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bag on his back, and chatted with Xiao Ke as they walked up the steps.
“Find a place to stay for a couple of days, drink if you want to, be forced to sleep on your fucking stomach.”

Xiao Ke could not answer his words, so he just laughed and listened to him mutter.

“You have just joined, so you do not know.
These people are actually psychotic, no one is normal.” Old Cao bounced upwards in small steps in order to get a little warmer.
“The oddballs from all walks of life have gathered.
I am also a psychopath.
To be with them in the winter in the mountains like this? Very ill.”

This topic was one that was really impossible for Xiao Ke to participate in, but it felt like he had said a little bit more to help Xiao Ke join.
After all, he also followed them onto the mountain, so he guessed that he was also a psychopath.
Xiao Ke felt that he had discredited the teaching profession.

Xiao Ke then hurriedly digressed and asked Old Cao what he did for a living.

Old Cao sniffled while still bouncing.
“Me? I’m a craftsperson.”


“Yes, crafts.” Old Cao took out his cell phone and clicked around to point out the WeChat two-dimensional code before he handed it over to Xiao Ke.
He shoved his hands into his warm pocket, and when he breathed out, the cold breeze caused him to breathe out white air.
“Scan it, and add me as a friend before I ascend.”

Xiao Ke thought this person was very interesting and took out his phone to scan.
Old Cao’s WeChat name was ‘Your Fucking Uncle CaoCao.’

“You can go back and look at my store, and take whatever you like.” Old Cao hurriedly put the phone back with his hand also tightly covered.

Xiao Ke smiled and said, “Okay.”

He did not blame Old Cao for being cold.
He was really underdressed since he was wearing a leather jacket which even though it was quite thick, it was cold against the skin.
He could tell that Old Cao was younger than the others, and Xiao Ke estimated that he was not much older than himself.
The more he went up the stairs, the colder it got, and Xiao Ke was afraid he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore.

Xiao Ke wore two coats in total with the cotton jacket on top so he took off the cotton jacket and handed it over, “Wear this, your clothes are too thin.”

“No, in fact, I’m just bitching.
I’m used to it.” Old Cao did not take his clothes and looked at him before he said, “Later, Old Zhou will come up and think I’m bullying children.”

“I’m not a child, I’m thirty.” Xiao Ke raised his eyebrows.
“Didn’t you hear me call you brother? I reckon you’re not much older than me.”

Old Cao was a little surprised and looked at Xiao Ke.
“Thirty years old? Doesn’t look like it.”

“I am thirty, even if I don’t look like it.
Just wear it, I can see you are cold.” Xiao Ke said with a smile.

Old Cao also did not say anything more and took off the school bag to put on the jacket before he zipped it up tightly and said to Xiao Ke, “Thanks, the clothes are warm from you wearing it.”

“I really don’t know what’s good about climbing up a mountain in this weather.
It’s as if their brains all have holes in them.” Old Cao’s hands were in his pockets and he had a backpack on.
He chatted with Xiao Ke while making his way up the stairs.
“We should just find a chill place to rest for a few days.
Those who want to drink can drink, and those who don’t want to drink can stay in fucking bed and sleep.
What a hassle.”

Xiao Ke didn’t respond and smiled as he listened to the other mutter.  

Xiao Ke diligently went to the gym so climbing this section of mountain was child’s play.
However, the mountain’s scenery was not very pleasant and not that beautiful, but rather dry and a bit desolate.
However, Old Cao thought it was beautiful which he told Xiao Ke along the way.
Xiao Ke thought that maybe it was because he wasn’t an artist that he couldn’t really appreciate what was so beautiful about it.

Old Cao stopped to take pictures of the dried tree branches, and the others came up behind him.

Old Cao took one look at them before turning around and continuing to take pictures while saying, “A bunch of old bastards.”

“Who are you talking about? I heard you.” Fang Xi went over and kicked him.
“What are you wearing? You don’t want to be a wanderer anymore? Wearing a little leather jacket next!”

“Xiao Ke gave it to me, I’m fucking stupid not to wear a handsome man’s clothes.” Old Cao looked towards the back and asked, “Old Zhou still hasn’t come up? If he doesn’t come up, Xiao Ke belongs to me! I held back from flirting with him because I feel sorry for my poor brother.”

Lin Xuan reached out from behind to clamp onto Old Cao’s head and grabbed his hair, snickered and said, “Why are you flirting?”

Xiao Ke was actually a bit surprised as Old Cao was quite normal all the way so he did not expect him to be such a joker.
Old Cao blinked at him and said, “You and Old Zhou did not work out, right? If not, open your eyes.
Old Zhou is not interesting.”

“Lighten up your waves, you can hear the splash a thousand meters away,” Someone said from behind.

Xiao Ke was smiling slightly and did not say anything.
In fact, he was thinking in his heart about how Zhou Zui compared to the others, or otherwise he could have caught more waves.

Zhou Zui and Jiang Tao were the last to come up.
At Jinhua Pavilion, there was a circle of people sitting in the pavilion waiting for them.

“You all walked so fast?” Jiang Tao said with an accent and looked at them.
“When did they all run ahead of us? We both deliberately slowed down, afraid of leaving you behind.”

“If you slow down anymore, we are going down the hill to the police to claim that you were lost.” Cheng Ning was playing with his phone on the side, but looked up to say this.

Zhou Zui’s eyes scanned around and saw Xiao Ke who also happened to be looking at him.
When their eyes met, Xiao Ke gently smiled at him.

Zhou Zui frowned slightly before he took off the bag on his back and removed his down jacket which he threw over to Xiao Ke.
Xiao Ke caught it a little late, and the jacket covered his face.

The down jacket was quite thick, and it felt soft on his face.
It carried Zhou Zui’s body heat and the smell of laundry detergent from his clothes.
It had a tinge of lemon odor, and it was very soft.

Xiao Ke took off his jacket and put it on directly in an open manner without squirming.
He had not finished tidying up his hair when the people on the side were up in arms.

“Hey, hey, hey, Old Zhou! Where did you throw it? I am also cold! Take off another one for me ah!” Fang Xi shouted.

Lin Xuan laughed and said to him, “Who are you? How old are you? Just identify your own position.”

In fact, Xiao Ke was very unaccustomed to being the center of attention, and felt uncomfortable from being stared at.
However, he now felt nothing.
Zhou Zui’s jacket was so warm it was like being clothed in the warm sun from head to toe.

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