His body was still weak after being asleep for so long and still having remnants of the drugs that put him in said sleep in his system, and Xiao Ying was gasping for breath after tying up Mo Jingxuan.

Mo Jingxuan looked distressed as he watched him struggle and moved his tied arms to prop up his body and kiss him.

“Don’t move!” Xiao Ying’s body tensed up, as if he would pounce on Mo Jingxuan and bite him to death if he so much as quivered.

Mo Jingxuan smiled and stopped moving, “Come here baby!”

Xiao Ying stepped forward, and Mo Jingxuan slowly raised his body to kiss his forehead, but before he could relax his muscles and lie back down, Xiao Ying grabbed the back of his head to initiate a ruthless kiss.

The kiss went on for so long, and Xiao Ying reached so deep that Mo Jingxuan felt that he might be swallowed up in the next second.

“Wait….too much…” Unable to breathe, Mo Jingxuan struggled to push his words out and grab a break.

Xiao Ying pressed against him angrily, “Don’t refuse me!” And regardless of Mo Jingxuan’s struggle, kissed him again.

Looking helplessly at the foolish man kissing him like there was no tomorrow, a smile flashed in Mo Jingxuan’s eyes.
He stopped struggling, opting to instead relax and wait for his baby to finish laying claim to him.

“What are you doing?!” The door was opened at some point, and Xiao Yao stood in the frame, his eyes wide with shock.

After a pause, Xiao Ying opened his eyes and let go of Mo Jingxuan’s red and swollen lips.
After admiring the view he had created for a while, he turned his head and frowned at Xiao Yao, “Next time you come in, knock on the door.
What will you do if you scare my lover?”

Xiao Yao’s eyes bulged; he was incapable of accepting the scene in front of him, and with Xiao Yao mentioning his lover again….it was too much for his brain to handle.

Staring in shock at the two on the bed, Qin Yong was not as shocked by the idea of the two being lovers as something else and quietly grabbed his master’s attention, “Master….”

“Huh?” Xiao Yao looked back at Qin Yong blankly.

Not speaking, Qin Yong glanced pointedly at the bed, and Xiao Yao let his eyes take in the rest of the scene surrounding the faces of his son and the young man he had met earlier.
It was only then that he noticed, Mo Jingxuan’s hands were tied cleanly to the bed-tight enough that it looked as though marks would be left.
His heart skipped a beat as he looked back to his son, unable to believe the story he was quickly creating.

Not only did his son press down a man for a forced kiss, he even tied him up! “This—this—” Xiao Yao pointed at the two people on the bed, glancing repeatedly between them and Qin Yong.
He was anxious as he relayed orders, “Go–call the psychiatrist, I–my son is—”

“I’m fine, I don’t need to see a psychiatrist.”

“He’s fine, he doesn’t need to see a psychiatrist!”

Xiao Ying and Mo Jingxuan spoke simultaneously, not allowing the housekeeper to set foot outside the room.

“We were just playing a game,” Mo Jingxuan was frank with his excuses.

“Ah—” Xiao Yao was speechless for a while.

Xiao Ying took care of Mo Jingxaun’s messy clothes and got off the bed neatly, “I’m fine.
Sorry for making you worry so much during this time dad.”

Xiao Yao didn’t know whether to cry or laugh; his son refused to call him dad normally, making use of its effects to get on his good side very rarely.
He raised his hand, rubbing his face to hide the moisture in his eyes.

He took a deep breath, taking in his son’s seemingly normal attitude, and glanced again at Mo Jingxuan still tied to the bed as he wondered what method was used to cure Xiao Ying so quickly. 

“Baby, can you let me go first? I need to talk with uncle alone,” Mo Jingxuan lowered his voice as he asked Xiao Ying.

Xiao Yao’s face was profound, “Baby…my son was called baby by another man….”

Xiao Ying walked back to the bed with a dark face and grabbed Mo Jingxuan’s shoulder tightly, as if he was going to embed his shape into his.
“Don’t even think about it! SInce you said that you will die by my side, you’ll stay by my side! Don’t look at others, let alone talk to others! You are mine, mine alone!”

Xiao Yao opened his mouth, but seeing Xiao Ying’s irritable appearance, he eventually closed it without saying a word.

Mo Jingxuan sighed and had to compromise, “Then baby, you just watch from the side.
We have to explain at least a few things to uncle.”

“No need.” Xiao Ying refused without any hesitation, “You just need to stay here, don’t worry about anything else.
I’ll take care of everything.” Once he finished speaking, he reached up to check the belt holding Mo Jingxuan’s hands in place and assured himself that it was still sturdy.
Facing Xiao Yao, he spoke, “Go to the study.”

Xiao Yao nodded and left with Qin Yong first.
Xiao Ying stayed back to check the belt one last time before he closed the door and left with peace of mind that his Xuan would not be able to leave him.

Mo Jingxuan was helpless; with things like this, he doubted he would be able to go back for a while.
Luckily, no one in his family would worry about him missing; in fact, they might even celebrate the day he died.

It’s just…Mo Zhenhao still held the inheritance left to him by his mother.
Although it might not be much compared to the rest of the company, it was still enough to make a difference if he could snatch it back.
It was earned by his mother herself, and he had no intention of letting that cheap family of his have it.

This money wasn’t a part of the company at all, but instead, funds he could take whenever he wished….so long as Mo Zhenhao stayed out of his way.
It was different from the thirty percent of the Mo’s shares that couldn’t be obtained until he married.

Back when his mother earned those shares, the Mo family was caught in a state of tension because the capital chain had broken after they encircled several large lands in a prime area.
Yu Hong and Mo Zhenhao had not been together for long at this point and were in the passionate period of their love.
Although Yu Hong had not married into the Mo family yet, she still had enough influence in her family for her to be able to convince Mo Zhenhao that supporting her would be a much better investment.
He resolutely took the inheritance left to Yang Sirou by his parents and even shaved off the company shares she had been managing as a gift for Yu Hong.
Yang Sirou always meant to draw up the inheritance rights for her piece of the company but Mo Zhenhao acted during a time when everything was so chaotic that there was never a chance for her to sit down and act on her thoughts.
Soon after, she became seriously ill and died…the will that was read during her funeral was old, referencing portions of her belongings that were years old.
When that will had been made, she was still devoted to Mo Zhenhao and believed in the gilded future he promised her.
And it was he who convinced her that it would be better for any future children to pick up the family business only after they had settled down and had a family.

She had agreed in the moment, and Mo Zhenhao had even made his will to compliment it.
It’s a pity, that once Yang Sirou died, Mo Zhenhao changed his will for his own gain, and Mo Jingxuan was left unable to inherit his mother’s shares…

It was already decided that he would only have Xiao Ying in this life, and this country was not yet civilized enough to recognize the marriage of two men, leaving Mo Jingxuan with no way to gain the shares.
But the money that his mother left to him initially should be enough; as long as he has enough start-up capital, he would be able to earn back plenty based on his understanding on the major trends in the next few years.

Thinking of this, Mo Jingxuan smiled sarcastically.
His father was really capable.
From falling in love to getting married to the birth of his sons, until his mother was sick in bed, he played the part of a perfect husband.
If not, how could his mother trust him up to her death? 

Mo Jingxuan couldn’t wholly deny his mother’s love either.
It was a possibility that Mo Zhenhao really loved his mother, but after all, he couldn’t overcome the temptations of sin and control his lower body.
Even while his wife was pregnant, he was enjoying himself with another…if you cannot stay faithful, why pretend to be so devoted?

In his last life, he was a fool, coaxed around by this family of three and deceived by their false affection, leading to his brutal murder…In this life, he will have to pay back each thing they earned…Let them all learn to live properly. 

Although the Mo family is growing to be one of the more prominent families in the imperial capital, it is still incomparable with the strength of the Xiao family.
With Xiao Ying as the successor and his friends assisting, there is only one outcome once they come to heads.
It is by no means a whimsical fancy to crush the Mo family in the future; one day, he will let those liars experience the feeling of being cornered by the prey that they looked down upon.

Mo Jingxuan was deep in his thoughts in the room, and on the other side, Xiao Ying and Xiao Yao were talking in the study.

Xiao Ying dragged out everything without embellishment or disguise and nakedly presented his feelings to Xiao Yao.
He wanted Xiao Yao to realize he was not crazy; he just fell in love with someone slightly more memorable than the average first love. 

The story he told was unbelievable, one that sounded as if it was either a delusion or someone’s warped version of a fairy tale, but Xiao Yao had no choice but to believe it.
Looking back, there were many places where his son’s behavior didn’t match his age as a child.
And to tell him that his son had a person in his shadow that he fell in love with was slightly better to hear than his son went crazy after waking up one morning and there is no cure….Besides, didn’t that young master of the Mo family also know details about his son with no prior knowledge, or knowledge at all actually.
He certainly didn’t act like a five-year-old, however.

The study room was terribly quiet as Xiao Yao took in what he had heard.
Xiao Ying was waiting patiently, thinking of Mo Jingxuan, who was lying on his bed in his room.
The longer the pause drew on, the more anxious Xiao Ying grew, feeling as though his Xuan would leave again if he couldn’t keep him in sight at all times.

Xiao Yao returned to his senses and saw that Xiao Ying was more than a little irritable and coughed lightly, “He is the son of the Mo family, and you are both men.
Even if I don’t object, the Mo family may still have their own opinions.
And have you actually asked Mo Jingxuan for his opinion? Did he really agree?” To say that he believed Mo Jingxuan wanted to be tied up would be a lie in and of itself, but after hearing the story that Xiao Ying shared, he didn’t have the heart to voice his disbelief; the look ok Xiao Ying’s face only reinforcing those thoughts.

With a sneer, Xiao Ying said, “The Mo family? What do they have to do with me? Whether they agree or not, he can only be mine.
I’d like to see someone try and take him away.
Their opinions don’t matter and neither does yours.
I’m not asking for your opinion, I’m only talking to you now because Xuan seems to like when I act like a good son.”

Xiao Yao was in a complicated mood.
He shouldn’t be happy that his son had so little regard for him as a father, but judging from how he treated others, he at least had a little face.
The joy brought from realizing that his son regarded him as someone higher than an ant was diminished with the worry he held for Xiao Ying’s growing paranoia, “Dad doesn’t care whether you like men or women, as long as you are happy I will support you.
Chase your dreams boldly and I will stay out of your way.” He stepped forward and patted Xiao Ying’s shoulder with a lonely expression, “I let go of your mother’s hand and regretted it for a lifetime, I don’t want to watch you make the same mistakes I did….Just keep in mind, Mo Zhenhao is not a simple person, make sure you are mentally prepared when you confront him.”

“I will help Xiao Ying destroy the Mo family with my own hands!” At this moment, Mo Jingxuan pushed open the door and entered boldly.

Xiao Ying stared at Mo Jingxuan’s unbound arms and shouted violently, “Who told you you could leave? Are you trying to run away again!?”

Seeing that he was about to lose control again, Mo Jingxuan hurried forward to hug him.
Patting his back softly, he calmed his worries, “Not running! Not running! I just saw that you were taking so long to come back; I was worried and came to check.”

Xiao Ying tightly hugged the person in his arms and buried his head deep in his neck.
Smelling the faint fragrance of tea from Mo Jingxuan, his heart gradually calmed down, and he relaxed.

Xiao Yao rubbed his temples to soothe his headache; why was his son sniffing people like a dog? It’s so….


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