Su Shiqing’s words were like a bolt from the blue.
Shen Zhen stood on the spot, frowning slightly, and pursing his lips slightly.
He was absent-minded for a moment, but soon came back to his senses.
Shen Zhen recalled that day, he had thought he just drank too much, and perhaps he might have had something with someone, but he didn’t expect it to be Qin Xing.


In fact, he didn’t even think it would be a man.

Although he had never had sex with anyone, he also knew what gay sex entailed.
If he really had sex with a man, he couldn’t not have woken up without any feeling, unless…..unless he was the one to…..Uncle Qin…..

Shen Zhen was taken aback by his own thoughts.

No matter how he thought about it, he didn’t think that Uncle Qin was willing to be subordinate to others, no matter outside or inside the bedroom.

Shen Zhen stopped thinking, and looked at Su Shiqing: “Have you said enough?”

Su Shiqing still wanted to speak, but Shen Zhen sneered and shouted: “Security! Someone here is harassing me.”

The security guard of the restaurant was a big muscular man, and he didn’t have any unprofessional tenderness, coming over when he heard Shen Zhen’s words.
He glanced at Su Shiqing, his eyes were full of suspicion, he hadn’t seen anyone coming in just now.

Shen Zhen said to the security guard: “He is not a guest, please take him out.”

Sure enough, the security guard walked towards Su Shiqing, and just as he was about to grab Su Shiqing’s arm, Su Shiqing shouted, “I’m also a guest, and I’m with him! The person inside is also my uncle!”

The security guard looked at Shen Zhen in confusion.

The security guard stood where he was, not knowing whether he should move or not, and was at a loss for a while.

“Are you sure you want to go in and see your uncle?” Shen Zhen looked at him with a half-smile, “Qin Yue is not here.”

Su Shiqing felt a little guilty, but he still said with a straight face: “Ah Yue also took me to see my Uncle, and Uncle talked to me.”

Although at that time Qin Xing only half-closed his eyes and asked whose child this was.

Shen Zhen laughed out loud: “Then you go and see if Uncle recognizes you as a niece-in-law.”

The word “niece-in-law” made Su Shiqing a little dazed.

Did Qin Xing know about his relationship with Qin Yue?

It shouldn’t be, no one should know that he and Qin Yue have established a relationship, and had even become intimate all the way.

“Let’s go.” Shen Zhen looked at Su Shiqing with a smile, “Aren’t you going to see Uncle? Let’s go together.”

Su Shiqing looked at Shen Zhen angrily: “Don’t think that no one knows your true face, you gleeful villain, if you didn’t play tricks, you would never be able to follow at Uncle’s side.
I will let everyone know just what kind of person you are.”

Yes, he wanted everyone to know what kind of person Shen Zhen was.
Qin Xing was Qin Yue’s uncle, and so he was also his uncle.
He couldn’t watch his uncle being deceived by such a scheming person.

He wanted to pull his uncle out of the fire pit.

This time, Su Shiqing didn’t wait for the security guard to grab him, and instead voluntarily raised his head and walked away proudly.

He was not that stupid to go see Uncle Qin with Shen Zhen.
Shen Zhen had become favored by Uncle Qin recently.
He had to go back and organize his words, find ways to find evidence, and then tell Uncle Qin.

It wasn’t until Su Shiqing left that Shen Zhen returned to the sink and washed his face with water.
He looked at the man in the mirror.
He was young, pale, and his eyes were full of confusion.
Why was it Qin Xing?

Qin Xing knew this whole time, but he never told him.

He felt like a clown, always in Qin Xing’s grasp.

Shen Zhen took a deep breath and covered his face.

He gathered himself for nearly a minute before letting go and arranging his clothes and hair in front of the mirror.

No matter what Qin Xing’s purpose was, at least now he couldn’t offend Qin Xing.
The only thing he could do was pretend that he didn’t know anything.

Shen Zhen smiled mockingly at himself in the mirror.

If he had enough confidence, what he should do now was to question Qin Xing instead of pretending nothing happened to maintain the peace.

But he couldn’t.

When Shen Zhen returned to the dining table, the dishes had already begun to be served.
Qin Xing had already taken off his gloves.
His utensils had already been disinfected a second time and that pair of gloves lay on a tray to the side.
It would not be used again.

“Why were you gone for so long?” Qin Xing asked softly.

Shen Zhen didn’t know how to face Qin Xing now, but he still replied, “Su Shiqing came to see me.”

Qin Xing didn’t speak, and Shen Zhen knew that Qin Xing couldn’t immediately  think of who Su Shiqing was.

“Oh, really?” Qin Xing smiled, “What did he say to Xiao Zhen?”

Shen Zhen looked at Qin Xing, Qin Xing acted very naturally, still with that look of sophisticated ease, without any nervousness.

Shen Zhen: “He said he wanted to go back to the Qin family.”

Qin Xing: “Does Xiao Zhen want him to go back to the Qin family?”

Shen Zhen raised his head and asked, “If I want him to go back to the Qin family, then he can go back to the Qin family?”

Qin Xing smiled: “Yes.”

Shen Zhen suddenly said, “Uncle, I’m hungry, let’s eat.”

Qin Xing didn’t say anything more, and the two finished their meal quietly.
The food was delicious and the chef’s skills were excellent, but Shen Zhen was not in the mood to appreciate the food.
Everything tasted like ashes in his mouth.

Shen Zhen’s attention was focused on Qin Xing.

He had never observed Qin Xing so closely before.

For example, Qin Xing’s serving chopsticks would be placed on the left hand side, and his eating chopsticks would be placed on the right hand side.

For example, his eating movements were very meticulous, and there would be no oil stains on the corners of his mouth.

Such a Qin Xing…..would he really have that kind of relationship with him?

Could it be that Qin Xing was also drugged that night?

Even till he put down his chopsticks, Shen Zhen was still immersed in his own world.
He couldn’t imagine Qin Xing without clothes at all, it felt so strange.

“Xiao Zhen, do you have something you want to say to Uncle?” Qin Xing said suddenly, looking at Shen Zhen deeply.

Shen Zhen reflexively said: “No, Uncle, we are going to have a meeting tomorrow, right?”

Qin Xing raised the corners of his mouth and smiled: “Remember to come prepared.”

Shen Zhen: “Got it.”

“Ah Yue will be there tomorrow.” Qin Xing said, “He will report on the performance of the new branch office last quarter.”

Shen Zhen didn’t react when he heard Qin Yue’s name now, as if this person was far away from his life.

If no one mentioned him, he wouldn’t even remember this person.

During Qin Yue’s departure, Shen Zhen didn’t even have a single phone call with him.

In his previous life, Shen Zhen actually thought this was normal.
After all, the two of them had their own things to do, and it was impossible to stick to each other all the time.

Thinking of it now, it was actually quite ridiculous.

On the way back, Shen Zhen kept wanting to ask where Qin Xing was that night.
On the one hand, he hoped that what Su Shiqing said was a lie, but on the other hand, his logic told him that Su Shiqing would not use Qin Xing to lie to him.
Shen Zhen was very conflicted and kept frowning in the car.

Shen Zhen was going back to live in the Qin family manor tonight.
He hadn’t been back there only for a short while, but when he stood in front of the gate of the Qin family manor, he felt that this house was very unfamiliar, as if that apartment which was much more pitifully smaller than the Qin family manor was more like the home he lived in since he was a child.

The moment he stepped through the gate of the manor, Shen Zhen had a novel feeling.
He looked at everything here as if it was the first time he was seeing it.

It was as if he had returned to his childhood and was led here by an adult who he couldn’t even remember the face of.

At that time, he didn’t know that he would live in this huge, castle-like house forever.
He shrank behind the adult, terrified, and the adult said to him: “Don’t be afraid, this is your future home now.
You must be good, you must be obedient, and you must be likable, only then will you have a good life.”

He wanted to cry at the time, but he knew that crying children were not liked, so he held back his tears and replied, “I will be good and obedient.”

As they walked through the huge garden, he held his head up with difficulty, pretending that he was strong, that he was not an unwanted child by his parents, he was here to help the family, and he was here to be a little hero.

Children were always very sensitive.
When Shen Zhen saw the Qin family’s juniors, he knew that these people didn’t like him.
They looked at him indifferently, as if he was some dirty thing.

“What’s your name?” The boy in a small suit walked up to him, stretched out a small white hand, and said seriously and solemnly, “My name is Qin Yue, you can call me Eldest Brother just like them.”

Shen Zhen stretched out his hand timidly, and held the boy’s hand: “My name is Shen Zhen.”

That was when all the nightmares started.

It all started with the hand that reached out to him.

“Uncle, I’m going back to my room first.” Shen Zhen said goodbye to Qin Xing on the stairs in the corridor.

Qin Xing didn’t hold him back: “Go, go to bed early, and tell the servants if you need anything.”

Shen Zhen’s mood had completely calmed down, he said with a smile: “Understood, Uncle should also go to bed early.”

He went straight to his room.
All the rooms in the Qin family manor, whether occupied or empty, would be cleaned every day.
Shen Zhen didn’t take all the clothes with him when he left.
There were still pajamas and a change of clothes in his original room.

After Shen Zhen walked into the room, the servant asked at the door: “Young Master Shen, do you need anything?”

Shen Zhen: “Pour me a glass of red wine, make sure it has a higher alcohol concentration.”

Servant: “Okay, Young Master Shen, it will be brought over right away.”

After not coming back for a while, Shen Zhen found that the servants seemed to be a lot more respectful towards him.

After Shen Zhen finished washing up, he lay down on the bed.
He didn’t put on the pajamas, but only wore a pair of boxer underwear.
His skin made direct contact with the clean and fluffy quilt, which felt quite pleasant.
The glass of red wine was placed on the bedside table.

Originally, Shen Zhen thought that he would suffer from insomnia tonight, but unexpectedly, he fell asleep very quickly and slept very soundly.

After he fell asleep, the closed bedroom door was gently pushed open, and a dark figure walked in slowly.
The man walked to Shen Zhen’s bed, and saw Shen Zhen’s sleeping posture through the moonlight streaming in through the windows.
Shen Zhen slept on his side with his arm outside the quilt.
Although the room was heated, the temperature would be lowered a few degrees at night.

The man put his hand on Shen Zhen’s wrist, brushed his thumb over Shen Zhen’s skin, and gently kneaded it.

The same beautiful feeling as that night, making him unable to help but linger.

But the man still lifted Shen Zhen’s arm gently, put it under the quilt, and then stroked Shen Zhen’s face with his hand one last time.

Without doing anything else, the figure returned to the door.
The moment the door was closed, only a hint of gentle and lingering chuckle could be heard.

Very slight, very ambiguous.

Full of indescribable tenderness.

It was just that Shen Zhen in his sleep wasn’t aware of anything.

Qin Xing walked down the corridor.
This late at night even the servants were resting.
He looked ahead, and what came to his mind was Shen Zhen’s sleeping face, and Shen Zhen’s various unnatural behaviors at dinner today.

He had likely found out.

But it didn’t matter, he had enough time and patience to silently and soundlessly pervade Shen Zhen’s life.

When Shen Zhen relied on him, trusted him, and could not leave him, even if it was not love, it was no different from love.

In the early morning of the next day, the sun shone in through the uncurtained windows, casting golden light on the room.
The trees outside shook in the wind, making a “rustling” sound.
The alarm clock set in the mobile phone rang, and the music was a soothing piano piece which some with even slightly weaker willpower would regard as a lullaby.

Shen Zhen got out of the quilt and turned off the alarm clock.

It happened that the servant also knocked on his door at this time.

Shen, Mr.
Qin is in the dining room.” The servant opened the curtains and stood aside, ready to tidy up after Shen Zhen left the room.

Shen Zhen had never been taken care of so considerately by the servants before.

Shen Zhen dressed in front of the servant in only a pair of underwear, feeling a bit awkward.

The dining room was already full of people, and it was a rare day for Qin Yue to come back.
After this time, he would only return again three months after, which was the end of a season.

However, this time, Qin Yue did not sit on Qin Xing’s left hand side.

When Shen Zhen appeared in the dining room, everyone’s eyes were on him, including Qin Yue, but at this moment, Qin Yue’s eyes were filled with various complicated emotions.

“Sit here.” Qin Xing smiled at Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen lowered his head: “Okay, Uncle.”

He sat over and took the seat that originally belonged to Qin Yue.

Qin Yue watched Shen Zhen sit down, and called out in a low voice: “Ah Zhen.”

Shen Zhen smiled: “Eldest Brother Qin.”

Shen Zhen never called Qin Yue that way before, he would call Qin Yue ‘Ah Yue’, which was more intimate.

“I heard from Uncle that you have gone to work in the head office.” Qin Yue said, “Starting from the bottom level?”

Shen Zhen didn’t know why Qin Yue brought this up, but he replied: “I have no work experience, it’s already an opportunity to start from the bottom level.”

Qin Yue nodded, but did not continue.

Everyone at the table had their own thoughts, but the only thing in common was that they no longer looked at Shen Zhen with the same eyes as before.
They would take the initiative to talk to Shen Zhen, talk about the latest current events, and then praise Shen Zhen for his willingness to start from the ground up.

“I always felt Xiao Zhen was a child who could endure hardship.”

“I wonder when Ah Meng will be enlightened.”

Qin Meng’s person sat at the table, and the disaster came from the sky, he said quickly: “Don’t mention me.”

Every time Qin Shan wqs mentioned, he would also be brought up in the topic, and now the same was happening with Shen Zhen.
Qin Meng felt that he was really unlucky.
What was so great about going to the bottom level of the company? One couldn’t even reveal one’s identity, and could only have a little freedom every week during the off days, while having to live as an ascetic monk the rest of the time.

For example, his sister, since she went to work in the company, the starlets she kept could only be seen once a week.

Qin Meng felt that he couldn’t bear to continue to be a vegetarian after so many years of eating meat.

He whispered: “Uncle doesn’t care about me, so what do you even have to say.”

After breakfast, Shen Zhen followed behind Qin Xing, about to head off to the meeting.
A performance report meeting would be held every quarter.
The company’s board of directors and senior management would go, and people from every provincial capital branch office would also come.

Such a meeting sometimes lasted for a long time, and sometimes ended quickly.

Qin Yue was also going to the company, so he got into Qin Xing’s car.

Sitting next to Shen Zhen.

Qin Yue had been by Qin Xing’s side this whole time, and could be considered to have been personally taught by Qin Xing, so among the juniors of the Qin family, only Qin Yue could strike up conversations with Qin Xing.

“Uncle.” Qin Yue’s expression was very respectful, and his sitting posture was very upright, “I think the information data can be handed over to Baiyun Company for processing.
I have inspected this company.
It has strong business capabilities and accurate market analysis.”

Qin Xing smiled and said, “Can’t our company do it ourselves?”

The Qin Group was such a large enterprise covering almost all the businesses that make money, and had long had a branch company dedicated to the Internet.

Qin Yue explained: “Our own information department has not yet expanded, and there are other work to do.”

Qin Xing asked: “Baiyun, is this company new?”

Qin Yue: “It was registered at the end of last year.”

The smile on the corner of Qin Xing’s mouth did not change, but Shen Zhen felt that there was a sarcastic tilt to it no matter how he looked at it, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye, as if the feeling just now was Shen Zhen’s illusion.

“Then what made you choose not to cooperate with an established company, but to cooperate with a small company that has only been in business for less than a year?” Qin Xing asked.

Qin Yue: “Because I went to investigate, I believe in the strength of Baiyun.”

Qin Xing: “Who is the legal person of Baiyun?”

Qin Yue’s expression froze for a moment, but he immediately reacted: “I didn’t look into this.”

“Ah Yue.” Qin Xing looked at him kindly, “When you tell a lie, you have to make sure all the details match.
Since you decided to cooperate with a small company, you must have done your research, but you don’t even know who the legal person is?”

Qin Yue lowered his head.

Qin Xing turned his head to Shen Zhen and said gently: “Xiao Zhen, help Uncle find out who the legal person of Baiyun is.”

Shen Zhen nodded, took out his tablet and began to search.
New companies like this might not have much information on the Internet, but they could still be found out by going to the registration website to check, as long as the company Baiyun really existed.

“The legal person’s name is Su Yuan.” Shen Zhen was startled when he saw the name.

Su Yuan was Su Shiqing’s biological father, a middle-aged man with mediocre abilities who was not taken seriously by the Su family.

Because Su Shiqing couldn’t be registered under the Shen family household, Qin Yue tried to bring up Su Shiqing’s biological father.

Qin Xing: “What’s his relationship with Su Shiqing?”

Shen Zhen said truthfully, “He’s Su Shiqing’s father.”

Qin Yue lowered his head.

In the past, Qin Xing would not ask about these matters.
Qin Xing only looked at the results, not the process.

As long as the result was good, he didn’t care who he cooperated with at all.
So Qin Yue just reported this time as usual.

In fact, the data had already been handed over to Baiyun.

He never expected that Qin Xing would reject his proposal.

Qin Yue’s face shifted from red to white amd then back again.

However, the car continued to drive.

Qin Xing said, “Ah Yue, I remember you have a good relationship with Su Shiqing?”

Qin Yue said with difficulty: “We are good friends.”

Qin Xing: “Then can you be sure that Su Yuan is also a good business partner? What projects has Baiyun done since its establishment, what was the probability of success of these projects, and what were their advantages compared with their peers? Do you have a data sheet?”

“Show me the data sheet.” Qin Xing said.

Qin Yue’s words seemed to be squeezed out from between his teeth: “The data sheet is in the company, I didn’t bring it with me.”

Qin Xing looked at Qin Yue like he was a disobedient child: “You should at least remember the basic data, tell me.”

Qin Yue reported a bunch of data.

The more Shen Zhen listened, the more something felt strange.
Wasn’t this the data of a network information company that ranked among the top 500 last year?

“Ah Yue.” Qin Xing’s smile suddenly subsided.

In Shen Zhen’s memory, Qin Xing always had a smile on his face, kind and gentle, but never like now.
He was like a lion about to fly into a rage, and silence was his buffer before the outbreak.

The expressionless Qin Xing was very frightening.

Qin Yue whispered, “Uncle.”

Qin Xing’s tone became indifferent: “Do you think I have only you as my successor? Do you think I can’t do anything if no one can take over my mantle?”

Qin Yue hurriedly raised his head and said, “Uncle, I never thought that.”

“Xiao Zhen.” Qin Xing suddenly said to Shen Zhen, “Do you know which company that string of data that Ah Yue mentioned just now belongs to?”

Shen Zhen bit the bullet and said, “It’s Huihe Information Company, which ranked among the top 500 last year.”

Qin Xing said to Qin Yue: “Even Xiao Zhen remembers, why do you think I can’t remember?”

“Ah Yue, do you think that Uncle is getting old and senile and my memory has gone bad?”

This was too serious of an accusation, Qin Yue shook his head in shock: “No, Uncle, I made a mistake, I mixed up the data.”

“Uncle never cares about what you do in private.” Qin Xing sneered, “Because I can give you what you have, and I can also take it back.
Today you lied to me for the Su family, what about tomorrow?”

Qin Yue: “Uncle, I didn’t mean to lie to you, I really did remember wrongly, Xiao Zhen, please say something for me.”

Shen Zhen sat on the side, glanced at Qin Yue coldly, and suddenly smiled and said to Qin Xing: “Uncle, don’t be angry with him, it’s not worth it, I think Second Brother is much more mature these days, and Second Brother has stayed at home for a long enough time.”

Second Brother referred to Qin Li, who had been staying at home since the last incident.

Qin Xing’s facial expression eased a little, and he said in a neutral tone: “In this case, Ah Yue, you should rest at home for a while after coming back this time, and let Ah Li go handle the matter in T City.
Although it is not that good to change the leader in the midst of things, you haven’t been there for long, so it’s not important.”

Qin Yue raised his head, his eyes were red.

He looked at Qin Xing, then at Shen Zhen.

But Qin Yue also knew that his uncle would never go back on what he said, he always meant what he said, and now it was meaningless for him to continue to explain himself, so Qin Yue could only sit there quietly and could not say anything.

If he said more, he would only be more unlucky.

Qin Li, who was still at home, didn’t know that a pie fell from the sky and suddenly hit him on the head.

It was indeed a pie from the sky.

All the way to the downstairs of the company building, there were no voices in the car.
Shen Zhen leaned on the car seat, feeling refreshed.
He thought he had no feelings for Qin Yue, but seeing Qin Yue deflated and met with misfortune, his mood was still very good.

Absolutely fantastic.

If gloating was the style of a villain, Shen Zhen hoped that he could always be a villain.

So long as there were such happy things for him to watch every day.

When going up the company building, Qin Yue habitually walked on Qin Xing’s left hand side, which was the successor’s spot, the second in line, Qin Yue had always been used to standing in that spot.

On the way to the company, Qin Yue had already steadied his emotions.

He knew that everything he said was wrong now, so he had to remain steady first, and then slowly figure things out.

Uncle had trained him for so many years, it was impossible for him to give up just like that, at most he was just trying to scare him.

Just when Qin Yue was thinking this, Qin Xing suddenly said without turning his head: “Xiao Zhen, come to me.”

Shen Zhen walked to Qin Xing’s right hand side.

Qin Xing said, “Go to the other side.”

Shen Zhen looked at Qin Yue, and Qin Yue also looked at Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen didn’t retreat or speak, but walked to Qin Xing’s left.

Qin Yue could only walk to the right.

The moment Shen Zhen walked over, he suddenly felt a strange feeling, as if he had a higher status than Qin Yue now.

He was the one who was carefully cultivated by Qin Xing.

But this feeling was fleeting, and Shen Zhen knew that Qin Xing would not give up Qin Yue so easily.

Unless Qin Yue did something that touched Qin Xing’s bottom line.

Assistant Ma was waiting in the stairwell on the floor where the meeting was held, and when he saw Qin Xing coming, he hurried up to greet him: “Everyone is here, everyone is sitting inside.”

No one was late.

The meeting room was full of people.
Qin Xing took off his coat, and handed it to Assistant Ma.
Assistant Ma said to Shen Zhen and Qin Yue in a good manner: “The temperature in the company is relatively high, please give me your coats.”

Shen Zhen also took off his coat and handed it to Assistant Ma: “Thank you, Brother Ma.”

Qin Yue also thanked him when he handed it over.

Assistant Ma smiled and said, “Go in quickly.”

Shen Zhen entered the meeting room, and he sat in the corner, recording the meeting.

Many people noticed this young man who came in behind Qin Xing.
He even took Qin Yue’s seat next to Qin Xing, which made everyone unable to ignore Shen Zhen.

After the meeting, Qin Xing was the first to leave the conference room, and of course Shen Zhen also followed.

Qin Yue didn’t move.
Usually, after Qin Xing left, this was Qin Yue’s home field.

Everyone knew that Qin Yue was the next head of the Qin family, so they were naturally willing to seize every opportunity to curry favor with Qin Yue.

However, Shen Zhen still attracted a lot of attention just now.

Someone asked Qin Yue: “Who was that young man?”

Qin Yue: “His name is Shen Zhen.
He is a child of the Shen family.
He grew up with me.”

“Looks like Mr.
Qin treats him very well.
When you first came in, I was taken aback.
I thought you had been replaced.” Someone joked.

Qin Yue’s expression was complicated and elusive.
After a few seconds, he smiled and said: “Uncle only recently treated him like this.”

The person became interested, and he asked, “Could it be that the Shen family has done something?”

Qin Yue said: “That I can’t say.”

These people would immediately inquire about this matter after they go back.
In order to flatter Qin Xing, they would definitely reach out to help the Shen family.

Since Uncle was so angry with him for helping the Su family, then it wouldn’t be much better if it was switched to the Shen family.

Qin Yue knew that his current thoughts were dangerous.

But he couldn’t restrain his malice.

He didn’t want Ah Zhen to be unlucky, he just hoped that Uncle would not favor one person over another.

He believed that even if Ah Zhen knew about it, he wouldn’t blame him.

Qin Yue also knew that no matter what he did, Ah Zhen would stand by him.
Even if he got angry, he would stand by his side and support him in the end as before.

But Qin Yue couldn’t think of why Shen Zhen mentioned Qin Li just now, and let Qin Li replace him?

“By the way, how is your relationship with Shen Zhen?” A branch manager who had a good relationship with Qin Yue asked in a low voice, “Invite him over for dinner together? Let’s hang out together at night?”

Qin Yue: “He’s been following my uncle recently.
I guess he doesn’t have time to go out.
I’ve lost favor now.”

The man smiled: “Don’t joke anymore, as if here will be a time when you fall out of favor, Mr.
Qin has taught you for so many years, even if you fell out of favor, it is only for a while.
Besides, Shen Zhen’s surname is Shen, so even if Mr.
Qin likes him, it is because of your sake.
Qin would never let Shen Zhen take your place, so don’t think too much about it.”

Qin Yue said with a smile: “I didn’t say anything, I was just joking.
Uncle is going to let Qin Li take over for me in T City.”

The face of the other party changed immediately: “This, why did this happen? What did Qin Li do? How did he do it?”

“Let’s not talk about this for now.
I have something to do.
We’ll talk about it next time we meet.” The other party smiled apologetically at Qin Yue, and then quickly left the meeting room.
He had to check the matter out.
If Qin Xing changed his thinking, he must make a response within this period of time.

No one took Qin Li seriously before.

This person was fastidious but incompetent, he had no ability, and he was arrogant.

But if Qin Xing wanted to lift him up to replace Qin Yue, then these shortcomings could be ignored.

Shen Zhen was also asking Qin Xing at this time: “Uncle, do you really want Second Brother to go to T City?”

He just said it casually at the time, without careful consideration.

Qin Xing had already returned to his office.
He sat on his chair, smiled softly, and said to Shen Zhen, “Xiao Zhen, come to Uncle.”

Shen Zhen obediently walked over and stood next to Qin Xing.
Qin Xing reached out and touched Shen Zhen’s earlobe, Shen Zhen’s ears reddened, and his tone softened involuntarily: “Uncle, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

Qin Xing: “What question?”

Shen Zhen: “It’s about Second Brother.”

Qin Xing: “Since Ah Yue can’t do well in that position, let Ah Li have a try.”

He had always been a good elder, he would train whoever had more potential.

But just like what he said to Qin Yue, he could let him go up, and he could also let him go down.

Shen Zhen: “Ah Yue must be feeling uncomfortable right now.”

Qin Xing said, “What about Xiao Zhen, does Xiao Zhen feel happy?” He seemed to see through what Shen Zhen was thinking.

Shen Zhen turned his head: “Uncle…..”

Qin Xing said: “Xiao Zhen, remember, with Uncle, you don’t need to pretend or be afraid, because no matter what you do, Uncle will support you.”

“If you do bad things, Uncle will cover it up for you; if you do good things, Uncle will sing praises of you.” Qin Xing smiled, sitting regally on his chair, but his eyes were filled with unresolved passion.

Shen Zhen was indeed a little moved, but soon returned to his senses.

He couldn’t believe that Qin Xing really had feelings for him.
He was more willing to believe that Qin Xing’s sudden kindness to him was due to other reasons.

If Qin Xing fell in love with him just because of that night, it would be too fantastical.

There were so many one-night stands in this world, and yet you never see those people fall in love after one night.

Before finding out the reason, Shen Zhen was not willing to trust it.

But in all fairness, Qin Xing was indeed a very excellent man, and also a man full of charm.

Unlike Qin Yue, Qin Xing was like a cup of strong-flavored white wine.
He was not that stimulating, but still seductive.
Shen Zhen felt that anyone attracted to the male sex would not be able to resist Qin Xing’s charm.

Shen Zhen didn’t respond to Qin Xing’s words, as if once he said it, there was something that couldn’t go back to being what it was before.

It was just that Shen Zhen had yet to realize what it was exactly.

“Uncle.” Shen Zhen changed the subject: “If Ah Yue blames you for this…..”

Qin Xing smiled: “He does not dare to.”

Shen Zhen was stunned for a moment.
That was true, Qin Xing didn’t care whether Qin Yue loved him or hated him.
It didn’t matter at all, after all, Qin Xing was only sixteen years older than them, and he was only thirty-eight this year.
He was still young, just in his prime, he still had decades to continue to dominate the business world.

“Baiyun Company…..” Qin Xing tapped the table with his fingertips, “Xiao Zhen, do you want it?”

Shen Zhen looked at Qin Xing in astonishment.

Qin Xing looked at Shen Zhen dotingly: “If Xiao Zhen likes it, Uncle will buy it and give it to you.”

Shen Zhen swallowed.

The Su family’s company, in his hands instead.

Even thinking about it made him feel good.

He was not as calm as he thought, but at this moment, he still loathed Su Shiqing and Qin Yue, and if this made them unhappy, and he could get benefits for himself at the same time, so why not do it?

Shen Zhen kneeled down obediently, and put his head on Qin Xing’s knee: “I like it, Uncle.”

Qin Xing put his hand on Shen Zhen’s head, stroked Shen Zhen’s hair gently, and said, “As long as it is what Xiao Zhen wants, Uncle will give it to Xiao Zhen.”

Shen Zhen closed his eyes slightly.
At this moment, he felt very at ease, with a sense of security that he had never had before.

He always felt like he was walking under the scorching sun with no shelter, his mouth was parched, and it seemed that he would die of dehydration in the next second.

No one ever held up an umbrella for him, or handed him a glass of water, or even said to him, “Take a break.”

But now, Qin Xing suddenly acted as a protective umbrella for him.

Although he didn’t know what Qin Xing wanted, it made Shen Zhen feel very comfortable.

“Uncle.” Shen Zhen’s voice was muffled.

Qin Xing lowered his head, and the tip of his nose seemed to touch Shen Zhen’s ear.

There were only the two of them in the office.

There was a wordless, ambiguous undercurrent slowly flowing in the room.

Shen Zhen: “Will you suddenly dislike me someday?”

Qin Xing chuckled lowly, and the hot air sprayed on Shen Zhen’s ears.
Qin Xing’s voice was hoarse and full of magnetism.
He said, “What does Xiao Zhen think?”

Shen Zhen didn’t open his eyes, but his cheeks were flushed: “If one day, you don’t like me anymore, just tell me.”

He would leave quietly by himself.

He had always been in the dark, and at first sight of the light, he had begun to lose himself a little.

Qin Xing just laughed, but didn’t speak.

Any words were feeble.

Only what happened was strong proof, he didn’t need to use words to give Shen Zhen a sense of security.

Shen Zhen was still waiting for Qin Xing to reply to him.

After an unknown amount of time, Qin Xing said: “Okay, Uncle promises you, if there is such a day, Uncle will tell you.”

Satisfied, Shen Zhen stood up again and said to Qin Xing, “Then I’ll call Second Brother and let him know.”

Qin Xing knew what he was thinking, but he just smiled helplessly: “Go.”


For Qin Yue, the most important thing was the Qin family.

What if he couldn’t have the Qin family?

What would happen to Qin Yue? What would happen to Su Shiqing?

Shen Zhen looked at Qin Li’s name in the list of contacts and grinned.

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