Afterward, Arkhen looked at the new tab, |Quests| that appeared in his system panel.

He opened the tab and saw two quests.

[Daily Quest: Body Training]


-> 0/100 push-ups.

-> 0/100 sit-ups.

-> 0/10 kilometer running.


-> 2 reality points.

-> Body Enhancing candy x 1

How long will I need to do this daily quest? Arkhen asked as he took off his shirt and prepared to do the exercises.

[After you complete this daily quest for 10 days in a row while eating Body Enhancing Chocolate every day, you will achieve a perfect human male body.]

I see, Arkhen nodded before he looked at the second quest.

[Main Quest: Tyrants Path]


-> Beat one person who offends you (0/1)


-> 10 Roulette tickets.

Huh? Who is going to offend me? Arkhen frowned.

[You will attract trouble whether you like it or not. Mostly because of this system and secondly because you are now the sole son of the prominent Walton Familys family head.]

Sole son? Father told me I had siblings though, Arkhen said in his head while he continued doing push-ups.

[He has two daughters but no sons. You are his sole son]

Ohh…hahaha. Thats interesting, Arkhen laughed internally.

After a while, his body reached its limit after doing fifteen push-ups.

[Lord, as long as you haven lost your willpower, you can move your physical body with the systems help. So you must complete these exercises today. Your first goal is to rule this planet earth.]

Arkhen gritted his teeth as he spiked his hands and once again started doing push-ups. Alright! I will do it! I am not going back to my old self! No more!

I will become powerful. More powerful than anyone!

I will achieve everything and will get whatever I want!

Arkhen continued doing push-ups as he ignited the tiny spark inside him into blazing ambition! An Ambitious of a tyrant, of a ruler, of a demon, of someone who wants to reign above everyone else!


Suddenly, Arkhen heard a moaning sound and was startled. What happened?

[N-nothing Lord. Please continue to focus on your training]

While Arkhen was training, the family members downstairs had already finished breakfast and were wondering when Arkhen would come down.

”Should I call him here, miss Isabella? ” Alfred said to a beautiful woman with white hair. She wore a gorgeous dress and her big melons were perfectly shaped. She had beautiful, long, and wavy red hair that mixed with her serene green eyes made her look even sexier.

”No need. Let him sleep, ” Isabella said with a gentle smile. ”He must have been tired since Mark told him that arrived here at late night. ”

”Mom, can we go and see him? ”

”We won disturb him. ”

Two young ladies aged 22 years old said. Both of them were beauties and inherited the physical traits of their mother, especially the big melons. Of course, they were smaller than Isabella but perfect in their own way.

Both of them had worn casual clothes like a t-shirt and shorts. Lily had a short ponytail with the same hair color as her mother, while Evelyn had a long ponytail and had black hair like her father.

”Ahem, we still need to do his blood testing, ” a young man sitting at the table spoke. He was 23-year-old and was the son of Mark Waltons brother. So he was the cousin brother of Arkhen.

”Daniel, since my brother deemed him to be his son, the result should also be positive, ” said Daniels father, John.

But internally, John was dissatisfied. Ill have to find an opportunity to kill this Arkhen. Damn it. How can he just come here and become the heir? My son is definitely more capable of handling the company.

Johns wife, Grace, said nothing regarding the ongoing topic and stood up. ”Isabella, we should go now. Its time. ”

”Alright, ” Isabella nodded. She glanced upstairs for a second before she turned her head. Ill meet him after returning.

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