In this ancient world, where you could lose life over little things, he didn’t dare take the risk when he got no protection.

It was better to write innovative little story and slowly changed people’s mind.
His experience was beyond the imagination of ancient people, not to mention his book right now was the most popular in the market.

From a distance, Liao Tingyu saw the serious teacher Li in the school holding a book written by him in his hand.
There were several students who also read the book together after class.

“I don’t know how this teacher Lan Hui* got the idea about his book.
Do you think, there is such powerful martial artist in the world? Stepping on the snow without a trace, walking through the mountain in one leap while wearing glamorous red clothes.
Just think about that scene…” a student said with a longing looks on his face.

“Yes, if I had the ability, I would sneak into the teacher’s room at night then look at tomorrow exam questions.”

“I can’t see it, you actually have such a bad idea.
If the teacher knows about it, your hands will be smashed.”

“Come on, I’m not the only one who has this idea.
Don’t think I don’t know your little thought!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, we don’t have the same thought as yours.
Listen to me, today I saw the teacher reading this book too.”

“Really? Which teacher was it?”

“I dare not to say the name, who knows if you suddenly snitched on me.” The young man said with certain looks on his face.

“No way, we are the most loyal, just tell us.
We promise not to say it to anyone.” Another young man said sincerely.

“You are the most dishonest, I won’t tell you.” He got up and walked away with no feeling, leaving three figures hung low with expectant dog eyes.


The students were laughing and joking around, stealing a leisure time away from busy life.
The school holiday was approaching, mother Deng told Liao Tingyu to spend the three months within the school.
But he didn’t want to, he had done the mock test for the exam and got a good ranking.
Like arithmetic as an example, he could do it right away.
This mock test showed that he got everything covered.

The only difficult thing for him was writing poetry, he had read many poetries from modern times but there was nothing he could do.
The only way was to use the stupid method by his teacher, memorized some good words then applied the rule of poetry; it was good enough but not the best.
Even his teacher felt a little pity, his poetry skill was poor and told him to study hard.

Many students sympathised with him, in fact he did better than most people but the way he wrote poetry was too rigid.
As an excellent student, he was honoured the teacher placed high hope on him; so, his poetry must be good and had deep meaning.

He thought for a long time and found there seemed nothing he could do.
At that time, he wrote new poetry but the teacher didn’t like it.
The teacher wasn’t happy at all and asked to meet him after the class.
Just thought about it made him want to cry.

The brother beside him patted his shoulder and left him with great loyalty.
Now, there was only him and the teacher in the room.
But when he ate lunch with the teacher, the teacher asked the cook to fry a plate of meat for him.
The aroma was so fragrant, Liao Tingyu bragged to his classmates and made a group of people drooled.

For Liao Tingyu four books and five classics were quite simple, as long as he could figured out the question purposes.
When he left the school, he planned to discuss with his family about staying home.
He thought it was better to stay at home and made a plan about his future.
Anyway, he planned to take the exam, even his teacher said with his poetry skill he could still tried it.

“What did you say? You want to stay and won’t go to school in three months?” mother Deng was anxious when she heard it.
What kind of environment this farmer house has? She heard that children from rich family owned a garden for studying.

“No, I don’t agree.
You have to go to the school.
It’s only three months, your father and mother can afford it.” mother Deng looked at their poor house and slapped the table.

“Mother, don’t do this.
You listen to me.” Liao Tingyu had expected this situation long ago, he already prepared his speech.

“Mother, I have said that I’m confident about this exam.
So, there is no need to waste time in the school.
What I learned in the school now is the previous knowledge, the teacher won’t talk about anything new.”

“Then, didn’t you said to me before; you learned something new by reviewing the past.
You don’t have to fool your father like this.” Liao Ming looked at Liao Tingyu with scrutiny.

“That’s the way, but I can still do it at home.
I won’t do anything much, there are places to study in our village; look at the mountain and river.
Father, I can go for a stroll to relax my mind and cultivates my temper.” Liao Tingyu said.

“Also, I have to go to school every day, the time spend on the road is a waste.
Isn’t it better for me to study at home?” Liao Tingyu analysed with fact, but the real reason he wanted to stay at home was he didn’t like wake up early in the morning.

“This…” mother Deng felt he was reasonable, but this matter was big so she turned to her husband.

Liao Ming was very upset, if he could make more money, his son could stay at the school without worry.
Now that the youngest son already made up his mind, he couldn’t do anything to stop him, “Just do as you said.
You have to study hard and remember the exam schedule.”

“Don’t worry father, the school will pick the students a few days before the examination.” Liao Tingyu promised.

“That’s good.
The most important thing is for you to study.
Don’t worry much about things at home, your mother and father will take care of it.
Don’t listen to those aunties in the village, it’s not a good thing.” Liao Ming thought the villagers never give up introducing a wife for his son, it was annoying.

In the past, his youngest son always went out early in the morning and didn’t see anyone.
Now… Liao Ming sighed, he really hoped nothing bad would happen to his family.

Liao Tingyu quickly moved his things from school, now although he couldn’t sleep till the sun high, he didn’t have to get up early.
In order to supplement his body, mother Deng went to Yang Village next door to buy some chickens to raise.

In the morning, Liao Tingyu read what he learned one by one.
In the afternoon, he wrote books and though of new idea, then he went to the mountain to walk around.
Sometimes, he brought back a prey.

During his stay at home, Wen Xiuer was the happiest.
In the past, most of the prey were sold but now they would keep one or two.

Mother Deng said, it was for his brother-in-law who wanted to replenish his body.
Wen Xiuer believed this, because when her husband and brother-in-law stood together, she knew reading took a lot of energy.

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