Finally survived for three days, Liao Tingyu looked at the scenery outside; he felt like a caged bird who got released.

“It is better to be outside.” Liao Tingyu slowly walked out with the crowd.

The school sent a few teachers to wait outside early in the morning, they waited for the students to come out and took them to the inn.

The servants brought by the rich students were waiting outside too.
After all, while they took the exam, there was no one to serve and help them.
I didn’t know how difficult it was for those rich students to take care of themselves.

He rode in the carriage with the teachers in a daze, he felt sleepy and weak.
Liao Tingyu curled up in a ball and felt regretful, he should have brought someone with him if he knew how hard this examination process.

Although the teachers were very anxious and wanted to talk about the exam, but they knew that the students needed a good sleep and rest first.
Liao Tingyu went back to his room, he felt uncomfortable all over and called the waiter.

“Xiao er (waiter), prepare hot water for me to wash and light vegetables dish with porridge.” Liao Tingyu told the waiter and gave him some money.

The waiter took the tip and left happily.
The food was delivered quickly and it was all that easy to digest.
He washed carefully and his whole body felt refreshed.
Then he ate the food, went to sleep and when he woke up again it was already morning.

Other students were all the same, they didn’t care at all and just fell on the bed into deep sleep.

It was okay to have a servant, they just need to lay in the bed and being taken care of.
If you didn’t have one, you could take shower the next time you wake up.
It was fine, everyone was so tired to move.

“Liao-xiong (brother)*, hurry up and eat dinner.” Huang Hao was sitting in the lobby; he held a bun in one hand and called him.
Then he took a bite and talked with others.

Zhang Yue next to him couldn’t stand his appearance anymore.
He was still tired and said with flushed face, “Huang-xiong, pay attention to yourself.
Look at your sloppy appearance, you don’t look like a gentleman at all.”

Huang Hao didn’t care about other people’s opinion and automatically blocked Zhang Yue’s voice.
He put the food in front of Liao Tingyu, “Eat quickly, this isn’t bad.
Try it.”

Liao Tingyu didn’t resist, he was sleep well last night and got the energy to accompany others, “Well, the buns aren’t bad.
Zhang-xiong have you eaten?”

Huang Hao nodded excitedly and answered for him.
“He already ate, this was reserved for you.
How is it? I asked the waiter to prepare this.”

“It tastes good.
Zhang-xiong, are you still don’t feel good?” Liao Tingyu asked.

“How could it be good? I feel so uncomfortable as if I had been riding a horse for a day.” Zhang Yue said sadly.

“Why don’t you go to sleep again?”

“I can’t sleep, I feel tired on the bed.
You don’t have to worry about it, I’m used to it.” Zhang Yue said indifferently.

Liao Tingyu nodded knowingly; it was indeed normal to be in low spirit after the exam.
But a person like Huang Hao wasn’t normal.

“Okay, hurry up and eat.
After done, let’s go to play.
I asked the waiters; they said the local products here are good.
We can go to the south of the city, there are sea products for sale.” Huang Hao proudly shared his information.

“We have only been here for a short time, but you already know so much.
Unlike us who just eat and rest here.” Liao Tingyu said with emotion, this was the talent of social person.

Huang Hao drank the water and told everyone about the city.
The students around looked at Huang Hao’s excited looks with envy.

“It’s really good to be so carefree.”

“If you turn your obsession to read and study, I won’t have to worry whether you pass the exam or not.” Teacher Qin came downstairs and heard their conversation, he was the teacher who usually jokes around, “After you done, come to the teacher’s room and discuss the exam situation.”




*Xiong in here means brother but they're in the same status, just addressing someone politely.

Almost like those cultivation novel with shixiong shimei.

Alright, enjoy y'all, love youuu

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