Chapter 7: The Ponytail Girl is Too Strong (3)

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I didn't expect that the plan to get the cooperation of the Ponytail Girl would go so smoothly.


I thought I would have to try about ten times, changing my approach, to barely succeed. 


But she agreed just like that…


Joy filled my heart.


From now on, will I really become strong?


If this were a novel, 'The Conqueror of the Great Tower,' this would have been my first step towards conquest.






What is it?”


“Ah, I’m Kim Jun-ho.”


Because I was lost in thought, I couldn't immediately answer the Ponytail Girl's question.


But now that I think about it, why am I using informal speech? How shameless of me.


In a disappointing situation like this, shouldn't a nice guy lower his head?


“Please tell me your name as well.”


But as she didn’t point it out, I ignored it too and asked her name instead.
I can't just call her Ponytail Girl all the time.


“…Choi Ji-won.”


The Ponytail Girl, or rather, Choi Ji-won, answered in a flat tone.


Choi Ji-won… It's a gender-neutral name. 


It could be seen as a boy's name like Yeonam Park Ji-won, or a girl's name like actress Kim Ji-won.


I felt that it was a name that suited her well due to her tomboyish charm. 


Choi Ji-won…
I should remember it.


“Follow me.”


The place where Choi Ji-won led me was the corner of the vacant lot where she had been swinging her sword all along.


“Hold the sword…
As comfortable as possible.”




As I did earlier, I held the sword with an unsteady grip.


“Swing it.”




It made a sound that was not threatening at all.


“Relax your shoulders.
Widen your stance.




“The grip on the sword is strange.
Don't let your wrist shake.










Every time I swung the sword, Choi Ji-won pointed out what needs to be corrected and said ‘again.’

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This wasn't what I had in mind for sword training…
but it's okay though.




This time, a fairly threatening sound came out.
The posture was quite impressive too.


Considering that it hadn't been even 30 minutes since I clumsily swung the sword, it could only be described as rapid progress.


While swinging the sword before regression, I already had a sense of how to wield it.
So, it was quite natural.


Hiding my skills was also part of the act.


Choi Ji-won was probably not teaching me with a serious mindset.
She was probably just considering it as a little favor…?


But what if, after teaching me, she realizes I have talent?


What if I have an impressive speed for absorbing sword techniques?


Then, she might start wanting to properly train me. 


In other words, it's like cosplaying as a talented person.




Behold! Marvel at my talent!


Devote yourself sincerely to teaching me! I'll absorb it like a sponge.


However, Choi Ji-won's face was not filled with wonder but rather… it was twisted strangely.


“…What’s wrong?”


I asked cautiously, but Choi Ji-won didn't answer.


She began tapping her right foot, showing signs of contemplation.


What is it? Did I make a mistake?




Finally, Choi Ji-won opened her mouth.


“Was that just an act earlier?”


“… yes?”




She drew her sword and pointed it at my neck.


“The growth rate you showed just now is only possible if you're a genius.
But the current display is too amateurish to be considered a genius… It doesn't make sense.”






This woman was more resourceful than I thought.
Just by observing my sword swings, she instantly realized that I was acting.


“What's your purpose? Approaching me? But it doesn't make sense that you knew about me.
It seems like you have some means.
Is it a special trait?”


Choi Ji-won's sharp eyes flashed.


Due to her overwhelming gaze, I involuntarily swallowed my saliva.




“You are nervous.
I can hear your heartbeats getting louder.”


“No, it's not what you think…”




A powerful impact struck the back of my head.


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For a moment, everything went blank, and soon, I tasted dirt in my mouth.


What happened? Did I fall? More importantly, my consciousness…


“I will listen to the detailed explanation once you wake up.”


Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.




“F*ck! Where the hell am I?”




Surprisingly, it was true that getting hit hard on the back of the head causes fainting.


I didn't know I would personally experience it though.


It feels nauseating…


And it was a sensation I didn't want to go through again.


That aside…
Choi Ji-won instantly noticed that I was hiding my strength.


Indeed, if the difference in skill level is too significant, acting won't work.


After all, it's unlikely that a third-rate swordsman hiding a sword behind his back would deceive an exceptional swordsman.


I think I was too arrogant. 


Regardless of my trait, that woman is overwhelmingly stronger.
I shouldn't think I can deceive her at my level.


Of course, I didn't know she would be such a sharp-witted woman…
But now that I know, it's fine.


Let's try again.
Let's challenge again.


“Everyone! I don't know whose trick this is, but in times of crisis like this, we must come together!”


I delivered a passionate speech and progressed the same way until the nice guy despaired at the cold reality.


The only difference was that I swung the sword without hiding my skills this time.






What are you going to do?”


However, whether I hid my strength or not, I must have seemed like a similar bug to Choi Ji-won, who blocked my path once again.


I received the offer to learn swordsmanship in the same way, and we also exchanged our names just like before.


Swing it.”


I was finally able to arrive at the same situation as in the previous round.


Okay, if hiding my strength gets me exposed, then I'll show everything I've got.






I focused and showed off a blow that was a compilation of all of my experiences so far.


Ah, it’s not like I was showing off, but the trajectory of the sword was pretty neat. 


As expected, I have been improving with each regression.


“…Have you ever held a sword before?”


It seemed that Choi Ji-won felt the same.
She threw a cynical question at me.


In high school, I was in the kendo club.
Is my posture decent?”

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I presented the excuse I had prepared in advance, but…




Once again, Choi Ji-won's expression was twisted.


“The center of gravity and the sense are completely different between the bamboo sword used in kendo and the real sword you're holding.
But your current posture is optimized for a real sword.
You're hiding something.”




Is there such a thing…?




Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.




“Because I have a relative who is skilled in handling swords…
I have received brief private lessons before.”


“What is that person's name? I know the names of all the people in Korea who use this sword technique.
Let me hear it.”






Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.




“I learned it in the military.”


“Although I wouldn't be surprised if it were a dagger or bayonet, I've never heard of learning how to handle a real sword in the military…
Do I look ignorant just because I'm a woman?”






Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.




I admit it.


When it comes to knowledge related to swords, that woman knows much, much more than me. 


Even if I come up with a despicable lie, I won't be able to deceive her.
She is an expert in handling swords, not just in imagination and vague swordsmanship from martial arts novels or fantasies, but in real life too…
I, who only know sword techniques from those genres, cannot gain the upper hand against her.


In the end, I decided to use the last resort-


“Have you ever held a sword?”




-To just deny it shamelessly.


From the start, it was impossible for me to win by wrestling with words.
I had to push forward even if I had to face a steel plate coming towards me.


Please, just let it go.
Just teach me how to wield a sword…!


That posture is not that of someone with no experience.”


However, Choi Ji-won glared at me suspiciously, as if she had no intention of letting go.


Seeing her hand slowly moving toward the hilt of her sword, I quickly spoke up.


“But it's true, you know? When I shouted the status window earlier…
I just became capable.
It seems it's because of my trait…”

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Choi Ji-won shut her mouth in an instant.


She also gained superhuman physical abilities thanks to her trait, so what I told her must have seemed quite plausible.


“…What's the name of your trait?”


“Ah, that's a secret.
But if you let me know your trait, I'll tell you mine.”


While she was curious about my trait, Choi Ji-won turned mute when it came to revealing her own.


After remaining silent for a while…


“…Hold the sword.”


In the end, she chose to just move on.


After receiving proper sword training, I was finally able to realize something.


I knew nothing about swords all this time.


It was a misconception that I thought my skills had improved just by dipping my toes into the vast sea of swords.


The three hours I learned from her had improved my skills more than swinging the sword alone for tens of hours.


Just by changing the direction of my feet, the power was transferred to the sword.
Just by changing the angle of my elbow, the burden on my arm was significantly reduced.


It truly was a mysterious understanding of the body's mechanics, a tower of knowledge built by geniuses.




I happily wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead.


With the noticeable improvement in my skills, confidence naturally surged within me.


Am I a genius?


“…Among those I've taught, you seem to be the least talented.”


I wasn't.


Choi Ji-won's lips curled subtly.


“Even if you devote all your time, it would take about three years…
I didn't expect you to be this untalented.”


It seems she regrets stepping forward to teach me.


Am I really that untalented? It hurt my heart a little.


“Forget about learning swordsmanship…
It might be better not to use it at all.”


Choi Ji-won openly declared, ‘Don't use a sword.’




“…Will three years be enough?”


My pride was severely hurt to just let it go like this.


I wanted to see that woman bewildered.


I wanted to see her praising me.


I wanted to be acknowledged.




I forcefully struck my chest and set the following goal:


Until I am acknowledged to be a sword genius by Choi Ji-won…
I will not stop regressing.


Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.

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