The air stagnated on the bus.


In this situation, no one wanted to hear such words.     


“What nonsense are you talking about?” The muscular man took a step forward and grabbed the girl by the collar.
He was so strong that he almost pulled the girl up.
“Did you turn crazy out of fear? It’s an ordinary bus!”


When he yelled loudly, the veins on his forehead bulged like the muscles on his arms, and his expression was as ferocious as the crow-green poisonous snake tattoo on his arms.


“No, no.” Under the double fear, the ponytail girl’s eyes were full of tears, but she still gritted her teeth and insisted, “It’s really a dead person.
Half of his head was missing, and the brains and blood fell on his shoulders.
Smiling and sticking to the window to look at me, I, I really didn’t lie.”


The details she blurted out stopped the muscular man’s movements and also caused the restless discussion and noise in the bus to start again.


At this moment, a cold hand fell silently on Ning Su’s shoulder.


Ning Su paused, staring at the pale hand with long nails for a few seconds, then turned his head to look back.


He only glanced at the people in front of him a few times, but he didn’t pay attention to the people behind him.
He turned his head to meet a smiling face.


The person sitting behind him was a boy in his early twenties.
His hair was in a simple bun and he wore a simple white shirt.
But he looked more like an immortal than the actor in an elegant ancient costume who had long hair reaching his waist.


The person behind him saw his face and was stunned for a moment, the words stuck on his lips, and when Ning Su blinked in confusion, the other said: “I don’t think that girl is lying, this place is not normal, I feel a strong yin.”


Ning Su didn’t make a sound, and looked at him quietly with eyes that had a quiet and cold background.


The man scratched his nose.
“Really, I am a little orthodox Taoist priest.
I really feel a strong sense of yin, especially in front of me.
I think there is something wrong with the driver at the front.”


Ning Su was silent.    


He quietly pulled the clothes around his waist to cover himself more tightly.




The little Taoist looked at him suspiciously.
Why did this “oh” feel a little guilty?


Without waiting for him to think about it, there was another “bang” in front, which attracted the attention of the whole bus.


The muscular man grabbed the ponytail girl’s hair with an ugly expression and pressed her hard against the bus window.


He leaned close to the girl’s face.
“He is sticking to the window and smiling at you? Hahaha, is he sticking to the window and smiling at you like this, little sister?”


This deformed Zhu Shuangshuang’s face, and when the muscular man stuck close to her, she closed her eyes tightly.
Smelling the stench of years of smoking and drinking in his mouth, her eyelashes trembled uncontrollably.


Even so, she didn’t cry out.


No one on the bus spoke for her.


When the people here just opened their eyes, they were very anxious for some reason.
Their expressions were in a trance, and they were in such an incomprehensible environment, restless and irritable.
No one would show kindness.


When the situation was unclear, no one would offend this tough, muscular man because of her.


Zhu Shuangshuang bit her lip, turned her head against the glass with difficulty, and put her last hope on the boy behind her.


When she turned to look at the bus outside the window, she noticed that the boy behind her also glanced out.


It was just a light glance.
She wasn’t sure if the boy saw it, and she wasn’t sure if he would speak for her.


After all, he also looked very weak.


Ning Su received the expectant look from the girl with the ponytail.


The ribbon on the girl’s ponytail embroidered with a certain luxury logo was scratched, the delicate skin on her face was rubbed red on the glass window, and the pearl studs on her ears swayed slightly with her movements, flashing in the dim bus lights with a faint glow.


She looked to be around twenty years old.
She should be a college student, the kind that was spoiled by her parents.


Ning Su said, “She didn’t lie.”


As soon as he spoke, everyone on the bus shifted their eyes to him, and they all froze for a moment.


Why didn’t they notice this guy when he grew up like this?


The people in the bus were more or less uneasy, even the indifferent man in the suit who looked like a president could make people feel he was always on guard, only the boy who spoke was different.


He looked like he was at his own home, as if he had just woken up.


He was wearing a loose white t-shirt.
Because of his thinness, the large neckline of the white t-shirt exposed a large collarbone, which was unbelievably white.


From his hands to his neck to his face, everything he showed was extremely white, and one couldn’t help but think that he didn’t know how much milk he drank since he was a child.


The lip color was very light, the eyelashes were long and straight, and the hair was soft.
He looked like a soft boy.


But when he opened his eyelids, the dark pupils were exposed, busrying an indescribable chill, making his complexion change from milky white to a colder snow color.


“There is indeed a dead body on that bus.
No, rather, it was more of a hearse.”


When he spoke, his expression was a little stiff, and on his obedient face, this stiffness turned into a rigid look, giving people a clumsy and serious feeling.


“It’s just different from ordinary hearses.
There are at least 120 dead bodies in it, and the dead bodies can still move.”

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