[Congratulations, You have gotten a ????-rank item from the mystery box: The Book of Exotic Demons]

”Huh? The Book of Exotic Demons? ” Luke was startled. ”Also, why I can see its rank? ”

[The Book of Exotic Demons. I was also not aware of its existence until now, but it seemed to have come from the ninth realm.]

”Ninth realm? Take it out, let me see, ” Luke said and right after that, a big book materialized and floated in front of him. The book looked absolutely demonic, with a strange eye carved in the center of its cover.

Luke felt something strange when looking at the book and gulped. He stretched his hand and tried to open it, but failed.

[I believe you need to bind it to your soul by dropping some drops of your blood on it]

”I can pierce my own skin, ” Luke wryly smiled and shook his head. ”Ill have to wait until this absolute protection turns off. ”

[Do keep in mind that after the absolute protection deactivates, you will return to your normal human self with no powers. But no worries, you will get stronger as long as you complete the quests and trains your body.]

Luke looked at the timer and narrowed his eyes. sixteen minutes left until the absolute protection turns off. Velshi, lets go to my fathers house.

[It will take 4 reality points to teleport you there. The cost of teleportation increases according to the distance.]

”Do it, ” Luke said with a nod.

In the second, the scenery in front of Luke changed, and he appeared at his fathers house. However, his face turned dark when he saw his father and his stepmother **ing in the living room. They don even worry that Rosa is outside this late night and are **ing here.

Velshi, can you make it such that no sound goes out of this house?

[Thats easy, it will require only 2 reality points.]

Do it, Luke said.

Luke had appeared behind the sofa on which Davin and Merina were having sex, so they didn notice him. But Luke kicked the sofa as both of them were thrown forward along with the sofa.

”Who is it!? ” Devin shouted while being buried under the sofa. Merina was also buried under as they both tried to move, but they couldn move the large sofa off them.

Luke walked towards them and flung the Sofa aside before looking at both naked assholes.

”Y-you, what are you doing here?! ” Davin shouted with anger in his eyes.

Merina quickly covered her tits and crossed her legs before shouting, ”get out from here, bastard! ”

Luke kicked Davins leg and broke it while he looked at Merina and grinned. ”You tortured me a lot. I am not going to give you an easy death. ”

”L-Luke, what are doing? ” Davin said as he saw Luke moving toward Merina and grabbing her by her hair.

Merina screamed and tried to remove Lukes hands from her hair, but couldn do anything.

”Shut up! ” Luke shouted at his father before he threw Merina onto another sofa. ”Stay there without moving if you don want to die! ”

Merina was scared shitless and didn dare to move. She experienced Lukes strength already, so she knew the struggle was futile. I need to call police…police…how?

On the other hand, Luke turned to his father and narrowed his eyes. ”I remember you gave me this name, right? ”

”Y-yes, Yes. I named you Luke. You are my son. Why are you doing this to us? ” Davin pleaded.

”Don call me Luke! The only thing I remember taking from you is your beating, curses, and torture! I don want to have anything to do with you, not even your shitty name!

”From now on, my name is…Arkhen. Arkhen will be the new beginning of my life! ” Arkhen said as a demonic wild smile appeared on his face. ”This beginning will begin with your end! ”

”Y-you, what are you planning to do to us? ” Davin said fearfully.

*Arghhhhh* Arkhen broke Davins second leg, completely crippling him.

”You love this bitch? You love her more than my mother and me, so you abandoned me, ” Arkhen said as he walked toward Merina and looked at her. ”And you, a prideful piece of shit. I am sure you wouldn enjoy what I am going to do like I did with your daughter. ”

”M-my daughter? What did you do to her? ” Merina asked as a feeling of dread welled up in her.

”You really raised your daughter well, ” Arkhen said as he grabbed Merinas neck and pulled her up. ”She gave me away to those beasts so they could cut me into pieces and sell my organs. Hahahaha, she did that without a shred of hesitation. And when I **ed her, she was enjoying it!! So I killed it. But I am sure…

”You will not enjoy it, ” Arkhen narrowed his eyes as he grinned. ”You will feel humiliated, right? I am going to shatter you and your husband from inside first. ”

After saying that, Arkhen threw her on the floor and sat down on the sofa before pulling down his pants. He stretched his hand forward and conjured a fireball using his skill.

”If you don want to get burned to death, then you know what to do, ” Arkhen said coldly.

”No! NOOO! ” Davin screamed and tossed around, but couldn do anything with his broken legs.

”Please don do that. I am your mother, ” Merina said as she sobbed.

”Shut up!! You are not my mother, ” Arkhen got so angry at hearing that he was going to kill her, but barely stopped himself. He wasn going to let them off easily. The years of torture he suffered couldn end in mere seconds for them.

”No…no…, ” Merisa backed off as she saw Arkhen standing up with his meat rod dangling in the front. However, Arkhen caught her legs and pulled her before grabbing her neck and forcefully putting his dick in her pussy.

”NOOO! Stop, bastard! Stop! ” Davin screamed and cried, but he couldn do anything. He was also wondering why nobody came to help them after this much ruckus.

”Jeez, mother and daughter are the same, ” Arkhen saw a pervert, and a satisfied expression on Merinas face after ten minutes, and he was disgusted. He threw her on the floor as she lay there with white stuff coming out of her hole.

On the other hand, Davin just lifelessly stared at them while laying on the floor.

”Im done here, ” Arkhen said indifferently. ”Burn away. ”

Both of them were caught on fire as they screamed for a second before turning into ash.

[2 reality points gained]

”What to do now? ” Arkhen muttered as he sat on the sofa.

[Do you want me to remove the evidence like with Rosa and her boyfriend?]

”No, wait. Thats not enough. I need my life set after absolute protection deactivates, ” Arkhen said as he saw that only five minutes were left until the absolute protection disappears.

A few seconds later, Arkhen got an idea and grinned. ”Use all remaining reality points and make me a son of an influential family. You can decide the target based on my remaining reality points, but you can spend them all for the best result. ”

[Understood. The process is initiating…]

[Transfer will start in five seconds. 5…4…3…2…1]

Arkhen disappeared from this house and appeared….

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