Solaris Magica

The Birth of the Child (3)

I was able to wake up. ” Aurora nodded.

”This might have something to do with the influx of unknown energy. Bring the robot here to scan their conditions, Im afraid they might already be dead. ” said the captain in a cold tone.

The robot immediately stepped into the room and scanned the two makeshift beds made from ragged blankets.

”Phew, it turns out that they
e just in a small coma. Just wait a few days and theyll probably wake up. ” The burly let out a big sigh with a sweet smile on his face.

”So its just you and your family? Do you know anyone else within this building? ” asked the burly man once again.

”No, there is another group of refugees. However, we don know any of them. They followed us here and asked if we would like to hear about their beliefs. After they found out that the building was abandoned, more of them moved in. They occupy the third and fourth floors, and sometimes they would come to the second floor to nag us about their beliefs. They also kept telling me that I was an apostle of the god of magic. ” Replied Aurora with an embarrassed smile.

”Interesting…You stay here and take care of the girls family. Ill personally check the upper floors. ” The captain quickly rushed out of the room.

”Oh, also bring that robot to the first floor to treat the old mans wounds. ”


The captain rushed up to the 3rd floor with his leather boots repeatedly striking the concrete steps in the stairway.

The third floor was awfully eerie and gloomy. There was a slight scent of rotten meat combined with the scent of fire.

Walking further into the 3rd floor, many melt candles and junk could be seen scattered across the floor. Soon the scent of blood filled the air, and the captain immediately found out that he was stepping on blood. Pointing the flashlight at the trail of half-dried blood, the captain slowly followed it.

The half-dried blood trail led to the staircase to the fourth floor.

Giving the third floor a final quick check, the captain found nothing unique or anything affiliated with the influx of unknown energy. Thus, he quickly followed the darkish red blood trail to the fourth floor.

Walking into the fourth floor, the smell of blood and rotting flesh collided with the captains nose. The smell was so strong that the captain was suffocating in it and had to cover his nose with his left hand.

The captain immediately cautioned by the smell, walked with absolute silence like a cat sneaking up on its prey. He kept his footsteps in sync with the striking sounds of rainwater, ensuring that no sound he produced could be detected.

The captain moved further only to discover a sight that came straight from someones nightmare.

In front of him was not the corpse of one person, but the corpses of many unfortunate people. The corpses were littered across the hall in a position of genuflection, but every one of their heads was squashed like a pumpkin. Brain matter, cerebrospinal fluid, and blood were spilling from the corpses skulls which formed small puddles.

Further in the hall, the captain saw dismembered pieces of human body parts arranged in a pattern. The pattern was a 4-pointed star and blood was used to outline the whole design.

The captain was too shocked to even blink as he was horrified by the scene. Forgetting to take a breath, the captain choked and coughed lightly. He immediately cleared his throat and sent a signal to headquarters for backup.

The stunned captain took another look at the 4-pointed star pattern with his narrowed eyes and saw a big wicker basket in the center. Lying within the basket was a baby with jade-like skin and smooth dark hair.

The baby slept peacefully unbeknownst to the horrifying scene surrounding him.

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