The sky temple was very high in the sky, so to get down without dying Lucius would have to use the flying carriage.

Now that he was losing his immortality that is.

This carriage was made out of pure gold, the same as the sky temple. Various markings were on the sides of the carriage, the horse driving it happened to be the same horse Arthur was given to from his beloved father a hundred and seventy-five years ago.

In any case, the variety it had in those days was green, it was because of the grade, blue grade soul monsters were blue in color, etc. Be that as it may, at times spirit beasts didn have the shade of their point of view grade.

Each spirit beast emits an aura, which one could sense and tell its grade. For instance, divine spirit beasts didn have a color that one could tell that it was of the divine grade, rather one has to sense its aura to tell its of the exquisite divine grade.

But this time the horseʼs color was unique, it was a faint dark grey color, and its aura was a hundred times stronger and heavier. The horse had advanced two grades higher than what it was initially, it was now a shadow grade spirit beast.

If one wanted to develop their spirit beast and increment their grade they could, however, it would require tremendous assets, one would do this with the goal that their beast could be much more grounded than at first, and in doing so their fighting strength would increment dramatically increase.

If one wanted to survive in this world the spirit beasts were a good way to do so, especially if you were being targeted by a renowned family.

The amount of resources Arthur used to advance his green grade horse to shadow grade was more than a fortune.

But he had the chances to do so, and he did, many have a really good spirit beast, but do not have the resources to advance it to a higher and better grade than the one their beast already has.

Arthurs spirit beast is very extraordinary, it can fly!

That is the reason they use it as a method for heading out to destinations far from them.

Furthermore, presently this dark grey horse that emitted the quality of a shadow-grade spirit beast was going to plunge from the sky.

The flying carriage was at long last prepared! Lucius and Arthur got inside the carriage.

Arthur willed in his heart, and so his horse started flying away from the sky temple, from that high up you were unable not see the land below, until they went a bit lower they could at long last see it.

The horse was extremely quick.

”Lord, will you recreate the sect once more then? ” Said Arthur while looking at Lucius. ”But of course, but not now I am too weak to do so at the time, but in the future most definitely. Right now we are starting from nothing ” he replied to Arthur in a calm but deep voice.

While it might have seemed as though Lucius would have begun from nothing, in fact talking he had Arthur with him, who was extremely strong, also Arthur had a Shadow Grade spirit beast in his control. So truthfully speaking he was not starting from nothing!

This situation resembled that of a young master of a renowned clan having an expert protect him at all times. Wherever the young master went so did the expert.

Arthur was willingly following the man called Lucius, he knew very well of this mans greatness.

The carriage was imbued by the horses shadow-grade aura, which stopped it from falling from the sky the moment the horse began to set off from the sky temple.

Not long after the splendid carriage stopped at a forest area that had a trailway that lead to a city that wasn that quite far from them.

”We will stop here, and set up camp for the night. ” Said, Lucius. ”We will do that then. ” Replied Arthur.

The sun had already begun switching places with the moon. Not long after it did as such, and the moon poured its light upon the lands.

Camp had been set up.

Arthur was sitting cross-legged and meditating, rather he was attempting to progress to a higher stage in sorcery or magic. He was at the thirteenth stage of magic.

In magic, there was a sum of twenty stages, a higher stage than Twenty could exist, but no one has reached it so therefore there are only twenty stages.

Some scholars believe there is a stage higher than twenty, while some say the twentieth stage is the last. There exists countless theories about a stage above the twentieth stage, but they couldn be proven without someone advancing higher.

Only few have the talent, resources, and dedication to be able to reach the twentieth stage in magic. It was truly something everyone desired to reach, the peak of magic!

Lucius used to be at the twentieth stage, however now that his powers had vanished strangely, which Lucius wasn keen on figuring out why such a thing happened.

Frankly, he was thankful that it happened. Yet again he would acquire enlightenment and take off through the stages once more!

Bur to do so firstly, he had to awaken his magic aptitude, there exists multiple ways to do this, but the least demeaning method required an artifact that would unlock your aptitude just right after its usage. You could find this artifact in the wild, it wasn hard to come by if one possessed the strength. In most large urban areas the second this artifact went on sale, large clans would snatch them from the market as fast as they could so that they could stir the magic aptitude of the youth in their clan. Thats why sometimes the clans had a monopoly on this item and would sell it at a very high price, which not many commoners could purchase.

However, since he did not possess such an artifact, he either would have to wait until he got one or he could try to meditate, and in the event that he was fortunate enough he could unlock his aptitude.

I will purchase the artifact the second we arrive at a city.

So he thought, but he had not the money on him yet.

Meanwhile Arthur happened to be meditating, he had been close to breaking through to the next stage for a long time now.

This is the one! I know it is!!! He though as he gathered the energy around him.

He had already started sweating, it was as if he was fighting his inner demon, and he was close to defeating it

That is but the only way to explain this.

If he prevailed, he would aquire the 14th stage from this inner demon of his.

But in actuality, he was just gathering the energy around him, and since you needed a lot of it he has yet to reach the 14th stage.

While gathering the energy around you by meditating was a way to advance to the next stage it was not fastest way, there existed many scrolls and artifacts which would help one reach the next stage faster just by using them.

But it would require very rare scrolls and artifacts to do so. Many relied on these items to advance in magic, and it was a good way, but it required alot of resources. There were also items to increase your efficiency to gather energy while meditating.

I can feel it, I am nearly there!!!

It was accurate, he was making huge improvement and was going to reach at the following stage very shortly.

Following a couple of additional minutes, he at long last halted and got up and made a fist and said ”Ive at long last done it!!! ” ”I have reached the fourteenth stage!! ” he was extremely cheerful, one could see it from his far.

After all is there any reason why he wouldn be so blissful? He had arrived at the fourteenth stage of magic, this was something to be content and glad for.

Lucius arose and began applauding, ”congratulations, Arthur. ” he said while smiling.

Arthur was very happy, ”Thank you, my lord. ”

That night they celebrated, they mightve not had any drinks, but had food.

Arthur went out to hunt some beasts and try out the power of the fourteenth stage. The difference between the thirteenth and the fourteenth stage was like heaven and earth.

Arthurs battle strength had increased a ton.

The moon and sun switched places once again, it was now day.

Lucius and Arthur woke up early in the morning and began their journey to the where that pathway would lead them.

They were voyaging calmly on land when a gathering of bandits ended up halting them.

These bandits couldn detect the shadow grade spirit beasts aura, in the event that they knew a spirit beast of the shadow grade turned out to be before them they would be a distant memory from the pathway.

Be that as it may, sadly for them, they didn have the foggiest idea what was before them, this day just happened to be the most unlucky day of their life.

”Another fiesty harvest! ” Said one of the bandits smiling, ”Indeed it is. ” Replied one of the bandits ”Who would have thought we would stumble on this great harvest. ” Added one of the bandits

They began laughing from excitement.

All things considered assuming things went well they would procure a fortune that would last them for quite a long time. This social gathering of bandits had extremely muscular bodies and was exceptionally certain that they would prevail in this harvest.

”Give us all that you have and we will let you go. ” said one of the bandits, who seemed to have the most robust body out of this group of bandits, and was most likely the leader.

Arthur got out of the carriage and stared at this tall robust man. Without even saying anything he threw a dagger at one of the bandits.

The dagger managed to hit the mans heart and kill him.

The bandits got angry and started charging at all sides. Arthur willed it in his heart and his shadow grade spirit horse began to attack.

To the shadow grade spirit horse, these bandits were nothing but insects. The bandits could no longer escape, after all, they were being hunted by a spirit beast.

They tried running but it was useless.

”Hey… Does anybody else feel hot? ” said one of the bandits.

This was due to the huge fireball that was above them.

Arthur posessed level 2 divine fire magic .


The fireball destroyed them wholly, and nothing was left out of these bandits.

Even if they dodged the fireball somehow, the shadow-grade spirit horse would have killed right after. They had lost the fight before it even began.

Arthur briefly after returned to the carriage.

”What was that noise? ” asked Lucius while yawning.

”It was nothing, my Lord. ” replied Arthur

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