Ruan Ning scolded Gu Yi Cheng in her heart for the umpteenth times before she felt slightly better. 

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Gu Hua Sheng would not lie to her.
He must have called Gu Yi Cheng beforehand to get him to come pick her up.
Then there is only one possibility and that is Gu Yi Cheng didn’t want to save her at all which is why he chose to turn off his phone.

No, that’s wrong.
The male lead had reborn so he knew that in the past life the original Ruan Ning had died.

He must be thinking that she was sure to meet her end in school and didn’t bother to collect her corpse.

Thinking of this, Ruan Ning suddenly didn’t feel good.

Sobs, she still wanted to stay alive.

Why is this world so cruel to her…

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She was only twenty years old and this body was still a minor at seventeen years old; couldn’t there be more compassion!

After making repeated calls with the same result, Ruan Ning gave up on the idea of hugging the male lead’s thighs.

Forget it, since she couldn’t contact the male lead, she would become self-reliant.

Wasn’t it just zombies? Who’s afraid!

At, at most she would just stay indoors!!

Ruan Ning thought of complaining to Gu Hua Sheng but how effective could that be?! As long as the male lead didn’t take the initiative to contact anyone, no one could reach him.

Ruan Ning walked to the window sullenly and drew the curtains to look at the situation outside.

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She lived on the ninth floor and from where she was, she could see a few slow-moving figures on the road between the apartment buildings.

From their stiff movements, it was obvious that these are not living people but monsters that ate people.
Zombies only followed their instincts to find food.
With her current short stature of less than one meter six, it wouldn’t even satisfy those few zombies.

Ruan Ning sighed and glanced towards the sky.
The sun was setting and it was getting dark.

Although zombies were not afraid of the sun, they were still more active at night.

This house should be secured enough since it cost a lot of money to purchase.

Ruan Ning’s heart settled a little bit and she quickly drew the curtains. 

Zombies made use of smell and hearing to track living things.
Ruan Ning’s actions seemed to be redundant but in fact it is mainly to avoid those people with bad intentions.
If it was known that there was someone in this apartment, this place might be targeted.

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It was only the first day now.
Everyone more or less had food in their house so they wouldn’t have other ideas yet but that might not be the case in a few days when they went through all the food supplies they had.

Ruan Ning did not dare to challenge human nature.

Being alone as a girl in the end times, it is very important to protect oneself well QAQ.

Ruan Ning tried her best not to overthink and took a mental inventory of the neatly arranged variety of food in the refrigerator.
She would have a guilty conscience if all these food were wasted.

She didn’t have a space storage and considering that the power outage would soon happen in a few days, these food couldn’t be kept long.
She would have to find a way to consume the perishable food first and keep the junk food for later.

Ruan Ning had never cooked on her own so after spending hours in the kitchen following recipes, she finally produced a few passable dishes.

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Hmm… It seemed that she didn’t have the talent for cooking.

Thinking of the tougher days ahead, she would have to start getting used to it from now on.
Ruan Ning reluctantly swallowed the food and finished it.

Once her hunger was satiated, Ruan Ning found a trending post on the net.

Even though S City had issues with telecommunications, other cities were not affected.
Besides, as long as the mobile phone had battery, it could pick up on wifi and surfing the net became possible.

Ruan Ning curiously opened the post and realised that it was on the topic of doomsday prophecies.

Ever since years ago, people had spoken about the end of the world was nearing.
There was some hype about it at first but the topic was later buried by other trends and everyone went about their day as usual. 

The reason why this post was trending is due to the fact that it was published at 1:30pm this afternoon.

The author of the post predicted that the end of the world would begin in two hours.

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