and didn’t say anything.

Professor Xiao looked youthful and small, but after all, he was already thirty years old, and he was very mature and proper in his dealings.
It was comfortable to get along with him and was not exhausting.

Xiao Ke, who had not yet taken off his down jacket, hurriedly took it off and put it back on the back seat while telling Zhou Zui, “I’ll send the clothes to be washed before I give them back to you.
Thank you for the clothes, I definitely felt warm.”

Zhou Zui said, “Keep it and wear it.”

Xiao Ke blinked and raised his eyebrows.
“You don’t want it if I wear it, huh?”

“What a thing to say,” Zhou Zui lost his smile.
” What are you talking about?”

Xiao Ke also laughed, “I say, I am a handsome and innocent young man, and it doesn’t feel nice to be disliked.”

“Mn,” Zhou Zui surprisingly nodded in a cooperative manner, then said slowly, “You look good in it.”

“Really?” Xiao Ke looked happy with his eyes smiling in a downward curve.
“You complimented me?”

Zhou Zui’s expression was relaxed as he also smiled.

“Just know that I am good looking,” Xiao Ke adjusted the seat back to lean back, and closed his eyes before he said, “Professor Xiao is a talented man, a hot commodity.
Warrior Zhou, you have to think about it, there is no store past the village.”

Zhou Zui didn’t respond to this, but on his face, there was still a slight smile.
Xiao Ke also no longer spoke.
He knew to moderately ruffle feathers then stop.

They all slept late last night and got up early today.
Xiao Ke slept for the first half of the drive while Zhou Zui slept during the second half so they did not talk much before getting home.

After getting off the highway to the city where they live, Xiao Ke was suddenly a bit reluctant to drive until the end after looking at the gradually familiar street scene.
He glanced at Zhou Zui, who was still asleep with his clothes covering his nose so only half of his face was exposed.

Xiao Ke drove the car straight to his own home feeling quite tired.
He had not eaten so he was ready to order take-out.
The car drove into the city before Xiao Ke woke up Zhou Zui, “Teacher Zhou, wake up.”

Zhou Zui slowly woke up and glanced outside and was a little surprised that he had slept so deeply for so long.
He adjusted his seat, sat up and cleared his throat before he said with a frown, “I slept too long.”

“If you slept,” Xiao Ke said with a smile.
“It means I’m a steady driver.”

Zhou Zui picked up the water and took two sips.
He looked less than eager to talk as he had just woken up.
For some reason, Xiao Ke felt that Zhou Zui’s mood was not as good as before since his eyebrows were very low.
He wondered if he had had an unhappy dream.

Xiao Ke was driving along the route to his house when Zhou Zui asked, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“No,” Xiao Ke said.
“I think you’re tired, so let’s go back and take a shower and get some rest.”

“Yeah.” Zhou Zui answered, but didn’t say much.

The car drove to the downstairs of Xiao Ke’s building, and Xiao Ke took off his seat belt but did not rush to get out of the car.
The two of them did not make a sound so they sat quietly while listening to each other’s breathing, and the atmosphere was quiet and soft.

However in the end, they couldn’t keep sitting down like this.
Xiao Ke looked at Zhou Zui and smiled, “I’m leaving.
Thanks, Boss Zhou for taking me out for a break.”

Zhou Zui shook his head.
Xiao Ke opened the door to get out of the car, but Zhou Zui called out to him, “Professor Xiao.”

Xiao Ke turned around with his hand still on the handle, “Hm?”

Zhou Zui looked at him, and Xiao Ke’s eyes were as direct and simple as ever.
Zhou Zui opened his mouth, and his voice was low and deep, “I’m really not a good person.”

Xiao Ke blinked his eyes with the corners of his mouth that pulled out a smile, “So?”

Zhou Zui looked at him with deep dark eyes. 

Xiao Ke asked a direct question, “Are you rejecting me?”

Zhou Zui frowned, as if he didn’t know what to say.
Xiao Ke took his hand off the handle and looked at Zhou Zui seriously before he said, “Boss Zhou, I’m not messing with you, and I’m not joking.
I want to pursue you, I am interested in you, this is not something I would lie about.
At the age of thirty, I don’t like to move if I don’t have feelings.
I can’t say it casually, but I’m giving you my heart, you know this.”

“I know.” Zhou Zui nodded and looked at him.
“But I really can’t afford it.”

Xiao Ke’s heart gradually sank as he knew Zhou Zui still had something to say.

He didn’t rush but sat quietly and waited.
Zhou Zui lowered his head, and Xiao Ke looked at the side of his face and sat for a long time.
Then Zhou Zui opened his mouth, and after waiting for so long, Xiao Ke heard the words – 

“We don’t belong to the same world, nor do we live the same kind of life.
Professor Xiao, you’re on Earth and I’m in hell.” 

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