Marianne slowly inhaled as she stared at the heavy door.
A thick oak door stood in front of her like a huge wall.


Her livid blue eyes, which seemed to contain the universe, shone with a glint of anxiety.
Marianne, who clutched the hem of her dress tightly, which wasn’t like her, stared at the door without knowing her satin cloth was wrinkled.


No, to be more specific, to the man beyond the door.




Her husband’s name came out of her lips.
It occurred to her that one day she might regret this moment.
In the future ahead, she might burst into tears thinking about this day.


She bit her lips and pressed her hands against the door, holding back the weakness she felt inside.


Knock, knock.


There was no response.
It wasn’t until she knocked once more that a dry voice was heard from beyond the door that said, “Come in.”


The voice was so heavy that it made her heart tremble every single time.


Taking her deep last breath, Marianne turned the handle.
A well-organized office slowly appeared to her sight through the opened door without any noise.


A mahogany desk was placed in front of a large window where the sunlight fell like a curtain, a sofa as well as a table for guests were located across it.
On one side of the wall, there was a high bookcase that seemed to reach the ceiling.


The gentle spring breeze came in through the half-opened window.
The livid blue colored curtains, which were the same color as her eyes, swayed gently each time.
The office, which was full of books and documents, was always filled with the smell of dry paper.


It was a familiar landscape that she could even draw eyes-closed.
It was also the place she was quite fond of.
Lastly, Marianne glanced at the man standing in front of the window.


It was Schneider.
Her husband, Kristoff K.
Schneider, was a dark-haired man with black eyes piercing through his opponent.


His invigorating stretch of eyebrows and nose bridge were manly, but the white skin, which was in contrast to his black hair, looked pale at the first glance.


However, Marianne knew there was a firm and muscular body hidden under his business suit.
His body was so firm that she couldn’t even poke her fingers into it.


Bearing the clear weight on her own, she used to feel the heaviness more after the feeling of security.
It might be because she realized that the great man was entirely her responsibility.


Kristoff, who was wearing a jacket over his black vest, turned around to glance at the door.
Having confirmed that it was Marianne who stood at the door, he brought the documents on the desk into his bag.


His heartless gaze and tightly closed lips felt as cold as usual.
His black hair was brushed stunningly, even the business suit he was wearing had no wrinkles.


Marianne could barely speak up as she stared at him, who seemed to not bleed even if she stabbed him with a needle.




“If it’s not important, we can discuss it later.
I’m going to go out.
I have an appointment with Sir Judge Pottenstein.”


His low voice that pierced her inside was still her preference.
Even his clean way of speaking as if he was cutting with a knife, also his voice was neither fast nor slow.


However, she knew how cruel that voice could be at times.
Nonetheless, that voice was the first reason she loved him.


The second reason was probably because he has a handsome face.


There might be one or two dozen people who don’t agree with that word.
As he wasn’t a typical handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes.


No, it was the opposite, people who met Kristoff for the first time felt somewhat uncomfortable because of his cold expression.


However for Marianne, even Kristoff’s sarcasm was one of the reasons she loved him.
From the moment she met him for the first time, her eyes must’ve been covered with a thick pod.


“It’s an important matter…… at least to me.”


She added in a questionable tone.
At that moment, she wasn’t sure whether it was important to Kristoff or not.


Kristoff, who checked his watch and casted a glance at her while frowning slightly.


“Can’t we do it after I return? The judge is a strict man in making appointments.”


His firm tone unknowingly made her flinch.
She was usually going to see him off with a smile during this time, but she had no chance to do it today.
If not this time, she probably would lose the chance to resolve it.


When Marianne didn’t say anything with a stiff expression, Kristoff sighed briefly and spoke quickly.


“I’ll give you three minutes.
Make it short and simple.”


She suddenly burst out laughing.
It was really the typical Kristoff.
Marianne’s unexpected laugh made his eyebrows twitch.


Kristoff stared at her laughing figure with his pitch-black eyes.
His eyes sparkled with the sense of persistence as if he could see through Marianne’s mind.


Just as Kristoff was about to speak again, Marianne stole the show.
She answered while walking toward his desk.


“One minute is enough.”


She put down the documents in her hand to the desk.
Kristoff casted his eyes at her instead of the documents after glancing at his watch again.
An indifferent question came out of his mouth.


“What’s this?”


“Divorce documents.”




Kristoff was silent for a moment.
His expression quickly vanished from his face as if he had been splashed with cold water.
Originally, he wasn’t someone who had a lot of expression, but the difference was so subtle, although he looked rigid.


Kristoff, who looked at her without saying anything, suddenly sighed.
He massaged his eyebrows with an annoyed look on his face.


An unpleasant tone of voice came out of Kristoff’s mouth.


“What are you doing, Marianne?”

“Divorce, I mean us.”


Mariann exhaled quickly as she finally managed t

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