As Ning Su approached, the little puppets hanging around the driver swayed faster, and the dim lights in the bus flickered, as if they were about to go out.



    They saw Ning Su walking slowly to the driver, and the driver turned to look at Ning Su.


    Even though the driver turned her head slightly, the others couldn’t see her face clearly because of the thick curly hair blocking her, and they all looked at Ning Su with bated breath.


    Ning Su had no expression on his face.


    Everyone couldn’t figure out what was going on for a while.
Did the driver have an ordinary face, or was this just because of the boy’s facial paralysis?


    The muscular man asked, “What does the driver look like?”


    Ning Su stared at the driver’s face, thought seriously, and compared to the things he had seen before, said, “It’s not bad.”


    Hearing what Ning Su said, everyone on the bus breathed a sigh of relief.


    Seeing his calm expression, the muscular man raised his foot and was about to walk towards the driver, but was blocked by the actor’s hand.


    The actor said to Ning Su: “You touch the driver’s face.”


    Under the eyes of the people on the bus, Ning Su slowly put his right hand on the driver’s face.


    The bus continued to drive in the dark night.


    In front of the bus, under the dim light, the female driver slightly raised her head to look at the boy.
Her long curly hair hanging down her waist, and her back looked beautiful.


    The young man was thin but tall, with long fingers.
One hand could cover most of the driver’s face, and the driver’s soft curly hair caught the right side of his hand.
With a clean and good-looking profile, he looked at her quietly with his head down.


    Against the backdrop of the surging darkness surrounding the bus windows, the scene looked like a painting, with a touch of beauty.


    The people on the bus stared at Ning Su closely.
The eyes that had always been faint seemed to light up a bit.


    The female driver moved her white-gloved hand to the boy’s pocket.
Her movements were careful, as if she didn’t mean to hurt anyone at all.


    The people on the bus were finally relieved, although they still felt that something was wrong.


    The muscular man was about to go forward once more, but was stopped by the actor again.
He continued to say to Ning Su, “Let the driver stop the bus and ask her to open the door.”


    The female driver looked at Ning Su without moving, and the bus stopped slowly without Ning Su saying anything.
The rear door also opened.


    The people on the bus didn’t expect it to be so easy.
So, those who were in a hurry to get out of the bus just now were a little confused.


    “Do you want to get out of the bus?”


    “It’s too dark outside, at least here.
There’s still a little light.”


    The muscular man mocked and called the person who said it “coward”.
Then he took down the safety hammer next to the window to get out of the bus.


    Walking to the actor’s side, thinking that the other helped in getting this result, he asked casually, “Big star, do you want to get out of the bus?”


    He clearly expressed his intention to take the other with him.
The actor thought for two seconds, gritted his teeth and said, “Let’s go!”


    But he felt that two people were not enough, and the more people there were, the safer he was.
He first looked at the man in the suit and then looked at the people behind him.


    The people who were eager to get out of the bus became hesitant after seeing Ning Su touched the driver’s face casually.


    The actor said: “Don’t forget, we can’t see the driver in the mirror at all, the whole bus looks weird, you still don’t want to get out of the bus?” He added, “What we saw just now is a typical L bus.
Dian L represents Qiucheng.
I was in Jinshi before I got on the bus.
Maybe it’s the same for you? Qiucheng is next to Jinshi.
It is likely that we have not gone far.
The sooner we get off the bus, the easier it is to go back.
If we stay here, we do not know where this bus would take us.”


    A man with a beer belly walked up to him and said obsequiously: “The big star Fang Enke is right, it would be best for us to be led by these two people.”


    “One of them has a high force value and can protect us, and the other is a big star who is popular all over the country.
Anyone can recognize him and attract widespread attention.
Isn’t it easy to be saved then?” another person said.


    After the two people said this, most of the people on the bus were convinced and went with them.


    The actor’s eyes fell on the man in the suit, and the man in the suit sat back in his seat and expressed his attitude of not going.


    The actor smiled.
His thoughts were unknown, but the smile on his face was flooded with greed that he, himself, probably didn’t even realize it.
“Then I will contact Young Master Ji’s family immediately after getting out of the bus.
The young master should just wait to be rescued.
Maybe we could get in touch sometime.”


    Then he looked toward the little Taoist priest and Zhu Shuangshuang.



    It was naturally impossible for Zhu Shuangshuang to get out of the bus.
Not only did she not get out of the bus, but she also advised them not to.
“Don’t get out.
Those buses are really full of dead people, and they can still climb on the roof!”


    “It’s a pity that you’re not an actress with that talent.” The actor mocked.




    Zhu Shuangshuang was taken aback for a moment.


    She liked Fang Enke before.
She was a half fan, but now she didn’t seem to recognize this face full of contempt.


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