There were about 6 real deals in total.
Usually, three of them came often for a light drink and it was also common for everyone to gather.

Jang Yoonsung was the seventh real deal.
The ones who dropped by the most were the one with glasses, Seo Kijoon, and the girl who suited the red lipstick, Cha Yeonju.
Although not to that extent, Jang Yoonsung’s visits were relatively frequent.
He visited the store with an indifferent expression as if he was sick of it but he still came.

I didn’t want to be conscious of their presence but I couldn’t help but be awkward.
Jang Yoonsung affirmed that I didn’t look anything like his ex-girlfriend but whenever he could, he would grab the chance to stare at me.
I couldn’t figure out if he was burning holes in me, whether I looked like his ex-girlfriend or whether I was Han Jiyoung 7 years ago.
But if that would continue, it would only be a moment that I would be discovered as the scammer who pretended to be Han Jiyoung.

There was nothing else I could do when the hall was busy and I tried my best to avoid interacting with the real deals, no Jang Yoonsung, so as a result, I took on the chores of Jungho or Jongmin.

But that was only a makeshift method and I couldn’t do that forever.
But it wasn’t that easy for him to discover my identity.
However, if the real deals didn’t stop being a regular to the store, I would have to change my jobs.

Late at night, when the real deals were still at the store, I deliberated and then carried a large garbage bag and went outside.
On the other side of the street, I left the trash and once I turned away, I saw a familiar man coming out.

It was Jang Yoonsung.
Was he heading home early? I hesitated for a second.
Jang Yoonsung reclined on the wall of the cafe on the first floor and then took out a cigarette.

I guess it had been a long time.
Jang Yoonsung had finished smoking.
The Jang Yoonsung, as I remember, was someone who stayed far away from things like cigarettes.

The man who smashed the cigarette, as if he noticed me standing absentmindedly, and flicked his eyes at me.
The hazy smoke brushed the man’s face and dispersed.

“Lee Hakyung.”

My heart sank at the familiar voice calling my name.

“Is that your name?”

Did he find out? My body stiffened as it was frozen.
But the man with an inscrutable face continued talking.
There was no expression of anger or hatred.
He looked calm as if he was talking about everyday things.

“Kijoon calls you like that.”

Lee Hakyung, he was asking if those three characters were my name.


Suddenly I was upset remembering that Jang Yoonsung was a year younger than me.
But we did have a relationship that would argue over our ages.
But it was as if he was treating me like the 20-year-old Han Jiyoung.

Jang Yoonsung bit down a cigarette.
With his unreliable acting, “Do they do alike…” he murmured under his breath and the words hung in the air.

Did Jang Yoonsung also wonder about her face as the little match girl did about the faces of the phantoms on her flames? Seeing me, did he remember his ex-girlfriend’s face or did he remember Han Jiyoung’s face? I didn’t want to be on edge but couldn’t help but be curious while I started walking again.

“If you are not busy, stay here with me for a while.”

If it were another guest who asked the same, I would have spared a few words.
But he was not someone worthy.

“Sorry but I’m busy.”

When I first saw him, did he mention he was working at his father’s company? Anyway, even if he wanted something to entertain himself after work, this place was not it.
Late at night on weekdays, the halls might have been empty but if I could have worked if I wanted so it wasn’t totally a lie.

However, Jang Yoonsung looked at me with a crooked gaze as if he wasn’t convinced.

“The other people looked free.”

“So I’m busier.”

“You are not avoiding me?”

The hint of a blood relationship did not disappear.
7 years ago, Jang Yoonsung didn’t resemble his father or his brother.
They tried to see through people’s thoughts but unlike them Jang Yoonsung believed what he saw.
At first glance, he seemed like a childish young master.
As if he was not deceived by someone ever.

“Why would I avoid a guest?”

Jang Yoonsung had a resemblance to his father and brother.
It was like a scar that had become a wound.
In my experience, those kinds of things tend to hurt for a long time.

“I don’t know.”

Jang Yoonsung tapped the ashes from the end of the cigarette and said, “The one who is avoiding me should know.” He acted like he didn’t know but he sounded like he knew what kind of answer I would give.

But it was weird.
I would be too composed to say that he recognized me, but too conscious to say he didn’t.

“I think you are mistaken.”

A faint smile hung on Yoonsung’s mouth.
I was surprised.
He took a few puffs of the cigarettes and then tossed it on the ground without regret and as if he was waiting, he came running towards me.

Even though I said I wouldn’t avoid it, unconsciously I stepped back.
It was dark around me and the only light was from the streetlights and store signs if I got a little closer, he would be able to see me clearly.

“You said you aren’t avoiding me.”

When I stopped at his word, Jang Yoonsung walked a step closer and narrowed the distance.

Jang Yoosung had an impassive expression.
Was it because I had become dull or did he change? At a breathtaking distance, he looked at me for a long time and opened his mouth.


I was nervous that “Han Jiyoung” would come out of those lips.
His voice continued as if he came with an excuse.

“Do you want to do it with me once?”

The voice and face belonged to a person I knew but his words didn’t.
It felt like I felt the weight of a long while at once.

It was like in 7 years, I wondered if he had gone crazy, mad, or hit his head somewhere.
Or was it that he had become rotten?

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