used, “Do you still feel lonely?”

“No.” Xiao Ying denied quickly and raised his hand to Mo Jingxuan’s face, “I was just thinking aloud, you are obviously already by my side.”

Mo Jingxuan looked at him and wanted to cry, “Baby, I wish more and more that I was still human these days….”

Burying his face deep into the shadow, Xiao Ying didn’t respond but hugged him tightly.
The shadow was held to his body as if he was trying to merge into one with the black whispy form.

No matter what Xuan said, he was content with him always being with him as a shadow.
There was no way for him to leave like this….

But no matter how the two of them thought, it was the fate of Mo Jingxuan for him to continue his life as a shadow of Xiao Ying, year after year.
Before they knew it, Xiao Ying was about to graduate his last year of University and begin to take over Xiao Yao’s management of the company.

Xiao Ying had turned twenty-one this year and was still as close as ever to Mo Jingxuan, neither of them having actually fulfilled their agreement to give each other personal space.

“Xuan, Zi Bo and the others will be coming over later.
I plan on talking to them and persuading them to work for me after graduation, do you have any good ideas? I’m mainly stuck on how to get Zi Bo to agree, his self esteem is much higher than the others’.”

Mo Jingxuan smiled, “Don’t worry.
As long as you open your mouth to ask him, Zi Bo will definitely be willing to come.
He might have strong self-esteem, but he is still smart and will pick the better choice.” Based on his understanding of Zi Bo from his two lifetimes, there was no reason for Xiao Ying to worry.

Touching Mo Jingxuan’s head, Xiao Ying said, “I hope you’re right.
I don’t have a firm foothold in the company right now, and if I had more people on my side, it would be of great help to me in improving my influence.
Not to mention, Xiao Yixiu will be joining the company with me….”

Rubbing his fingers against his lips, Mo Jingxuan couldn’t help frowning, “Your father’s decision in this regard was really ill considered.
There are so many ways for Xiao Yixiu to live a rich and prosperous life without giving him a job in the family business.
Since he decided not to give him the right to inherit, he shouldn’t be kept as close as he is.
By giving him the position of deputy general manager, does he want to help you two get along with you as general manager? It’s really a good dream! Xiao Yixiu is not an idiot, and behind him Zhao Lingjun still holds influence, he will not be able to resist the temptation of fighting for his share of inheritance.”

Xiao Ying wasn’t as worried as he had made it sound earlier, only having wanted more of Mo Jingxuan’s attention, and proudly declared his dominance over his Xuan, “You don’t need to pay attention to other people anymore.
I can take care of them myself; you just need to stay by my side and keep me company.” 

Mo Jingxuan had grown used to having close contact with Xiao Ying over the years; hardly a day had gone by without multiple hugs and cuddles between the two, and he took the initiative to lean into Xiao Ying at this moment.
Lazily coaxing him he said, “I know how wonderful my baby is; I just hate the idea of leaving the flies buzzing around you alone for so long.
Tsk, you need to find time to talk with your father about your relationship with Xiao Yixiu later.”

Playing with Mo Jingxuan’s hair, Xiao Ying agreed easily, “I’ll mention it when I have a chance.”

“Ding Dong”—-The sound of the doorbell interrupted their conversation.

Kissing Mo Jingxuan lightly, Xiao Ying nudged him away to go get it, “That should be Zi Bo and the others.”

Mo Jingxuan nodded, and his body gradually became transparent as he cast himself down to copy Xiao Ying, becoming invisible to anyone looking.

As soon as the door was opened, Xia Qifan couldn’t wait to rush into the room, “Xiao Ying, are you hiding a girl in here? What took you so long to open the door?”

Xiao Ying raised his eyebrows and looked at him pointedly, Xia Qifan taking the hint and shutting up immediately.

“Come on in.” Xiao Ying moved from the door frame, and the group bustled in one after another.

Watching them come in, there was one extra person following behind Zi Bo.
Mo Jingxuan saw the man approaching Xiao Ying and couldn’t control his emotions at all, stretching out his form and aimed sharply for his neck, “Boom!” The bag of groceries in Zi Bo’s hand was knocked across the room without warning.

Zi Bo looked down at his hands with a puzzled expression on his face.

Having sensed that something was wrong with Mo Jingxuan, Xiao Ying had paid more attention and managed to stop him from reaching the newcomer in time.
“This is…” Xiao Ying frowned as he glanced from the unknown face to the others, beckoning them to explain.

Xia Qifan slapped his thigh, “Ah! I forgot.
This handsome guy is our junior, Mo Heng, he said he had always admired us four and came to ask for autographs.
You’re the only one who hadn’t given him one, so we conveniently brought him along, haha….”

Xiao Ying studied Mo Heng closely, “Your surname is Mo?”

Revealing a polite smile, Mo Heng reached out to shake hands with Xiao Ying, “Yes, I’m a new freshman here.
It’s nice to meet you, senior.”

Nodding, Xiao Ying shook his hand but had no intention of inviting him into the house, letting him stand by the door instead.

Mo Heng still showed a smile, portraying himself as a fan perfectly, “I have been hearing about your actions in school for so long and have always wanted to meet you, but you were always so busy.
Today I came here without asking first because of my excitement in having a chance to finally speak to you, please forgive me Senior Xiao.”

“No problem,” Xiao Ying didn’t care about the unannounced arrival of a freshman; he was more interested in why his Xuan reacted so harshly to him, “We still have something to talk about today, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to entertain you.”

He waved his hands again, apologizing, “Sorry, I’m sorry! I’m the one who was being rude!” Mo Heng bowed one more time to the group before turning around to leave quickly.
He got a couple of steps out before he seemed to remember something and came back to say, “I hope next time I meet you senior, you will be willing to sign my autograph!”

“This kid is not bad.” Xia Qifan stared at Mo Heng’s back as he commented.

Agreeing, Ren Yue nodded.
“He’s pretty handsome and polite too.” But as she spoke, she cast a glance over to Xiao Ying, “It seems that Xiao Ying doesn’t like him though.”


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