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The Birth of the Child (2)

A blanket of darkness shrouded a distant town as heavy rain poured loudly like a million beads dancing and hopping on a marble floor.

Moving with hastened footsteps, three mysterious shadows rushed across the streets of this distant town. The street was murky and quiet, yet there were many people silently carrying buckets and cups outside their housing spaces. The buckets and cups were placed on the floor and they were slowly getting filled with clear rainwater.

The three shadows quickly rushed past the opening doors and hushed whispers. As the shadows approached the abandoned part of this distant town, glowing billboards advertising restaurants and brothels slowly faded into the misty air.

Approaching a dilapidated four-story apartment, the three mysterious figures stopped and stared blankly at the building. Observing the building carefully, rainwater slipped down their dark coats with no trace of dampness.

”Give me the history of this building. ” said a hoarse voice.

”Ahem… According to the file sent from the headquarters, this building was abandoned 5 years ago because of a potential health hazard. The town had too many other issues to deal with and didn have enough money to demolish many of its abandoned buildings. ” replied a hushed and dazed voice.

”And? ”

”Uhhh… apparently there were reports of activity coming from within the apartment building. One of the reports also mentioned that they would hear loud chanting during the night. I think its just some drunk hooligans moaning or some random cultist shit. Anyways, its a shame to be here in this crappy place and in this type of weather. ”

”Can I just catch up with my beauty sleep? ” replied a yawning voice.

”Youll soon be sleeping forever if you keep this attitude. We
e here because headquarters detected a high influx of unknown energy coming from this town and more specifically this building. In spite of this, it was only there for a few seconds before mysteriously disappearing without a trace. ”

”So stayed focused. ” said the man with a hoarse voice.

After reviewing the file sent by the headquarters with a phone-like gadget, the three figures in heavy dark coats began their preparation. The silent burly man carrying a rusted metallic case the size of a cabinet quickly unloaded and drop the case down with a heavy splash as it fell on a puddle. He proceeds to press the power button which reveals a flickering interface asking for facial recognition in order to access the contents of the case.

Under the still pouring rain, the burly man removed his black felt hat showing a smooth and shiny bald head. He then unbuttons his collar, revealing a slightly wrinkled face with a bushy mustache.

While raindrops trailed down the screen, the interface quickly scanned the mans face. The case slowly opened after a beeping noise indicated the approval of access. Seeing the approval, the burly man quickly put on his felt hat and buttoned back his collar. Within the case was a slim robot the size of an average human, it had a single eye the size of a fist and a plated armor covering its core on the center of its chest. The robots eye flickered, and it slowly walked out of the case with stiff movements stopping before the burly man.

While the burly man was setting up the robot, the other two figures in heavy black coats loaded their headquarter-issued pistols. After the robots maintenance check was finished, the AI for the robot was activated.

The robot soon scanned the building with its sensor and entered the dilapidated building. The burly man and the two other people silently followed behind the robot.

The first floor of the apartment building had nothing unique except for the obvious signs of intrusion. There were a few bottles of water scattered on the dusty floor, some held a yellow fluid that gave a pungent smell. After scanning the yellow fluid, the robot determined that it was a recently produced pee.

Moving further into the first floor, many rags and empty bags of trash started appearing more frequently. As the group of four approached the stairs, they saw an unconscious old man with a heavily bruised face lying on the stairs. The robot quickly scanned the mans face and identified him as a citizen of this town. Luckily for the old man, he only suffered facial injuries: a bruised face (most likely from a punch) and a slightly swollen eye.

”Wake him up. ” said a man in a hoarse voice.

The burly man squatted before the old man and gave him gentle slaps to the face while repeating ”Wake up, wake up, wake up… ”

However, nothing happened, the man was still unconscious.

”Maybe he is in a coma, ” said a tired voice.

”Negative ” replied a robotic voice.

”Hmmm, then lets just give him a little taze… ” said the person with the tired voice as she smiled mischievously.

The robot slowly walked toward the unconscious old man with its left arm emitting many small electric currents. Hearing the snapping and buzzing sound coming closer, the old man immediately opened his eyes.

”Seems like our little friend here decided to wake up, it really is a shame that you didn experience being electrocuted, ” said the girl with a displeased and tired voice.

e a devily bitch! ” replied the old man in a grumbling tone.

”Now that you are awake, mind telling us what happened? ” said the burly man.

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