Three days had passed, and in these three days, Arthur and Lucius had been unsuccessful in finding the artifact they needed to awaken Lucius magic aptitude.

Arthur had been out the entire day and lastly got back to their place.

The spot they had gotten wasn extraordinary, however, it was the least expensive nice spot they could find, so they paid a month-to-month charge for it.‎

It had two bedrooms, one kitchen, one washroom, and a lounge. The kitchen was associated with the lounge, and the bedrooms were remote.‎

He found Lucius sitting cross-legged in the lounge, meditating, ”In three hours, there will be an artifact going on sale at this shop. ” Said Arthur, ”Oh, is that so? ” Said Lucius while stopping meditating.

”There will most likely be competing on getting it. ” said Arthur sighing.

”Alright, I bought some food. If you haven eaten, you can do so right now. We will arrive early, so prepare. ”

Arthur plunked down and started eating. During these couple of days, they had spent another 2,000 Astral on food. The food and clothing were far more costly around here. Indeed, that should have been normal.

Two hours had passed, and Lucius was all the while reflecting. ”Now is the ideal time, ” he said and went to call Arthur, who had been sleeping.

”Awaken, Arthur. Now is the ideal time to go. ” Arthur gradually woke up and got up from his bed, leaving their new cozy house shortly after.

Following thirty minutes of going through the city with their carriage driven by a shadow-grade horse, they showed up at where the artifact was being sold. They entered the store.

The store was very luxurious, numerous artifacts could be seen on the shelves in the store, a desk area where the shopkeeper resided, numerous blades placed as decorations on the walls, and there was an entryway prompting to another room brimming with weapons and different numerous artifacts.

Lucius strolled directly to the shopkeeper standing behind a desk. ”I would like to buy the aptitude artifact. ” he said calmly, unfazed by the many individuals around him.

”Hmph. ” expressed one of the spectators in a mocking manner.

”You will have to wait thirty minutes for the sale to begin, just like the others. ”

It resembled a little auction.

Many scorned Lucius for what he had quite recently said.

”I will pay you 50,000 front and center at the present time! ” replied Lucius while smiling and ignoring everyone around him.

The shopkeeper didn have any idea how to answer to this, yet this offer tempted him. Probably, at most, he would get around 45,000 that was if the competition was great.

”Im sorry, sir, but…. ”

”If you do not accept the offer, Im leaving right now. ” Said Lucius without waiting for the shopkeeper to finish his sentence.

”Okay, Okay. ” He expressed quickly while hurrying to get the artifact.

”You can do this!!! ” said one of the individuals in the store

”We have been waiting here for more than an hour. ”

”If you do this, Im at absolutely no point ever coming back here in the future! ”

Hmph, not like you folks would have the resources to purchase anything. Im creating a 5,000 gain, no perhaps 10,000 Astral in benefit here. Thought the businessperson as he drew out the artifact as quickly as possible.

He hurriedly gave it to Lucius.

”Arthur, give him the money. ”

Arthur just thought about it, and the money started coming out in boxes. Five boxes emerged, and each crate had 10,000 Astral in it.

The shopkeeper opened them and made sure it was all the guaranteed 50,000.

This exchange had caused a ruckus! The individuals who had been holding up a really long time to have the option to get it were pissed. Who couldn , all things considered, assuming somebody out of nowhere jumped in and purchased the artifact like that? Who wouldn be pissed?

The greater part of these individuals was elderly. Many had as a top priority to purchase this for their grandkids as a present.

Yet, they tried not to outrage this man. Consider the possibility that they turned out to be from an influential family or clan. At the end of the day, a stage 5 magician was with him.

Arthur has been openly releasing stage 5 aura.‎

They were old and sly, and they knew how the world functioned. Regardless of whether they irritated this man, they wouldn acquire a single thing from it. Few individuals in that store wanted to kill this man right then, and there, but they did not possess the strength to defeat the fifth stage magician behind him.

They also tried not to stir something up because of the consequences they would face from the black tiger tribe. To battle one without enduring the fallouts, they could, just in the arena!

They all ended up leaving the shop in rage at what had occurred.

It was unjustifiable, they thought, yet since when was the world fair? The one with the money generally figures out how to remain at the top, and it was never reasonable in the first place.

Lucius and Arthur left the shop.

They were presently on the ride back home.

Lucius sat cross-legged on the carriage. He took his blade and cut himself a bit. He took the blood and put it on top of the artifact. The artifact was little, similarly as huge as an apple.

Subsequent to putting his blood on the artifact, it started to gleam in a blue tone, ascended drifting, and started to shrivel away.

Following a couple of moments, it was no more.

Lucius took a full breath. He could see all the more obvious now. Presently he was at the first stage of magic!!!

”Hahahaha, it starts!! ”

Arthur saw that the cut hadn been mending itself and brought up it to Lucius. ”Master, for what reason isn the injury on your arm mended? ”

”It appears to be that in the wake of losing my powers, I additionally lost my immortality. Its as if I have been born again! ”

”What??? You have lost your everlasting status? For what reason didn you tell me of this? ”

”I felt that it couldn make any difference assuming you knew? ”

”This is of most extreme significance. Consider the possibility that you had kicked the bucket because of my inadequacy of not knowing! ”

”All things considered, presently you know. ”

”Master, I have a question. ”

”Proceed. ”

”Will you at any point look for immortality once more? ”

”That is nevertheless unavoidable. ”

Arthur showed a grin all over. He realized the future would be promising.

”We need large amounts of money. Countless items and spirit beasts will be sold at this auction. ” Said, Arthur.

”Didn you say there are monthly auctions in this city? ” Replied Lucius.

”Yes, there is always a small auction held each month. ”

”Great, I know of a few ways to get some money. ”

Time had elapsed while they talked, and they had shown up back home. The sun had exchanged places with the moon again.

Arthur was resting, however, Lucius was not. He was awake in the middle of the night, meditating.

After a few hours, he stopped meditating, he had gathered quite a lot of energy, but it would take him more than a month, perhaps two months for him to reach stage two, that is if he is this consistently meditating and gathering energy everyday.

There is many ways to speed this up, but that required large amounts of Astral coins, currently they had around 450,000 Astral, and another 400,000 unpaid by the blacksmith yet.

But he had ideas on how to become richer.

The arena!

This plan relied on Arthur, and Arthur only.

I am too weak right now. It was very much true, he was but another weakling trying to survive in this world. But this weakling had a stage 14 mage on his side at all times.

While he may have been a weakling he was still stronger than the normal average person.

After resting for a bit and thinking he went back to sitting cross-legged in silence. That night he stayed awake.

”Arthur, you will have to enter the battle arena. ”

”I was thinking about that too. ”

”I have plans, big plans. This could be the easiest way for us to be wealthy. ”

”Oh? ” Replied Arthur while raising his eyebrows.

”You will fight and I will simply just bet all the money we currently possess on you to win and that is the way we twofold our cash. ”

”Hahahahaha. ” Arthur began to laugh

This strategy was simple, but yet genius, I mean who could possibly beat a stage 14 mage in this city? There was nobody, not even the black tigers clan leader could, so this was free cash waiting for them.

Another day passed and Arthur had finally registered as a fighter in the arena.

”Who is this Arthur fellow? ”

”I heard he registered just yesterday, there is not much known about him yet. ”

”Hmph, this guy is very unlucky going against Amos on his first fight. ”

”Truly unlucky. ”

”Amos is a stage 4 mage, and has years of battle experience. ”

”Indeed, it is absolutely impossible that this beginner wins against Amos. ”

”Who knows, perhaps he will. ” said another person

”Hmph, no way thats gonna happen. I will even bet my life savings on this. ”

”Goodness truly? Then we should make it happen, we both put 100,000 on the table, the winner of the bet takes all of it.

”Only 100,000? ” Replied the man

”How much do you wish to wager then, at that point. ”

”250,000 Astral. ”

”As you wish. ”

”I want to join too. ” said the other man.

”Hm, sure who are you gonna bet on? ”

”Obviously Amos. ”

”Alright ill place in another 250,000 and you do that as well. In the event that Amos wins you both split the cash and each get 250,000, on the off chance that the beginner wins, I take both of your cash combined. Bargain? ”

The two men took a gander at one another, they gestured in understanding and the arrangement was made.

For this bet to really happened they marked an agreement that was constrained by the black tiger clan, there was other safer routes through curios, however they didn have them.

The two irregular men were at that point chuckling the second the agreement was marked, however much to their dismay they had marked an agreement with the buddy of Amos opponent.

That is correct that man that burst into the two arbitrary mens discussions on the roads was none other than Lucius.

And he had just earned 500,000 like that, the two men Lucius made an arrangement with were stage 4 mages too, they wore a red robe with the a tiger in the center.

While he might have not had 500,000 on him it didn make any difference, since those blockheads accepted him very much like that.

He had proactively multiplied his cash and he was hoping to significantly increase it.

The black tiger clan members were classified in ranks, through robes and it went like this:






Purple was the highest rank, and yellow was the lowest rank.

That explained why the had so much money to burn, their income was very good and they most likely had built their own business ages ago.

Of course the clan elders and the clan leader were ranked higher. The majority of this clans elders were at the 8th stage, but there was a couple that were stage 9.

Many individuals were discussing about this battle after it being announced.

While to them it may have appeared that Arthur was unlucky to have this opponent as his first fight, but it was a perfect chance to earn money for Arthur, and Lucius. I mean who would bet for a newbie? When they could bet for someone who has built a reputation for years.

It was guaranted profit.

This was perfect.

Lucius was grinning. It was all going as per their arrangement, they will undoubtedly create an enormous gain. Luck was truly on their side. Now they had to wait for the day to arrive.

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