Reclaiming immortality!

Awakening my aptitude!

Before the entryways of The Black Tigers Clan city, a brilliant carriage driven by a dark grey horse had shown up.

”You are required to pay a fee to enter the city. ” Said the gatekeeper calmly, he was wearing a red robe with carvings of a tiger in the center.

”How much will that be? ” Said, Arthur.

”Ten Astral coins for each individual, thirty for the carriage. ” Replied the guard.

(Author note: Astral is the currency if you haven realized that yet.)

Arthur reached out to his pouch and settled up on the fifty Astral coins completely.

Arthur was using an artifact to conceal his stage, the ordinary folk would think he is at the fifth stage, but in reality, he was at the fourteenth stage. The fifth stage was strong however contrasted with the fourteenth stage, there is a tremendous difference in strength.

They entered the Black Tigers clanʼs city, they had 950 Astral coins left, which won keep them going for long.

They concluded that they needed to enter the fundamental area of this city, that was where business was the most profitable in this city, and that was the area where the clan leader and the elders of the black tiger clan resided.

But that wasn the only reason, rather it was that a huge auction was going to be held by the black tiger clan this year, this auction wasn like the normal auctions they held monthly it was way larger and many outside clans would attend it.

Arthur knew very well of this since he would

Monitor things throughout the years, he didn have anything to do at the sky temple so he would wander the terrains.

However, to do so they required a lot of money, taking into account they needed to purchase an artifact to stir Lucius magic aptitude. Which that in itself costs around 35,000 Astral.

The Astral coins were round and in a dull dark purple color that shone very brightly. They were named after the Astral Emperor, one of the strongest individuals in the history of this world.

The Astral Emperor in terms of strength was stronger than Lucius, he possessed six divine grades spirit beasts, thirty seven shadow grade spirit beasts, and countless gold-grade spirit beasts. His legacy still remains in the many techniques he created and advanced.

As of right now Lucius and Arthur possess under one thousand Astral coins. Whats more, it required twenty thousand Astral per an individual to enter the area they needed to enter.

”Arthur, hand me three of my daggers. ” Said Lucius. Arthur immediately got the blades from the carriage, the carriage was very enormous and it had a small place where they could store things assuming that they needed.

The daggers were exceptionally sharp, the handle was white in variety while the cutting edge was made from obsidian.

Arthur gave the daggers to Lucius, ”Keep one of them and sell it. They ought to go at a hefty cost, we need to enter the main town as soon as possible. ” Said Lucius, ”I will do that then. ” replied Arthur as he kept one of the daggers on him.

They were walking through the streets, until Lucius halted.

”Lucius? ” Said arthur confused as to why he stopped.

Lucius turned left and strolled to one of the many shopping stalls. ”what may I help you today. ” Said the stall owner

”How much does that spear cost? ” Asked Lucius while highlighting a broken spear.

”One-hundred fifty. ” Replied the merchant.

”Well take it. ” Said Lucius.

Arthur asked no questions and gave him the money, and after that they left.

Next Lucius halted at the first smith they happened to see. Lucius attempted to offer the messed up spear to the smith however he declined. He had no luck with the other two smiths that he entered after the first.

”This will be the final one for today. ”

They entered the smith.

”What may I help you today? ” Said a man that looked above and beyond his forties.

”Might you at any point take a look at this spear. ”

”Why, of course. ”

Lucius gave the broken spear to the smith.

”Hmm. ” The blacksmith looked at the spear very closely, ”Are you willing to sell this spear to me. ” Said the smith, Lucius smiled and said ”Well, that depends on how much you are willing to offer for this broken spear? ”

”Im willing to offer 7,000 Astral. ”

”Offer declined. Im only willing to sell it for 12,000. ”

”You are a fool!! ”

”Ah come on, this spear if fixed would go perhaps around 16,000 or so, im giving you a discount here. ”

”Okay, Ill take it for 12,000 not a solitary astral more. ”

The smith assumed Lucius to be incompetent and attempted to get this broken spear for 7,000 to some other individual that would have looked as an excellent arrangement, after all they got it for 150 Astral, however im fact it was a trick by the smith.

But unfortunately the one he was trying to scam happened to be a former immortal. Yet, the smith still got a fair trade, rather he would benefit from this, he would fix the spear which would cost around 2,000 Astral or so for the materials, and sell it for 16,500 Astral which is a profit of at least 2500.

After the initial three smiths that Lucius entered he had nearly surrendered in trying to sell this broken spear to a smith.

Twelve thousand Astral was presently added to their portofilio. Presently they had 12.800 Astral.

The blacksmith was overjoyed, but he happened to see something else that made him put his satisfaction away for the moment.

He saw an obsidian dagger. ”Is that what I think it is…? ” he said while pointing at the dark dagger on Lucius.

”Do you wish to take a look at it? ” Said Lucius while reaching to the dagger. ”If I could then yes I would love to. ”

Lucius gave him the dagger.

The blacksmith painstakingly inspected this sharp cutting edge. ”If you don mind me asking, are you willing to sell the dagger to

Me? ”

”I doubt you have the assets to buy this edge. ”

”I will take that as a yes, I offer 100,000! ”

”Too low. ”

”130,000. ”

”Too low. ”

”200,000!! ”

”Too low. ”

”300,000 ”

”Are you even trying to get me to sell this? ”

”400,000!! ” he yelled

”You do realize this blade is worth way more than that right?

The blacksmith kept quiet, he was exhausting every one of his assets for this cutting edge.

”500,000 ” he yelled once more.

Lucius just shook his head

”What will you do for then?? ”

”1,000,000!! ” Lucius said while smirking.

”Damn it, I can offer 600,000 front and center as of this moment, I vow to pay the leftover 400,000. ”

”Well. ”

”I will pay 200,000 one month from now, and another 200,000 the month after that! ”

Lucius appeared as though he was taking significant time to consider this arrangement, yet truly he was simply acting. ”Alright I will take this arrangement. ”

It took some time for the blacksmith the hand them the full 600,000 but after some time t

The transaction was made.

Presently the manner in which they figured out how to keep this Astral in one spot is all because of Arthurs pouch. It was a unique pouch that permitted capacity of cash up to fifty million. He had more than three of these unique pouches, they needen stress over where to keep their Astral for a long time.

Furthermore, the dagger that was just simply sold was made by Lucius himself.

Lucius thought about how this blacksmith had such large funds, yet cared not to find out by any means, all that mattered was that he was getting his money.

The trade had been made so Lucius and Arthur made their leave. This really wasn beginning from nothing, yet it wasn something that large, but it was still 1,000,000 Astral.

Arthur was supposed to sell the dagger, but Lucius managed to sell it this fast after entering the black tigers clan city. Arthur handed the dagger that Lucius previously had given to him to sell.

They currently had the funds to live at the

best area of this city, and these funds would take a long time for them to be used completly. This clan had two enormous walls, the principal wall which encompassed the entire city and the second wall which was inside the primary wall and encompassed this area where the auction would be held.

This region was vital, why? Since an auction which numerous external clans and factions would join in, and it is said to have extraordinary things. This auction will be held 5 months from now.

Not long passed until they arrived at the second wall, just like when they entered the primary wall of this clan they had to pay a fee.

But this fee was much more expensive, it was twenty thousand. They had to add in an extra ten thousand for the golden carriage. And shortly after they entered the second walls of the black tigers clan city.

The sun had been long gone and now the moon was visible, they expected to track down a spot to rest for the evening thus they did, they paid 60,000 Astral for the entire month to live in a respectable lodging.

As of now they had 502,800 Astral and a strong pay of 200,000 consistently for the following two months.

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