Reclaiming immortality!

Immortal, no more!

He slowly but gradually opened his eyes, showcasing his pure black eyes.

”I have been awoken? But why? ” Said this dark haired man who looked very youthful, perhaps around 19 or 20 of age.

His garments matched his hair and eyes. He was wearing a black tan robe with white that flowed in-between. He had a great deal of jewelry on him.

The place he was inside right now seemed to be a temple of some sorts, various carvings were on the walls, an enormous dark sword was behind his lofty position which he was at present sitting on. He got up from his golden throne, and started walking to the exit of this temple. ”I feel weakened. ” ”My power, where is it? ”

”I wonder if I am still immortal? ” he said, while he strolled back to his lofty position and got the dim blade behind it. He snatched the sword and cut himself with it, blood began streaming inside his valuable sanctuary, he hauled the sword out of his stomach, and rapidly the injury began mending itself. No more blood was streaming out onto the ground, the blood that was at that point spilled there remained.

”I see, yet my powers are no more. ” ”How can this be the case, is this the reasons to why I was awoken? ” he said, even after losing his heaven defying strength, he was calm even after losing his powers, rather he was happy!!!

This man was immortal, meaning he could not die, or there is not a way discovered yet that could accomplish that.

My powers are no more. I can now by and by shake the world with my solidarity, the sensation of beginning from nothing again feels exciting this time! Yet, my everlasting status actually remains. The world after all has changed definitely since I was roaming the world freely, no one but few could oppose me. In any case, presently there is more than thousands! Thousands may be an incredibly enormous underestimation. Millions sounds more like it! ”

As he was pondering the incredible and energizing future to come, his physical issue that had previously recuperated begun to return, yet it was a few times less than when he cut himself initially.

A smirk appeared on his face, his immortality is also beginning to disappear. All while he lost his heaven-defying strength, and is on verge of losing his immortality, his knowledge on everything he had learned during all these years of living had not!

Again blood was spilling out of his body, he was easily able to endure this little injury, maybe he had gotten so used to battle that he could not feel such small injuries, maybe it was just the blood that was being spilled. That must be it, no? after all his expression was calm, maybe he was not hurt at all? Or maybe he was just good at hiding his expression? He began strolling to the exit once more, he left his dim sword canvassed in blood on the ground, and gave it no thought, the temples floor was streaming with blood.

After he left the sanctuary and meandered onto the outside world which he would soon conquer once again. The temple from the outside looked just at good as it did on the inside, surprisingly enough it was built in the sky!

The temple was built on a piece of land in the sky, the off chance that you got on top of the temple, you could make contact with the clouds.

”Master Lucius!!! You have stirred? ” said a tall man with a robust body while carefully looking at the man in front of him.

He saw the injury on his lord however said nothing since he knew that Lucius was an immortal.

Lucius gazed at him and briskly said: ”To be sure, I have. ” ”Orchestrate a flying carriage, Im plummeting onto ordinary land once more. ” ”My powers have vanished, adventure looks for us again my steadfast subject. ” ”Oh, and clean up my temple. ”

The man hearing this immediately took action on doing what he was instructed and orchestrated the flying carriage.

He was shocked that his lord had lost his abilities, however, his dedication to him was excessively perfect for him to make the most of this open door and take his wealth, and he still couldn seem to gain proficiency that his lord is losing his eternality.

Perhaps, there would come when he will realize this and double-cross his master, the truth will surface eventually.

Following a couple of hours the flying carriage was prepared, the temple had likewise been cleaned and it was the ideal opportunity for Lucius to go on the land beneath again. It had been numerous years since he had been conscious not to mention leave his sky temple.

Lucius devoted subject was named Arthur, near a surprisingly long time, One-Hundred and seventy-five years ago to be exact, he wound up meeting Lucius. This was Arthurs most premonition experience, clearly he knew next to nothing about that at this point. Be that as it may, years after he would be exceptionally appreciative for this experience.

Lucius found Arthur when he was 14, he was a youngster taking off from the Wang family, which at the time was a renowned family which had an extraordinary impending, however that was stopped by Lucius and Arthur themselves.

The explanation this youngster was being pursued, was because of the conflict between the Wang Family and this kids loved ones. His family had proactively been killed, and he was the final straggler.

He was caught in this conflict between renowned noble families, and since he was the young master of one of them, he could not escape!

”You cannot run from us! ” Shouted a man wearing silver armor with a few men behind him.

The youngster was going through a city, attempting to get farther from them, while running he hit a man, who was almost two times as tall as him. ”Sorry. ” Said the kid while attempting to run.

The man he had ran into was Lucius, he immediately saw certain individuals were pursuing this kid, and inquired: ”For what reason are you being trailed by those men ” The youngster needed to move away as quick as possible, however Lucius had snatched his arm, the youngster attempted to make him let proceed to drive out, yet he couldn do as such, as his strength couldn add up to a percent to that of Luciuss.

The men quickly approached Lucius and the youngster close to him.

”Give us the kid. ” Said the silver armored men.

”What if I don want to? ” Replied Lucius while smiling.

”You don want that, that child is being wanted by the Wang Family, give him up or you will face the consequences. ” ”We should simply go after him boss, fools deserve to die. ” ”You are correct, kill him! ” Said the boss without even thinking twice.

”Allow me to have this one ” Said one of the men in this crew, without sitting tight for their arrangement he started running at Lucius and situated his blade to slice his neck.

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