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1L: In two hours, the end of the world will descend upon us.
Now is the time to start making preparations.

The concise line of words was very different from those who quoted frequently used classics to prove when the end of the world will happen.

Ruan Ning could confirm that this post wasn’t published by the male lead Gu Yi Cheng.

Could it be that there was someone else in the world who was also reborn? Or the author of the post awoken the ability that could foresee the future?

Ruan Ning continued reading on out of curiosity.

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2L: 666, here comes another person pretending to be a prophet.

3L: @2L don’t say that, what if what he said is true? (Joke.jpg)

4L: It’s because of lame people like you that the end of the world is being treated as a joke.
When the end of the world truly arrived, serve you right.

5L: it’s unfounded and there are still people who believed it.
If you have so much free time, use it to think of what to eat for tonight’s dinner.


Ruan Ning roughly glanced through the thread and found that no one actually believed in the author of the post.
It wasn’t until after 3:30 that the replies started to change in tone.

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55L: It’s 3:30pm already and yet everything is normal.
After confirmation, the author might be delusional.

56L: Hahahah, yet another false prophet.


70L: ….
Wait, what’s happening! I think I have seen a real zombie!!

71L: @70L you must have been invited by the author to give support, such attention seekers.

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90L: You guys might not believe me but I have just experienced a life and death battle.
I was smoking at the corridor and suddenly a guy rushed forward wanting to bite me.
Luckily I was quick to respond and kicked him away.
At first, I thought he had gone crazy but I noticed that he was acting weird and his complexion had turned green.
I recalled seeing this post and realised this was the zombie from the movies.
I got so spooked that I rushed home and that guy was still chasing after me.
Thank goodness I used to be the champion of my school’s 100-m sprint competition and managed to escape.

93L: 90L is even more of an attention seeker than 70L.
Quickly check if you have been scratched by that guy.
If you have, then congratulations, you have successfully become a member of the zombies.


102L: Shit! Shit! I think I have also encountered one today! So that crazy guy was actually a zombie.

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205L: Do not ever go out! The streets outside now are filled with this! It took me much effort to escape to a supermarket.
It is too scary outside! Who can save me!!

Further down, there were more people responding to the post.
The post had accumulated more than 5000 replies and was still growing.
The latest replies were getting more shocking than the last and some people even attached photos.

Ruan Ning opened one of it and saw a high res photo of a zombie devouring a disfigured woman under a street lamp.
The photographer was likely on higher ground and the zombie happened to raise his head at the time.
The zombie’s face was ashen and his eyes protruded.
There was blood all over his mouth and severed limbs around him.

Ruan Ning wasn’t able to discern the looks of a zombie previously as she was on high floor.
Seeing this photo now made her stomach turn and she remembered that she had just consumed meat.

Ruan Ning almost vomited at this.

My goodness! This zombie was too disgusting!

This couldn’t even compare with the movies.

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