[Sylphia, thank you for everything.
We recognize you as a true Saint and have decided to give you power.] 


Sylphia, who was prepared to get down on her knees, receives an unexpected word of thanks.

Valtis raises his fist in the air and makes an impassioned speech to Sylphia, who looks up at him with a gaping mouth. 

[An honest prayer without formalities! An attitude that tries to connect spirits and people! And above all, the offerings are delicious!]

[I concur, it is important.]

“The offerings…”

[You ate it while praying for us to receive it, didn’t you? We have always been grateful to Sylphia for praying for us so that we would know what good we have done with our blessings.]

[In the last hundred years, offerings have not been made.]


Sylphia exclaimed at the unexpected words of the Spirit.

“But the temple has been under the supervision of the Honeydale family for 100 years.”


Valtis nodded, tilted his head and Titia shrugged her shoulders. 

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[Honeydale Who?]

“Yes, the Saint of our time is Marianne Honeydale-sama.”

[What? Who is?]

Before Sylphia was given the role of decorator, Marianne was supposed to pray.
And before Marianne, members of the House of Honeydale have cleaned the temple and served as saints for generations.

Yet neither Valtis nor Titia knew them. 

Sylphia shuddered at the feeling of cold sweat running down her back.

Valtis dangled his feet in the air, unconcerned.

[The saint is Sylphia.
I don’t know anyone named Marianne.
We give power to Sylphia]

“That’s not the case…”

The saint is supposed to be Marianne.
That’s why she’s engaged to the Crown Prince. 

“And I don’t even know the text of the prayer.”

[People speak different languages and lie.
It doesn’t matter what language you speak.
Don’t worry about that.]

Titia nodded. 

[Only what you wish for is important.
Just as you prayed before].

“Just like I’ve always prayed…” 

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[If our bond with Sylphia becomes stronger, we may be able to appear in the human world, so please take good care of us!]

“W-Wait a minute, please…”

Once again, she felt a tugging sensation.
Before she can stop it, Valtis and Titia are moving away into the darkness. 

A light comes from behind.

When she awoke, Sylphia was lying in the center of the temple. 

She should have been leaning against the wall unconscious, but before she knew it, she had moved.

“…A dream… Isn’t it…?”

Her heart skips a beat.
She feels the spirit even more than before the dream.
She can’t describe it, but she feels like something invisible is surrounding her and giving her strength.

(Is it a delusion? Or…) 

She couldn’t believe it herself.

Sylphia closes her eyes tightly and then fearfully holds out her hand to the rose that Curtis left behind. 

“—Blessing of the spirits.” 

At that moment, a gust of wind blew through the temple. 

When it stopped, Sylphia looked up. 

The roses spread their tendrils vigorously and covered the temple, and countless flowers bloomed as if to bless Sylphia.

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