ain, she found one sharp broadsword coming straight at her face.


She had no choice but to resist with a horizontal slash.
She slightly bent her knees under immense pressure, and her center of gravity sank.
She forcibly took on this blow.


The loud clang of swords could make people have auditory hallucinations. 


The leader of the guards: “I underestimated you!”  


He was aggressively closing on her.


After a one-round fight, the two sides were exhausted however, he still didn't take down the prisoner.


Shen Tang was already heavily breathing, and a thin layer of sweat appeared on her forehead unknowingly.


It was widely recognized that the 3rd-rank Zanniao was 2 or 3 times more powerful than the low-grade Gongshi.
The head of guards brandished his sword with full strength.
He was in a hurry to split her in half.
Because of that, she suspected that her arm was already on the verge of becoming useless.


The great pain, caused her mood to be far from good. 


“Humph! Clearly, I overestimated you too much” 


No means no, why actually bother to say anything “I on the contrary overestimated you” …


Show off!


“But, only to this point—“


The head of guards was unaffected by Shen Tang's provocation, and he put away his anger.
He quickly dragged the blade however, it stopped a foot before the latter.
His thick eyebrows curled up. 


A loud shout reverberated through the empty space.


“Who are you? Come out!”


Shen Tang was frightened, her back turned cold. 


Someone was in the vicinity?


Just at this time, a magnetic deep male voice entered her ears.


She just heard, as this person unhurriedly say: “Those who have the ambition to help the world should hide their inner aspiration; the teeth are hard but are the first to be lost, and the tongue is soft but remains until death.
The soft can overcome the hard, the weak can overcome the strong”.*


After listening to it, the face of the guard turned ashen.


The words dropped and a black and white calligraphy painting unfolded under Shen Tang's feet.
The characters flew out, and one by one entered her body.


In one moment she completely restored her energy! 


Her arms stopped hurting and her breathing calmed down.
Her strength came back. 


No, she had even more energy!


She had a premonition, if she tried to strike once again, then it wouldn't be only 18 swords that would appear, but 36! 


This was obviously a friend!


Was it a late novice benefit for transmigrators?


After noticing that Shen Tang's breath stabilized, the head of guards cursed in his mind.


He nearly ground his teeth into molars.


“Hindering official business is a crime deserving of death!”


Man ridiculed: “Then I won't hinder you in punishing a person and look at it from here?”


The head of guards remained unresigned: “Gong clan had done many wrongdoings, but you associate with this Gong traitor.
Are you not afraid of stirring trouble for yourself?


“Why Gong clan was ruined, you know better than I.
Who is the traitor, is still unknown”.


The head of guards understood that he had no chance, but he was still in a tangle.
He was afraid, that what he had to face now was the joined forces of Shen Tang and the man in the dark.
He could lose his life like that! He had no alternative but to hang down his blade and withdraw in front of Shen Tang.
He retreated several feet and then unwillingly left on his horse.


Nearly at the same time, the calligraphy under Shen Tang's feet scattered.


Following the disappearance, Shen Tang who had just recently acquired new energy resumed her state from before.


Shen Tang “…”


Wasn’t the limit time of this buff too short?


The crisis was resolved.
She sat on the ground adjusting her breath.
She looked unbelievingly at her own hands – unexpectedly, she was able to survive the opening of hell and survive until the novice protection period arrived.
She was even able to keep her small life…


One is bound for good fortune after surviving the calamity! 

While wiping the hot sweat, Shen Tang conveniently looked at the meagre silhouette of a young man with blue lips walking out from behind the trees.


She promptly got up to face him and express her thanks “Many thanks mister for saving my life”.


The young man looked at Shen Tang.
He narrowed his eyes sizing her up for a moment, then said indifferently: “No need.
It was because he discovered my tracks first and shouted.
You are the male successor of the Gong clan, I don’t want to save you, but kill you”.


Shen Tang “…”


The smile on her lips gradually froze.



*The poem “Song of the Parting Son”(《游子吟》唐 孟郊), written by Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao, is among the classic poems about a mother's selfless love.  It’s a modified version.

*《孙子·军争》 Sun Tzu – “The Art of War”, Military Contention

* 避祸卷五 “Avoiding misfortune” vol.
5 – 《权谋残卷》张居正  “Classic of tactics” Zhang Juzheng.

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