ly one grain of malt sugar?

Shen Tang asked without answering: “Didn't mister Qi see it?”


Her expression was too bright, like a clear spring in which the bottom is visible at a glance.
Qi Shan couldn’t tell whether she was hiding something, but he knew that she wasn’t as innocent as she looked.
No longer chatting, the two ate breakfast quietly, then disposed of the campfire.


They packed their things and get ready to go.


Because the rough linen prison uniform on Shen Tang was too eye-catching, Qi Shan offered her a clean old one.
While waiting for Young Master Shen to change his clothes, he accidentally stepped on a place with soft soil. 




He squatted down and brushed aside the weeds, investigating. 


He pinched up the wet and soft soil, carefully checking it out.
He discovered that it was completely different from the barren sand that could raise dust from three steps away. 


He unconsciously recalled something and pulled out the sword from his waist and stabbed the ground.
When the sword's edge entered the soil, it was easy at first, but it became difficult to move when it entered six inches deep into the ground.
The sword's edge was covered in some sticky soil.


He pulled out the long sword from the soil again.


The soil on the sword reflected the situation truthfully.


Qi Shan twirled the soil on the edge of the sword, and muttered thoughtfully: “The land of Zhouyuan is so fertile, that even a bitter vegetable like a Viola grows as sweet as sugar…”   

The general meaning of this sentence was that the land in Zhouyuan was fertile, and even viola and bitter herbs could be as sweet as caramel.


The magic phrase of Young Master Shen…


Does the focus lie on “malt sugar”?    


Or on fertile land? 


Qi Shan lowered his eyes and began to clean the sword's body.
He retracted the scabbard and got up as if nothing had happened.
He rubbed the soil with his clogs to cover up the sword marks.
Not long after, Shen Tang came out from the dense forest. 


The man's clothes were too wide for the eleven-year-old youth, so she had to use long straps to gather the sleeves around her wrists, narrowing it, and then she raised the excessively long hem to be even with the ankles.
She wrapped the waist with a waist rope to fix the clothes.


Coupled with a feminine, charming face that had a bit of a wild temperament, she looked like an outstanding boy.


Qi Shan exclaimed: “Young master Shen, let's go, keep up”. 


Shen Tang trotted a few steps: “Mister, here I go”.


As the sun rose and the scorching sun became hotter, Shen Tang wiped her sweat with a sleeve: “Mister Qi, don't you know the magic phrase for a tall horse? The 3rd-grade Zanniao from last night had weapons and a horse, very convenient”.


Qi Shan asked her calmly: “Young master Shen has wudan?”   


Shen Tang shook her head: “This…no…”    


“Because you don’t have a wudan, we don’t have any horses”.


This unenthusiastic verdict sentenced Shen Tang to the “death penalty”.


Shen Tang almost wanted to breathe out her last: “Why? Aren't wenxin and wudan equal? This kind of magic phrase can't be shared?”   


She felt that her wenxin was looked down on!


Looking down at her two thin bamboo pole-like legs, she became speechless.
Although the wound on her foot had been treated briefly, and she also wore the soft-soled straw sandals that Qi Shan had lent her, but the road was rough, and she didn’t know how long would it take to arrive to the nearest village…   


Qi Shan glanced at the young master Shen Tang, who seemed to be out of his body from the corner of his eyes, and then he burst out laughing.


“There is no need to share this kind of magic phrase”.


“How could it be unnecessary?”   


What is the equivalent to a tall horse in ancient times?    

It’s a luxury sports car!    

“Generally speaking, scholars with a wenxin travel by chariots and horses.
Why should they be waste their energy like those reckless men?”   


Shen Tang: “…”    


After walking for a while, Qi Shan vaguely heard young master Shen who was following behind him weakly muttering.


“Fast as lightning-”   


He was about to be amazed by young master Shen's superb perception.
He was even able to understand the high-level magic phrase that could increase the marching speed of the army. 


Who would have thought that her next sentence would be –   


“Dayun motorcycle!”   


Qi Shan: “???”


*Wen Tianxiang “Song of Righteousness”

*Book of Songs, Daya

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