than his father.
To try and teach him to protect himself now, that was a joke to laugh at.

“En.” Xiao Ying nodded.

Satisfied, he sat the boy on his lap and took his phone out to call the exclusive Xiao family doctor.

As he did this, Zhao Lingjun was fidgeting in her seat.
She really wanted to get up and run away, but doing so would only make matters worse.
She still had the fluke mentality; even if the medicine was discovered, it was only a small dosage.
It was just medicine for insomnia, and she was Yixiu’s mother, so why should she have to worry?

After calling the doctor over, Xiao Yao was silent for a while before saying to Zhao Lingjun, “I hope you didn’t do anything to disappoint me, after all…you are Yixiu’s mother.
Soon the doctor will be here so if you want to admit anything, now is the time.”

“What could I have done? After so many years of being husband and wife, just because of a child’s fantasies you’ll call the doctor to check.
Am I not even as important as that housekeeper in your heart?”

Xiao Yao said lightly, “Apart from being Yixiu’s mother, in this house, you really have nothing.”

Zhao Lingjun looked at the man in front of her as she burst out laughing, “Hahaha…okay, I have nothing! So what, even after staying by your side for years, I am still nothing!”

After that, the room fell into an endless silence until the doctor’s arrival was announced by a servant, “Master, Doctor Xia Chengyu is here.”

“Let him in.”

A man in a suit with gold-rimmed glasses and a fair complexion walked in, followed by a young man in a lab coat and a child.

The messy-haired little boy grabbed the gentle man’s hand and said, “Dad, dad, this place is so big! It’s even bigger than our own house! I’m going to go play in the yard we passed, okay? It was really pretty!”

Xia Chengyu awkwardly told the naughty child, “Qifan, don’t make trouble,” before apologizing, “I’m sorry to bother you.
My son was refusing to stay home, I only brought him with me as a last resort.”

Xiao Yao didn’t care, “It’s fine, my son just came to the Imperial Capital and doesn’t have any playmates yet.
Feel free to bring your son over when you are not busy.” The man looked at Xiao Ying in surprise, realizing who he was as Xiao Ying explained, “He’s my beloved son.
I only found him recently, else you would have met long ago.”

Xia Chengyu smiled and said nothing, and after greeting Zhao Lingjun, he looked at the soup on the dining table and asked, “Is this the soup you need checked?”


He took the soup cup, shaking it slightly as he sniffed it carefully before tapping the table and ordering his assistant to get out his materials.
The young man in the white lab coat quickly unloaded a white box from his bag. 

Opening the box, there were various precision instruments to be taken out and assembled before they could begin.
Finally, a rectangular piece of paper was handed to the doctor, who dripped two drops of soup onto it.
The paper turned orange and was inserted into the instrument. 

Glancing at the series of numbers that were displayed after a few minutes, Xia Chengyu announced, “The soup contains a small amount of sleeping pills.”

Zhao Lingjun tensed in her seat.

Mo Jingxuan frowned; it was impossible for this woman to scheme so much just for her to only use sleeping pills.

Xiao Yao seemed to agree with Mo Jingxuan’s thoughts as he glanced at her, asking the doctor again, “It’s just a sleeping pill?”

Xia Chengyu nodded, “But this sleeping pill has serious side effects and has been strictly banned by the state.
When taken over a period of time, the subject will go insane without any traces of manipulation.”

Mo Jingxuan suddenly understood this was why Xiao Yao went insane in his last life.
He hadn’t interfered, and Zhao Lingjun would have successfully drugged Xiao Yao.
He no longer had to worry, Xiao Ying’s mental condition in his past life wasn’t hereditary, and he could raise him to be a normal, kind child this time.

He laughed at himself, that meant that it was entirely because of him that Xiao Ying became like that then.
To make a man so crazy for him, what was he capable of? Why did his heart hurt so much when he thought of it? ……Xiao…Xiao….Baby….In this life, it will never happen again.
No matter what.

Staring at Zhao Lingjun, Xiao Yao calmly asked her, “You want to see me mad?”

Not expecting Xia Chengyu to know so much about a medicine that had long been banned, Zhao Lingjun was not ready to explain.
She stumbled over herself, saying, “No, no, I—I just watch you—watch you sleep! It’s not good, so—so—”

Xiao Yao shook his head, “Look at you.
You’re contradicting yourself from earlier and can barely get a word out of your mouth.
Do you want to confess it yourself or should I call the police to help you?”

“No—!” Zhao LIngjun grabbed the hem of Xiao Yao’s pants as she knelt down by his feet, her eyes in a panic as she pleaded, “Yao, you can’t do this to me, I am Yixiu’s mother.
The only daughter of the Zhao family, you can’t treat me like this, you can’t!”

Looking down at his wife, Xiao Yao was disheartened, “Is there nothing you can’t do? You’ve beat my son, drugged my food, and who knows what else you’ve schemed….
And those were only in the last three days! Do you think that just because I married you, I’ll let you get away with everything? So far, all of your chances have been for Yixiu’s sake, otherwise you would not be able to even think of kneeling at my feet.
You still want to mention the Zhao family? Are you so stupid you don’t realize that what you’ve done is a crime? Who found you the banned drugs, huh? Do you really think that they will come stand up for you and put themselves in harms way? All you’re doing is offering more evidence to be handed over to the police….
I’ll give you two choices.
You can sign a divorce agreement and go back to your old home, or you could go to prison.”

Zhao Lingjun let go weakly, “I’ll go.
Don’t call the police.” She staggered to her feet, and Xiao Ying, who was still beside Xiao Yao, caught her eye.
Raising her hand, she slapped down hard, only to be seen by Xiao Yao and flung away.

“Slap!’ Following Xiao Yao’s moves, Mo Jingxuan, slapped the woman hard, adding to the force of her fall.

“Get out.” Xiao Yao picked up Xiao Ying and left the room, not looking back.

Once he had gone, Xia Chengyu picked up the soup and data as evidence and took his son to follow Xiao Ying out. 

And Zhao Lingjun, who was lying on the ground? She crawled up in despair and left the house humiliated and unwillingly.


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