me for this matter.”     


    Chen Tian pressed his tired forehead and said “Mmm”.     



    Chen Qing frowned and said, “Now the direction is even more uncertain.”


   Chen Tian said: “Now the clues are getting more and more confusing.
Let’s go back to the original question and start by investigating why this village has money. Yes, as well as the background of the groom’s family.”


    Chen Qing: “Okay!”






    Ning Su, Zhu Shuangshuang and Su Xiangsheng sat in the middle car, and as soon as they got in the car, Su Xiangsheng told Zhu Shuangshuang what happened last night.
Zhu Shuangshuang was also in a trance after hearing it.


    Her eyes slowly moved to Ning Su’s pocket.
She didn’t know if it was her illusion.
She seemed to see the eyeball in the pocket move.




    She rubbed her eyes and indeed saw it moving.


    Ning Su slapped his pocket with a “pop”.


    Zhu Shuangshuang: “…”


    Her eyes suddenly hurt.
“Take it easy.
Don’t destroy it.
Is that really that kid’s eyeball?”


    Ning Su said: “I’ll find out once we passed by the slaughterhouse.
I guess the kid in the bathroom last night is the kid I saw in the slaughterhouse yesterday.”




    They were the same.
They were all children of walking age, but they crawled on the ground, just like an animal.


    The convoy drove to the groom’s house and passed the slaughterhouse again.
This time, it wasn’t just the three and the others who were paying attention, but all the players were closely watching the slaughterhouse.


    Other players want to see if the black dog was there, and what the slaughterhouse was like.




    And when the car was about to pass by the slaughterhouse, Ning Su’s eyes fell precisely on the dark room in the corner.


    The child crawled over again, and there was only a small cluster of light left on his face, which was still a very faint.


    The corners of Ning Su’s mouth turned up slightly, and he patted the eye in his pocket.


    The car stopped outside the groom’s house.


    The bride and groom were standing at the door when they got out of the car.


    The couple changed into a Chinese-style wedding dress, and the phoenix crown made of pure gold on the bride’s head shone in the sun.


    When the two looked at each other inadvertently, the smiles on their faces were sweet and happy, as bright as the morning sun.


    The groom saw the bride’s skirt getting a little dust, and knelt on the ground to pat her clean, then looked at the bride’s feet, raised his head and asked her, “Are you tired? Shall I get flat shoes for you?”




    The bride pursed her lips and smiled.
“No, I will wear beautiful high-heeled shoes at the wedding.”


    The groom smiled dotingly.


    He looked at the bride with gentle eyes, and said to the bride frankly: “Our place is a bit feudal, and the wedding ceremony is cumbersome and elaborate.
Thank you for your hard work today.”


    “What are you talking about? This is our wedding.” The bride grabbed the groom’s arm and smiled coquettishly, “Haven’t you heard of the saying ‘the more you pay attention, the more you care’? How can I not work so hard?”



    The groom and the bride looked at each other laughing, the bride’s face tinted with a thin layer of red.



    The bridesmaid smiled and said: “Really, you two are throwing dog food again.
I can’t take it anymore.
Come in quickly, so we can start.” (*1)



    They decorated the wedding hall magnificently.
Everywhere was full of festive colors, deep red peonies were in full bloom.
The candlesticks had golden engravings that symbolized wealth and auspiciousness.
There were many people standing in the big wedding hall.


    Soon they found out what the groom said about the cumbersome feudal ways and why he told the bride that she worked hard today.




Translation Corner


*1 – Dog food.
This neologism refers to the self-pity of single people (humorously dubbed “single dogs“) triggered by the public displays of affection by couples online or offline.


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