She glanced over unconsciously. 

Wei Luo also looked at her, with a trace of surprise in his cold eyes, wondering why she was still sitting there lost in thought. 

Yin Hui stared at him with a pair of clear peach blossom eyes. 

The Wei Luo in front of her was too young, with sword-like eyebrows and phoenix eyes, and a face as white as jade.
Although his brows and eyes were cold, she could vaguely see a bit of freshness belonging to young people.
How could he be the 30-year-old, solemn man Yin Hui met the previous night, King of Shu? 

Yin Hui stared blankly at Wei Luo’s nose.
The 30-year-old Prince Shu had begun to grow a beard, and his majesty became more serious.
However, at that moment, Wei Luo was still Wei Luo, but without a beard. 

She lost her composure for too long, which made Wei Luo frown, “Why are you looking at me like that?” 

Yin Hui suddenly lowered her head at that moment, looking at the coat on her body. 

She finally remembered what was wrong.
Before going to bed the previous night, she was not wearing that clothes, and the color and pattern were completely different.

Looking at that room again, although Yin Hui had not lived in it for many years, she still recognized it.
That was their yard in the Yan Palace. 

Yin Hui walked toward the dressing table in a daze.
The two lamps provided soft light.
Yin Hui supported the back of the chair with both hands and looked at herself in the mirror with complicated emotions. 

In the mirror, she looked younger than Wei Luo.
She was fifteen or sixteen years old, with disheveled black hair, and her cheeks were bright red because she had just experienced xoxo.

Yin Hui touched her face. 

She did the same in the mirror. 

Suddenly, another figure appeared in the mirror, Wei Luo frowned even deeper, and his cold gaze fell on her. 

With a mess in her head, Yin Hui gathered her shirt, instinctively wanting to escape from there first, wanting to be alone. 

She also needed to take a bath. 

“I’m going to take a bath!” After leaving those words, Yin Hui left in a hurry. 

The bathroom had a shower room and a tub for soaking in the bath.
Wei Luo had bathed there, so there was a layer of flower petals floating in the tub. 

Yin Hui walked into the room first. 

The servant girl Jinzhan skillfully waited for her.

Yin Hui stared at Jinzhan intently, who also turned into fifteen or sixteen-year-old. 

“What’s the matter, madam?” Jinzhan asked strangely. 


If it was in the second year of Jinghe, if it was in the Shu Palace in the capital, Jinzhan should call her Wangfei. 

“I had a nightmare.
I was confused.
Tell me, what year and month is it this year?” Yin Hui asked tremblingly. 

She knew that she must have returned before her father-in-law became the Emperor, but she needed to confirm the year.

Jinzhan’s expression became even weirder.
Half an hour ago, the third master and her had such a big quarrel, and the lady actually lied and said that she had a nightmare?

But Jinzhan still replied truthfully, “This year is the eighth year of Xianning, and today is the ninth day of July.” 

There was a bang in her mind, and Yin Hui almost couldn’t stand up. 

She and Wei Luo married in the seventh year of Xianning, and her son Wei Heng was born in the eighth year of Xianning.
In other words, she returned to ten years ago in her sleep.
She was only sixteen years old, and her son was only a few months old.

After wiping her body, Yin Hui sat alone in the bathtub and asked Jinzhan to go out. 

Was it a dream? 

Yin Hui could still feel the hot water, but she still pinched her own thigh.
The pain made her gasp, even the scene with Wei Luo before was extremely real. 

She stayed in the bathroom until the water was cold before stepping out, and Jinzhan helped her change into her new underwear. 

“What time is it?” Yin Hui asked in a low voice. 

Jinzhan said, “It’s just past four.” 

After she finished speaking, she continued to fasten the buttons under her master’s armpit. 

Yin Hui looked out the window. 

Wei Luo’s words rang in her ears again, “I am going to Beijing this time, and I may return in September…” 

Yin Hui thought about it thoroughly. 

On August 20th of that year, Emperor Jianlong, Wei Luo’s grandfather, was going to celebrate his 60th birthday.
On such a big day, he did not summon the three princes and sons to the palace, but ordered his sons to send their two grandsons to the capital.  

On the side of the Yan Palace, her father-in-law decided that the elder son Wei Yang and her husband, the third master Wei Luo would go to Beijing. 

Since they were going to travel far, it made sense that Wei Luo suddenly became interested again after sleeping until the third watch that night. 

After figuring everything out, Yin Hui calmed down a lot when she returned to the inner room. 

“Why so late? Turn off the lights,”  Wei Luo’s displeased voice came from inside, probably disliking that she took too long and kept the lights on for too long which disturbed his rest. 

Yin Hui silently turned off the two lamps, walked to the bed, crawled from the foot of the bed to the inner side, and got into her own bed. 

“Why did you scold me before?” The man next to her asked suddenly, sounding like he wasn’t sleepy yet. 

Yin Hui made up a reason casually, “I was very tired and just wanted to sleep, but you came to torment me, but I already know my mistake, please forgive me.” 

Wei Luo was silent. 

In the past, when he suddenly got excited in the middle of the night, she had always been submissive and cooperative.
Being married for more than a year, she was so polite and cautious.
How could she ever be rude to him? 

She acted so wildly that night, his back was covered with blood marks, showing the depth of resentment. 

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