r speaking, he dragged Xiao Ying down the stairs leaving a dumbfounded Qin Yong in the room.

Watching the backs of the two men leaving, Qin Yong really wanted to ask, he hasn’t answered yet, why did the two of them leave? And to accept this situation so easily, does the young master of the Mo family really not have any unmentionable hobbies? He didn’t look angry at all when he was tied by a belt and was even happy when he was handcuffed…

Downstairs, the kitchen had already prepared a light meal for Xiao Ying.
After eating, the two of them went out for a walk to digest their food before Mo Jingxuan took Xiao Ying upstairs to rest.
During dinner, Mo Jingxuan didn’t care about the strange looks given by the servants and frequently fed Xiao Ying full of vegetables and soup.
He was handcuffed with his left hand and Xiao Ying with his right; it was so inconvenient for his baby! In such a special situation, what kind of face was needed? None at all.

On the contrary, Xiao Yao’s performance was more surprising to Mo Jingxuan.
During the whole meal, he acted familiar with him.
He would eat and drink and didn’t hold back at all when discussing the company’s matters.
To say that he was not uncomfortable would be an understatement.

Mo Jingxuan knew that this was the way Xiao Yao expressed his love for his son.
He could only lament that Xiao Ying had a good father; he was narrow-minded in the past.
As long as Xiao Ying was involved, he was on guard and may have acted impulsively confusing matters of his past life with the current.
To think he had caused his baby to snub his father for so long, he really should repent.

They finished eating, and Mo Jingxuan stopped Xiao Ying from leaving directly to thank Xiao Yao, “Thank you! Thank you for protecting my most important person while I was unable.
Thank you for tolerating his paranoia.
And thank you for understanding our love.”

Xiao Yao patted Mo Jingxuan on the shoulder in response, “No, thank you!” Thank you for being by my son’s side for more than ten years.
Thank you for protecting and loving him.
And thank you for coming back to bear my son’s domineering and possessive love.

Xiao Ying held Mo Jingxuan’s hand tightly and looked between his lover and his father carefully, “I’m very lucky.” When someone is calm and introverted, not talking much but rather treasuring their words like gold, their simple words of thanks become all the more sincere.
Xiao Ying embodied this statement with a few simple words, and his heartfelt emotions were transmitted clearly to the listeners.

While Qin Yong was still lamenting that the family was becoming more solid, the three of them were already busy minding their own affairs.

Xiao Ying dragged Mo Jingxuan to his study room.
During this period of time, he was unable to manage the company for obvious reasons, and the subsidiaries he had taken over were all placed on Zi Bo’s people… Pulling a chair out so that Mo Jingxuan could sit by him, Xiao Ying turned on the computer with a peace of mind and began to check the many backlogs of documents in his mail that required his approval.

Claiming another computer, Mo Jingxuan began to check recent facts, important news, and current trends.
Based on his memory, he could predict the major courses of the future, but it was always better to verify his information before giving it to Xiao Ying to use.

Inadvertently catching his eye was an appalling green stock market showing the current prices.
Looking at the specific time in the lower right of the screen, he suddenly remembered that, at this time, the stock market ushered in the longest turmoil in history.

It all began with the stock market rising in popularity, a popularity that lasted longer than any experts predicted.
This kind of grand occasion attracted many people who didn’t usually speculate in stocks to step up and take part in the fun, but that was where things took a turn.
After nearly a month of rising green, the stock market began to fall in a frenzied plunge of red.
Many people were forced to sell their cars and houses, even borrowing money to enter the market in hopes of overturning their fate, only to lose it and more.
The stock market had brought with it a huge delisting wave, and just as people were coming to terms with their debt, there was another short-term boom.

Mo Jingxuan clicked on the keyboard.
Right now was when the stock market in his previous life had started to fall but was still in the green.
That was to say, there would soon be a skyrocket in rock-bottom prices.
If he could seize the time correctly, his wealth would drastically increase, but if he failed….

Looking sideways at the man working hard beside him, Mo Jingxuan decided he had to go back and get his money back from Mo Zhenhao’s hands as soon as possible.
He would take advantage of the stock market and double the money; the start-up for his baby should amount to that much at least.

The study room was peaceful and quiet.
The two of them did not speak; each was busy with their own affairs; the only sweetener to be found was the handcuffed hands firmly held on top of the desk.

In the blink of an eye, the time reached ten, and Xiao Ying stopped his actions to press his sore temples.
He pulled Mo Jingxuan into his lap with the flick of his arm, “Baby, it’s time for you to rest your eyes.”

Sitting sideways on Xiao Ying’s lap, Mo Jingxuan looked at the time and nodded, “Go to sleep, we’ll be busy tomorrow.” He moved Xiao Ying’s left hand from the side of his head and replaced it with his right, helping massage it gently.

Burying his face into Mo Jingxuan’s neck, he took a deep breath.
The fair skin was in front of him and called to his lips obsessively.

The sudden soft, moist feeling on his neck made Mo Jingxuan tremble, and his hand stopped its movements.
He hugged the head buried in his shoulder and arched his spine to make room for the man’s movements better, “Mmm—” he moaned unconsciously as his lips clenched together.

Hearing the sound, Xiao Ying’s lower abdomen felt hot, the sound of his breathing growing messy.
The force on his mouth became stronger as he pressed his person closer to him, and sucking turned quickly to biting.


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