Solaris Magica

The Birth of the Child (2)

ur concerns are over, youd better be speaking, or else your other leg would also have a hole. ”

A sigh escaped the old mans lips as he gasped for air.

”It was 2 years ago. Do you still remember those refugees and convicts sent to our planet? Some of these refugees started occupying our town and they brought with them some weird ritualistic traditions. ”

”And since most refugees were as poor as me, they started populating these abandoned houses and they would drive away homeless people like me. ”

”The same thing happened to this building. When the refugees came, I sneaked up to the upper floors out of curiosity and discovered the remains of the other man who live in this abandoned apartment. They must have killed the man who lived on the 3rd floor of this apartment and I think they
e using his body to perform some ritualistic sacrifice for a ”magic god ”. So when I discovered this dark secret, I decided to back away from these refugees and left this building voluntarily.

”Then why are you still here? ” asked Cecilia with a curious tone.

The old man sighed and continued, ”I don know how they did it, but they realized that I knew about their dark secret and they held me captive. ”

”I was lucky because most of the townspeople knew me or else I would have been like the guy on the 3rd floor. ”

”They made me live on the first floor so I couldn interrupt their business. In addition to that, they threatened to kill me if I were to expose their dark secret. ”

”Why were you unconscious and why was your face bruised? ” asked Cecilia.

”Heh, I tried escaping by sneaking out and I successfully escaped. But again, they mysteriously discovered the location I had been and followed my tracks. After finding me, they gave me a beating and dragged me back to the apartment. ”

”As for how I became unconscious, I can recall. I was conscious when they dragged me back, so I must have fallen asleep. ”

”Interesting… How many people are in this refugee group and what are they like? ” questioned Cecilia.

”This… this group of people may seem like some sort of secret organization or cult, but from what I have seen I think they
e more of a… ” the old man hesitated as he thought of something.

”More of a what? ” asked Cecilia with growing irritation.

”Ahem, Im sorry. I believe this group of refugees is more of a family . ”

”How do you know? ” said Cecilia.

”At night when there is absolute silence, I can sometimes hear faint voices of children coming from above. Also, when the refugees came, I saw them carrying many housewares. However, I didn see any children when they came in. ”

”Hmm, a family. How sweet… ” mumbled Cecilia. ”Anyways, are there any notable members within this group? ”

”Actually, the family that I spoke of is not the entire group. There is another group within the group, and they are most likely the killers. This group is probably composed of cultists who worship the ”God of magic ”. I believe these cultists traveled with the family to stay lowkey. ” said the old man with a wary look.

”They were also the ones that threatened and attacked me. ” added the old man.

”I appreciate your corporation. ” said Cecilia as walked closer to the old man. She then skillfully struck the old man in the carotid artery, causing the old man to lose consciousness and fall on Cecilias arms.

Cecilia gently laid the old man on the floor and quickly informed the two men on her phone-like gadget about the real situation.

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