After staying at home for few days, many people asked why Liao Tingyu didn’t go to school.
Liao Ming kept explaining to those people that he was studying at home and not what they imagined.
This kind of thing spread gossip and many people looked at their family differently.

However, Liao Tingyu was thick-skinned person, he was completely unmoved and walked around when he wanted to.
When the family was busy, he would help.
Even though his help wasn’t much but mother Deng felt satisfied.

In the past, people always said that her youngest son only knows how to study and didn’t help his family.
She would get angry by them.
But now, she looked at her son who was walking slowly with a basket in front of her while she was carrying vegetables.
She showed off to the villagers around them with her head high.

“Did you see it? this is my youngest son.
He is filial and can read, he came here to help carry firewood today.
He isn’t like your son.”

The villagers looked at mother Deng’s smug expression, their heart was sour.
It was a pity; they could only be envious.
After all, no one was lucky enough to raise a capable son.

At first, they liked to chew their mouths because Liao Tingyu never help even during busy farming season.
Now, they could only look with envy.

At first, when Liao Tingyu went to help, mother Deng was reluctant.
She felt that her son should never do this hard works; especially this could delay his study, “Er-ye, you should go back, mother can do it alone.
You have to study hard, as long as you can pass the exam, mother will be happy even if I died now.”

“Nonsense, mother how could you talk like that? You still want me to be scholar like that? I just have to write and read, you are so busy, can’t I help you when I’m free? If others saw mother being busy while I did nothing, they will say bad things.”

Mother Deng couldn’t hold him back, this son was stubborn since he was a child.
Back then, the village chief’s wife talked to her, she was dissatisfied because er-ye often ran to their house.
The village chief was very good, he always keep er-ye for dinner.
I didn’t know what happen, but er-ye actually went to the town alone.
This droves the family crazy, they searched for him for three days.

Later, er-ye was brought back by the teacher from the town.
Turned out, he went to the school and eavesdropped on those children studying.
The little boy was squatting in the corner and starved for a long time.
When the master found out, he asked him and saw that he was very talented.
So, he made exception and let him enter the school, the tuition was cut half.

She thought, when the child came back with an excited face, he kept reciting the three-character classic.
The husband and wife gritted their teeth and gave up their saving to send the child studying.

Mother Deng looked at her son who knew to be considerate, she felt like eating sweet honey, “Okay, okay, my son is filial.
Come on, take it easy.
Don’t cut your hands.”

“Don’t worry, mother I know.”


“Father, don’t we have a mill in our house?” During dinner, Liao Tingyu suddenly thought if the corn was grounded into powder, they could make corn cakes, the taste was good and easy to make.

“Mill is a big item.
Your third uncle has it.
If you want to use it, just go to your third uncle home.” Liao Ming said without raising his head.

“Father, I thought a way to make money.
I have to use mill or should I make one at home?” Liao Tingyu thought his idea was good, it was better to own one at their home.

His family was eating peacefully, all of them raised their heads when he said them, big brother Liao swallowed his food in shock, “Er-di, do you know how much a mill cost?”

Liao Tingyu just looked at him innocently.

“That thing has to be made by someone.
In the third uncle family, they bought it to make tofu, it cost them three taels.” Big brother Liao explained patiently.

Liao Tingyu heaved a sigh of relief when it was just three taels, the price was a bit expensive but he could afford it.
After all, craftsmanship wasn’t an easy thing.

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