t Shen Tang and indifferently said: “Even though I don't have any personal grudge, I feel the hatred of the destroyed nation”.


After hearing it, Shen Tang quickly stopped her upsetting feelings.


This is not a game.
She could inattentively offend someone and perhaps get into a fight over it.
Nevertheless, she didn't know, that currently there are numerous countries and each of them is constantly at war, conquering, and destroying others.
Establishing new countries was nothing new.
If a generation lived long enough, each person could even change their nationality more than two times.


The youth truly didn't have any deep feelings for the countries with an ancient history.


“Then, magic words?”


Shen Tang didn't treat him with courtesy, directly considering youth as a free “explaining NPC”.


If she could get an answer from him, why should she bustle about making inquiries?

Who doesn't like free stuff?


Youth “…”


He confirmed for the third time that Shen Tang was really clueless.
All of her questions were considered basics, answering them didn't really matter.


Merely the questions were so rudimentary, that it let him doubt if in reality, she wasn't a savage that came out from some corner deep in the mountains.
The youth had no choice but to start from the beginning. 


His narration was more complete than her memories.


The thief star, that was falling down, was torn apart and scattered across the land of the Central Plains.
People in the world were busing themselves with practicing literature and martial arts to absorb the energy of the world and refine their bodies.
Except for traders who counted on “rare goods to live”, no one paid attention to it.
Until a certain craftsman carved one of the thief star stones into a seal and dedicated it to the king.


As soon as the monarch got the seal, purple light burst out from it, and countless strange characters floated out of the seal, some of which merged with his dantian.
At this time, people started to realize that certain words in the seal combined with a special wenxin or wudan could exert incredible power.


These words were precisely “magic words”.


For example, the sentence that the youth voiced previously “the teeth are hard but are the first to be lost, and the tongue is soft but remains until death.
The soft can overcome the hard, the weak can overcome the strong” was used for support and recovery of his allies.
However, identical magic words said by someone else could lead to different results. 


Since then, fragments of the thief star, became a standard material for each country's seal of state. 


The words contained in the seal of state directly influenced the strength of the countries.
If the monarch urged, the seal of the state could be turned into an important weapon of the country, guarding the destiny of the country.


At this point, the youth stopped.
He glanced secretly at Shen Tang, indifferently stating: “The capital of Zhongtai was destroyed, and the imperial seal was lost.
There are rumours that the Gong family hid it for their private use.
However, after the Gong family was searched, the whereabouts of the national seal has yet to be found…”


Shen Tang didn't mind the seal of the state, but –



After hearing her inquiry, the expression of the youth changed to fairly wonderful and at the same time complicated.


“… It is the original Xin country, in the rumours, it was renamed as “Zhongtai”.


He thought that Shen Tang was asking about this because the news had been stopped on the way to exile, so she was unaware that nowadays Chongtai was the old Xin country.
He didn’t realize, she just felt that the name sounded weird.


“Destroying the country and renaming it…”


What was this process?   

The youth said: “For humiliation.”




“Whoever is a servant of servants is commonly known as Zhongtai.
The leftover men from the Yin country, naturally believe it is an extraordinary shame and humiliation”. 


What is a “Servant of servants”?

In layman's terms, it is the servant of the servant, the inferior of the inferior.


As one of the sinners who subjugated the country, how could the Gong family not be hated? As long as the national seal does not appear, the turmoil will not stop.


These may be sounded interesting, but had nothing to do with Shen Tang.
She cared more about the appearance of her wenxin.


Youth proposed: “You might as well test it”.


Wenxin had 9 ranks, only by knowing the specific Wenxin grade, could one find suitable magic words for oneself.


Shen Tang “How to test it?”


*Zhongtai (重台) – Used as a metaphor for similar things amongst the lowest grade, e.g.
servants servant.

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