Huaiyang Village was not big, and there was only one funeral home.


They contract all the funeral services in the village, including embalming, cremation, and burial.


The butcher entered as if he were in an uninhabited land.
He opened the door lock with a wire and passed the sleeping staff to reach the innermost room.
He opened the door normally.


Ning Su and Chen Qing followed him quietly, a few steps behind.
They didn’t dare to enter the room, just observing from outside the door.


Display racks encircled the room, adorned with numerous urns, among which two eye-catching red ones stood out.


The butcher opened the two red urns, poured the ashes into two backup burlap bags, and put the ashes of the two animals into the red urns.


Neither of them understood why the butcher was using animal ashes to replace human ashes.


After the butcher finished, he left.


The two followed him to the river behind the funeral home.


This was a very wide river, and the surface was shimmering in the moonlight, winding to the farthest point of vision and disappearing into the thick darkness.


The butcher sat on the spring grass by the river, untied the burlap bag around his waist, and scattered the ashes from the red urns onto the wide surface of the river.
The clear river water carried the ashes, slowly flowing eastward.


The butcher had his back turned to them and was scattering the ashes into the river at a steady pace.


Chen Qing breathed a sigh of relief.
Her heart, which had been made numb by the butcher’s behavior, relaxed a little.


Just then, the butcher suddenly turned around.


In the pale moonlight, his eyes glowed with eerie green light, and he smiled with a split mouth, showing his white, sharp teeth, precisely looking at them.


“Ah – !”


Zhu Shuangshuang and Su Wansheng hoped they would arrive at their destination as early as possible.


They had been to the groom’s house when they attended the wedding before, and they were familiar with the way.
It was a smooth journey with no incidents.


The wedding had just concluded for the day, leaving behind remnants of red firecrackers scattered on the road.
Additionally, there were parked cars belonging to guests who had traveled from outside the village to attend the event.


Zhu Shuangshuang looked at the few cars with a puzzled expression.


There were two large red lanterns hanging on the gate of the groom’s Chinese-style villa.
The lanterns, which were bright red, flashed with orange-red light, illuminating the surrounding misty night.


As soon as they arrived here, they saw eight men carrying a black coffin walking towards the villa.


The two of them were shocked.


Su Wansheng hurriedly went forward and asked the elder villager who had just walked out of the gate, “What’s going on?”


“It’s a disaster,” the elder villager sighed.
“The bride had a sudden heart attack and died on her wedding night.”


“How could that be?” Zhu Shuangshuang said in a daze.


The scene of the bride telling her how much the groom loved her was still vivid in her mind.
It happened just at noon today.


The girl who had been ignored and bullied, who had knocked her head thousands of times, finally encountered happiness.
And then she died?


“I don’t believe it, I want to take a look!” Zhu Shuangshuang said, “How could she suddenly die?”


“It’s being prepared for burial, don’t disturb the dead,” the elder villager stopped Zhu Shuangshuang with his hand.


At this time, the eight people also carried the coffin into the villa.


Su Wansheng stared at the black coffin, scenes of the bride holding a blood-red envelope, Ning Su staring at the black floor, and Zhu Shuangshuang telling the story of the bride and groom were flashing through his mind.


Something was about to emerge from his chaotic mind.


On the roof of the opposite villa, the assistant said to the person in the black robe, “The bride is dead, and this crucial clue is lost.”


According to their analysis, the bride was the key person.


They believed that Yin Daijun was the ghost master, and the bride reflected Yin Daijun’s reality.
By following the bride and her experiences, they could break the case.


The bride’s death might be related to Yin Daijun’s death, but she died suddenly and unexpectedly, and they might not have time to find out the cause of her death.


Obviously, no one would be foolish enough to believe that the cause of death was really a sudden heart attack.


The person in the black robe said, “Then let’s create another bride, won’t that do?”


The assistant followed his gaze and saw Zhu Shuangshuang arguing with a village elder.


The girl had fair skin, bright eyes, and white teeth.
She looked beautiful under the lantern light.


The person in the black robe said, “The bride said that the groom’s ex-girlfriend broke up with him because their astrological signs were incompatible.
This village is likely doing some feudal thing with foreign brides.
What better way to find out their specific situation than to have players take part in it themselves?”


The assistant understood his meaning, “Yin Daijun and the bride were both very beautiful, and their appearance might be one reason for their selection.
Chen Qing is difficult to deal with, but this new female player is perfect.”


“So all we have to do is find out what kind of woman the villagers want based on their birthdates, then turn Zhu Shuangshuang into a prey and push her out?”


The assistant frowned, “But we only have a little over three days.
Is that enough time?”


The person in the black robe said, “It’s enough.
Maybe we just need to destroy the bride’s body.”


“The birthdate they want might be different, but the bride’s birthdate is certain.”


“The bride was still alive in the afternoon, but something happened as soon as it got dark.
I guess they haven’t started using the bride for what they want yet.
If we destroy or steal the bride’s body at this time, they will have to urgently find a replacement, won’t they?”


The assistant suddenly realized and laughed, “You’re really amazing.”


Black robe: “Get ready immediately, destroy or steal the bride’s body.”


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