The time flew by quickly, and so the day arrived. A loud crowd could be heard cheering, Amos during his years in the battlefield had created a loyal fanbase, that would go pay to see his fights no matter if the opponent was weak or strong.

It was truly fascinating, the fight was sold out, over five thousand people were waiting for the fight to start.

Many missed on the opportunity to be able to see this fight with their own eyes, they could only wait for the results.

The winner of this fight would take 2,500,000 Astral back home, this large amount of money was due to the many people that came to watch this fight.

The black tiger clan was making a huge profit from the battle arena on the daily.

”Arthur, I want you to only let you stage 5 aura out and make the fight look somewhat hard. ”

”I was planning to do that anyway. ”

”I will make some more bets on you, and with the 2,500,000 winning prize, we will be good for some time. ” ”Oh, and try to also make a bet with Amos. ” Added Lucius.

Arthur nodded.

”Amos, what do you think about this Arthur fellow? ” Said a short white-haired man after walking into Amoss waiting room.

”It is hard to say. Its a first timer, there isn much known about him. ”

”That is true, but I believe you will prevail and defeat this man. ”

”This is why I hate fighting first timers, there is barely any information known about them. ”

”There should be a little, but there is none, something is up. ”

”There is no point thinking about it, we tried getting information about him these days, but we failed. Not even his face is known, so yeah there is something strange about this. ”

Their conversation ended, but their suspicions did not.

”The battle will soon begin!!! ” Said the announcer.

There was a few more minutes left till the battle began!

”Here comes Amos!!! ”

From the right of the arena, a tall athletic man came out.

”Amos!! Amos!!! ”

”Amos!! Amos!! ”

Hundred of voices could be heard cheering for this man, they were mostly females.

The cheering did not stop, it only got louder from then onwards.

”Here comes the first timer, Arthur!!! ”

There was no cheering for him, no one knew of his skills.

There was some occasional booing for Arthur, but that aside the only thing that could be heard was Amos name being chanted by hundreds of people.

Lucius was simling from one of the seats of the arena, he had finished making some bets and was only waiting for the money to be put in their pockets.

”There is nothing known about this man named Arthur. ”

”He will surely lose. ”

”I agree. ”

”I am for sure making some money today. ”

Many people could be heard discussing the fight before it even began, this was normal after all. And many were already celebrating due to the money they would win fron the bets they made on Amos.

Arthur was not armored at all, he looked naked in comparison with Amos who was standing far away from him. Amos had been wearing expensive beautiful armor, it was a great investment.

Many started to ridicule Arthur for not taking this seriously enough to atleast wear some parts to protect himself. He was only wearing a simple white shirt with some faint light green pants.

Is he just ignorant or does he actually possess the strength to defeat me. Thought Amos as he showed a trace of being annoyed by this. No, he is just arrogant, that must be it! He quickly assured himself of that.

”Hmph, this guy is very arrogant! ”

”He basically came wearing nothing. ”

”Tch, it seems I wasted money. ”

”It does feel like that. ”

Everyone was scorning Arthur.

”How about we bet some money on this fight? ” Said Arthur in a calm mocking tone while smiling.

”How arrogant can one be. ”

”Hmph, this guy is very ignorant. ”

”It is normal for fighters to bet. ”

”True, but this man is too arrogant! ”

Many people expressed after hearing Arthurs words.

”You want to put a bet? ”

”Yes, one milion Astral on the table, the winner takes all. ”

”I will take you on this deal. ” Replied Amos.

The cheers got more louder, now there was technically 3.5 million on the table, the stakes were high.

”Let the fight begin!! ” Said the announcer

”Hmph, this wont even be a fight. ” Said some.

Almost everything was allowed, even spirit beasts.

After the fight began they drew out their swords, and circled around in high guard. They dared not to blink, they patiently awaited their opponent to make a move.

Amos ran out of patience and struck first, but it was parried by Arthur who then showed a smile on his face and sent a cut on the side which was blocked by Amos. Arthur did not stop and threw a cut at his neck which was parried by Amos, who tried to then kick Arthur in his groin.

Arthur noticed this and reflexively backed away a few steps, and showed a grin while looking at Amos. He then formed his left hand into a palm and directed it to his opponent that was rushing toward him. Amos suddenly felt a sphere of fire hitting his shining silver helmet.

This sphere of fire was so powerful that it destroyed the front of the helmet and send him flying to the ground, while the silver helmet was able to protect him, the shining red sphere of fire managed to burn his face.

”ARGH. ” he screamed loudly.

I wasn able to see it coming… How can this be? he thought while looking up.

While his face had been burnt, his eyes were alright. Arthur began to slowly approach him, Amos noticed it, and he got up from the ground. He then took off his helmet and threw it on the ground, it was practically useless now.

”He actually managed to send Amos flying!! ”

”I can believe it!! Am I dreaming? ”

”Was that stage 4 aura he just released? ”

”It seems I actually did not waste my money, its a fight between two stage 4. ”

”This was totally worth it. ”

”I may actually lose the money I bet on Amos. ”

Many expressed, and many began to panic.

If Amos lost they would also lose large amounts of Astral. ”If only I had bet on Arthur. ” thought a few.

To them, as of right now Arthur looked like he was winning.

”Hmph, he just got lucky. ”

”Amos only lost a piece of his set, big deal. Arthur on the other hand has no armor. ”

”Amos will defeat his arrogant man. ”

Some assured themselves.

”Just give up. ” said Amos, ”I will be forced to use all of my power. ” he added.

Arthur ignored his words and threw an overhand cut which was parried, Amos them backed away. He threw away the oppurtunity to attack, and closed his eyes.

Out of nowhere a blue light begun to sparkle from his sword, and it drifted up. A water image of the sword was made.

He then striked his silver sword downwards into nothingness, and the enormous water blade above him did likewise.

It made a crack in the ground, and the water sprinkled making Arthurs view confounded and hazy. Amos went through the water like it was land and tossed a cut on Arthurs hand which was marvelously evaded by Arthur to one side. Amos didn anticipate this by any stretch of the imagination and stepped back a couple of steps.

How can this be? his anger was building ip, he didn anticipate that this battle would have keept going for this long, a vein began to show on his forhead. Without thinking plainly he hurried in to assault.

They traded a couple of strikes.

Amos sent a strike towards Arthurs hands making a little cut, he needed to see that grin all over vanished, yet didn occur.

Amos began to throw strikes without thinking, this would be fatal for him because Arthur would then send a cut towards his hand, cutting his pinky finger clean.

Amos reflexively backed away a few steps, he was in disbelief at what just happened. He looked at the ground to see one of his fingers on the ground and his hand bleeding.

”Arthur managed to cut one of his fingers! ”

”Am I dreaming? ”

”Is this actually happening. ”

”This Arthur fellow is very strong. ”

”Indeed, at this point he may actually win. ”

”Hmph, Amos may have lost a finger but he still hasn used hat. ”

”I forgot about hat. ”

Arthur cutting Amoss finger had started discussions, many started to praise Arthur and switch sides.

”Anything is possible right now. ”

”Yeah this Arthur fellow has shown great strength. ” Added a random spectator while prasing Arthur for his strength.

”They have only used magic once. So far this is a pure sword fight. ”

”They might have only used magic once so far, but id say Arthur did more damage to Amos with his fire spell. ” Someone praised arthur while stroking his beard.

”I agree, but that doesn change that fact that Arthur has no armor, and is in only plain clothes. ” Replied someone to the man stroking his beard.

”This battle is truly extraordinary. ”

”I have to say that it was worth it coming to this fight. ”

”Damn you!! You will pay for this!!! ” Shouted Amos.

He got even angrier after hearing people talk about it, he could hear them clearly even though he didn want to deep down.

[Water sword.]

Very much like before a huge beatiful water molded sword was made over Amos head. The sword went flying towards Arthur at high velocity and not long prior to showing up it splashed all over.

”Now is the ideal time!! ” Said Amos.

A faint blue colored bull showed up.

It was a blue grade spirit beast! The field permitted one to utilize their spirit beasts assuming they had one that is. Whats more, this spirit beast was Amos trump card, it was also his final.

”Hahahahaha. ” He laughed like a maniac, ”I bet you didn anticipate this. ” He added.

Arthur expected this since he had made research on Amos. The blue bull surged towards Arthur hitting his blade with its horns, Arthur utilized incredible solidarity to drive the bull away. Amos came from the sides and sent a cut which was barely evaded by Arthur.

”Tch. ”

”Where is your smile currently? ” Said Amos

”Here! ”

[Fire ball]

He sent a stage 4 fire ball towards Amos was a few steps away from him.

[Water shield]

A safeguard of water was made and Amos was able to defend the sphere of fire through this shield. The bull continued charging at most extreme speed, and causing gigantic harm towards Arthur.

Many wondered why he did not use this water shield the first time he was hit in the face by Arthurs fireball, well that was because it was too fast and he unable to react to it.

Arthur could have utilized his own spirit beast, yet that would destroy their arrangements to trick this large number of individuals later on.

As this wasn the only battle he would have at this field.

”Okay, Ive had enough! ” Announced Arthur.

[Huge fire ball]

A huge sphere of fire was sent towards the bull, causing it incredible harm and pushing the bull a long way from Arthur.

The bull was incredibly harmed and was laying on the ground. Meanwhile Amos found an opportunity to attack from behind, but Arthur quickly turned around after hearing Amos footstep


Amos right arm was cut off.

His sword went flying.

Amos tumbled to the ground.

[Fire ball] Arthur sent a little circle of fire at Amos right leg harming it extraordinarily, nearly obliterating it entirety. Fear started to arise inside Amos, ”please don kill me. I beg you! ”

Arthur was approaching him slowly, amos tried to crawl away but he could not, he looked at his bull hurt on the ground. He could not do anything anymore, the only left to do was to surrender.

”I- I give up… ” announced Amos.

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