CH 001 Ambiguous Bruises

The sun shone in from the glass windows, its golden light filling the room.
Wine glasses and bottles lay fallen over on the scarlet carpet.
A single vase that was full of flowers, which bloomed full of vigor and beauty, stood in the room.
The vase was huge and beautiful, the exquisite ceramic vase etched with a light blue enchanting pattern.

The eyelids of the person lying behind the vase twitched slightly.

He was not wearing a single inch of fabric, his skin was delicate and smooth, and the sunlight shrouded him like a thin quilt, highlighting his short black hair with a warm glow.

From the perspective inside the house, only a pair of feet could be seen, which had round toes, that were slightly reddish, slightly arched insteps, and skin that was as white as jade.

There was even no need to have a clear view of his face to imagine just what a delicate porcelain figure he was.

The person opened his eyes and was a little dazed at first.
His eyes were like pools of stagnant water, calm and still, but soon, his pupils dilated, as if he had encountered a major event of life and death, and it was not until a few minutes later that he returned to calmness.

Shen Zhen was still in disbelief, but he finally calmed down.

——He came back!

Back to the next morning of the banquet, back to when he was alive.

The clothes were scattered on the carpet next to him, and the shirt seemed to have been torn up.
One could imagine how intense and passionate last night had been.
Shen Zhen gave up on putting the rag-like shirt on again, and remained bare chested, simply wearing a suit jacket instead before standing up.

It just so happened that it was time for the servants to come in to clean up.

Several maids walked in together, and when they saw Shen Zhen, they all lowered their heads.
Their faces were flushed with blood, as if blood would flow down in the next second, and fall to the ground along the path of their chins.

Bare chested but for a suit jacket thrown over it, Shen Zhen generously revealed a swath of ambiguous bruises and traces, which was enough to make people blush, and even imagine in their minds about which girl he had been with last night.

“Young Master Shen.” The butler ran over in a hurry.
Seeing Shen Zhen’s appearance, he was nearly unable to keep his balance.
He hurriedly stabilized his body and said hurriedly, “Second Young Master is leading people over here.”

Shen Zhen was already prepared.

Right now, in his last life, he somehow had a one night stand with another.
The next day, he was caught naked by Second Brother Qin.
He was both embarrassed and ashamed at the time, and he didn’t know how to face himself or how to face Big Brother Qin.

No matter what Second Brother Qin said, he could only answer yes with his head down, and then obediently left the Qin family manor.

Because he was “promiscuous” and “messing around” in the Qin family manor.
This was modern society, and he was not allowed to “fool around” with the maids.

By the time he recovered his senses, he had already been sent away from the Qin family manor.

Now that he thought about it, all this was ridiculous.

Shen Zhen covered his eyes and chuckled lowly.

The butler looked at Shen Zhen with the gaze of one looking at a fool, was there something wrong with Young Master Shen’s head?

Second Young Master was the person who hated him the most in this family.

Shen Zhen and Eldest Young Master Qin had a very good relationship.
The two grew up together, and could somewhat be considered childhood friends.
They studied together, have common interests and hobbies, and have the same view on things.

Contrary to Second Young Master Qin.

Of course Second Young Master Qin was not happy to have someone sitting on his head, not to mention that this someone was more valued by the Qin family’s head, so his hatred even spread to Shen Zhen.

Especially Shen Zhen, whose surname was Shen, him standing next to Eldest Young Master Qin was equivalent to the entire Shen family standing beside Eldest Young Master Qin.

So he had to do everything possible to drive Shen Zhen away and break one of Qin Yue’s arms (TN: expression meaning to cut off a part of someone’s strength)

Unlike the second young master, the Eldest Young Master Qin Yue himself was a serious person, practically to the point that all the males in the Qin family castrated themselves, to not be a man but a robot or a machine instead.

Master Qin, the head of the Qin family, himself had no son, and was clearly training his nephew as his successor.
The Qin family would belong to the Eldest Young Master in the future.
Everyone knew to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.
So of course, whatever the Eldest Young Master said, everyone would follow without question.

Don’t even mention pretending that they’re robots without balls.

Even if they really had to castrate themselves, it was estimated that there were a lot of people vying to be the first eunuch to swing the knife.

Shen Zhen used to love this part about Big Brother Qin the most, but later he found out that Qin Yue was not “serious and disciplined”, he was just a late bloomer, and when he really met his true love, he would be more absurd than anyone else.

And the he who fell in love with Qin Yue was like a clown jumping on a beam.
The higher he jumped, the more Qin Yue hated him.

Looking back on his past life now, it was a typical example of smashing a good deck of cards.

So what if Qin Yue didn’t like him? As long as he stayed at the Qin family, he was the Eldest Young Master of the Shen family.
If he left the Qin family, his status as the Eldest Young Master of the Shen family would become completely worthless.

The butler nearly jumped in place in anxiousness.

However, Shen Zhen slowly stretched out his hands to smooth the wrinkles on his clothes, and smiled at the butler: “Did I mess around?”

The butler was angry: “You, this!”

He pointed to Shen Zhen’s exposed chest, and the red marks on it indicating what he had done last night.

Shen Zhen smiled: “Oh, I messed around.”

The butler almost fainted in anger.

The sound of footsteps appeared outside, slow and unhurried, very disciplined, and as soon as he heard it, he knew it was Second Young Master Qin Li and his subordinates.

Shen Zhen looked straight aheadbin the direction of the door.

A group of people walked in, but even if there were so many people, everyone’s eyes were focused on one person.
As long as he was there, everyone else would be just the foil.
He strode in, wearing a neat black suit that emphasized his wide shoulders and narrow waist.
His eyes were dark and sharp, his lips were tightly pursed, his short black hair was combed back, revealing his forehead and indifferent eyes.

Qin Li, a man whose heart was higher than the sky.

“Shen Zhen.” Qin Li’s voice was deep, hoarse and sexy, no matter what he said, it was like he was murmuring the sweet nothings of a lover.

It was a pity that Shen Zhen didn’t eat this type anymore.

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