There was a defeating silence in the room. Everyone engrossed in finding a reason, as to why their kings haven found their mate yet. Even after searching through the, world they still got nothing.

The kings spent centuries being great rulers for dradevows, always being fair, always making sure there are no dispute between anyone. But in the absence of their mate the kings were getting affected. They started becoming more aggressive and ruthless. Their judgement were still fair-minded, but while dealing with back stabbers they became even more cold hearted.

The leaders feared, that if the kings didn find their mate in near future they would do something deplorable. The kings were immortals, created by the Almighty themself. Their mood influences the meteorology, if they
e too angry theres thunderstorms, if they are happy which, happened decades ago, theres spring. Due to the lack of their other half their mood is too pugnacious, due to which they had to face a lot of calamities.

Just as everyone feared the, kings fury started destroying the world. They endeavoured to placate the sovereigns, to no wails. The kings desired nothing but their mate, their love, their QUEEN.

Maybe they don have one? The ruthlessness with which they kill, the cruelity they show maybe because of that the goddess of mates didn bless them with mate. The kings, who could hear their thoughts clearly were radiating such dangerous aura that made everyone bow.

The kings anger was exasperation was reaching its curb when an elderly witch said, May I have the permission to say something my lords? The kings, not in the nodded.

Mr kings, I suggest that we pray to the Almighty, as they were the one to bring you to existence they might have the answers as to why we couldn find our Queen too. Said the elder.


… Queen too. The old witch said.

Its not a bad idea hooman., Said my beast Akhash in the back of my mind. Hmm pray … Theres no harm trying right? I don care how, I want my mate in my arms. Seeing everyone loving and caring for their mate, I too want a mate whom I could care for. I would wake up to see their lovely face, bath with them, eat with them, do everything with them, sleep with them tightly tucked in my arms

And make love to them till they pass out too, Wink, Ughh not now Akhash. Can have a boner in front of everyone. I looked up at my brothers and saw then engrossed in their thoughts like myself too. Maybe about our mate.

What do you think, I mind linked my brothers snapping them out of their thoughts.

Whats there to think, don you want our mate you puny hoomann. If you don I don give a flying duck I want MY mate in my arms thats it. You can go choke on your cucumber Snarled Akhash starting to get annoyed without our mate.

Shut up. Thats my mate too and of course I want them. But they
e our brothers too, so let me discuss it with them and keep your trap shut you hairy creature. I threw back at him.

ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO US LUCIFER? Yelled Demon and Azazel in our mind link almost making me dead.

If you yell life that, even a dead person will jump out of their coffin and hear it my brother dearest. I replied sarcastically, shushing Akhash.

So I was saying that we should try it out, since our beasts are asking oh so nicely. Said Azazel rolling his eyes.

So its confirmed? I asked once more ignoring Akhashs growls.

Hell yeah and stop asking again and again before our beasts burst our brains out by growling. Replied Demon.

OK Martha, (The elderly witch ) carry out the preparations required for it. If anything needed, you can take Ajaxs help. All of you are dismissed. Said Azazel.

Get ready brothers dearest, we have a long way ahead. I said.


Heres some Povs of the male lead and if theres any confusion:

Bold letters slightly tilted: Mls beast

Tilted letters: Mind link

Hope you like it. Have a good day ♥ ♥

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