d sunny… ” The elderly woman continued to ramble on about her youthful days.

Liliana gave a sweet sigh and carried the two babies into the boarding house. She walked upstairs and placed both the sleeping babies in a single large wooden cradle. However, only one baby was asleep while the other was merely pretending by closing his eyes.

Once Liliana walked out of the room, the babys eyes slowly opened with curiosity. He used his little hands to push himself up and looked around the room with astonishment. The room was completely different from the dark and eerie hall that he woke up from. It had a very comfy and homely design: the walls were painted subtle blue and the floors were made of hardwood covered by a smooth wax.

Unable to comprehend the change to his surroundings, the baby felt dizzy and tumbled back onto the soft cradle mattress. He stared at the subtle blue ceiling and slowly gave in to his drowsiness.


A sudden pain coming from both his cheeks woke the baby up. His eyes caught sight of a little girl around 8 years old with long curly brown hair squeezing his soft chubby cheeks.

”Awwe, he is so cute! ” exclaimed Lily.

The baby glared at the girl and remained silent as she continued to pinch his cheeks.

”Lily stop it. You
e hurting the baby and Lady Liliana is gonna get mad. ” said a boy around the same age as the girl with a worried and serious face.

”But Oliver, he doesn seem to mind. ”

”Then lets see if it hurts if I try it on you. ” said Oliver pinching Lilys cheeks.

”Ow! fine. ”

Immediately realizing the situation, Lily release her hands and softly patted the babys cheeks to comfort him.

”Dinner is ready. ” a beautiful girl with a bob-cut hairstyle poked her head into the room.

”Lucy you
e back from training! ” said Oliver with a hint of shyness.

”Yep! I just came back today because I heard that a new child was sent to Lilianas orphanage. With an extra child, I believe it will be too hard for Lady Liliana to handle. ” said Lucy with excitement.

”Why didn you come back this weekend? Lady Liliana was so worried. ” asked Lily with curiosity.

”Eh. Lets just say that I caught my instructors eye and she made me do extra training on the weekend. Hehe. ” said Lucy with a shameful tone.

”An-anyways, its time for dinner. ” Lucy quickly changed the topic and hurried down the stairs.

Lily and Oliver both carried the two babies carefully downstairs for dinner.

After dinner, Liliana brought both the babies into the yard to get some fresh air. There was silence during the night, only a soft autumn breeze whispering through the trees. Liliana placed both babies on her lap while closing her dazzling eyes and enjoying the breeze that blew on her face.

Liliana looked down and saw one of the babies lying asleep hugging her lap and the other staring into the vast starry sky.

”Lucy, bring Emily back. After all that crawling in the morning, she must have been tired. ” said Liliana.

The other baby watched the glittering azure sky with great interest. His face was tilted upward and his body was turning at rapid speeds as he observed the starry sky. There were occasional small flashes in the sky and many trails similar to that of a motor shower. [However, none of these trails belong to any meteors, they were from spacecraft that were most likely leaving or heading toward the rich agricultural planet of this solar system: planet Argo.]

The starry sky or rather the celestial space gave the baby a great sense of comfort and familiarity. It felt like he had once been there before, but his memory was extremely hazely and can seem to remember anything.

Seeing the baby staring at the starry sky, Liliana smiled gently and too glanced at the sky.

”Seems like you too like to watch the stars. ” said Liliana mistaking the baby to be gazing at the bright stars.

The baby unable to understand what she said, remained silent and continued to be mesmerized by the vast universe.

”Thats it! ” said Liliana like she had a sudden epiphany.

Liliana held the baby high in the air with her slender arms and smiled warmly.

”Youll be named Sirius. The brightest star in the night sky! ”

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