Lin Yang and Jiang Jing Chao watched on as Gu Yi Cheng switched off his phone after the call with Mr Gu ended.

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Lin Yang had washed off the blood stains on his body and put on a fresh set of clothes.
He went to the living room and at this time, Jiang Jing Chao had already been sitting there alone tinkering with his computer.

He remembered what happened before and asked casually: “Chao Zi, is it really okay for Brother Gu to leave his sister alone like this?”

Lin Yang had met Ruan Ning before.

The frail little girl looked as if she would be blown away by the wind.
Her personality was also like that of a startled rabbit and she would most probably be frightened when she saw the zombies outside.
If she was really left alone, she most likely would not be able to survive.

Although Mr.
Gu was extremely biased, he didn’t even have a word of concern for his son when he called.
He went straight to the point requesting Brother Gu to risk his life finding an adopted daughter of the Gu family asap.

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Even though things were like this and he had always sided with Brother Gu, Lin Yang still couldn’t bring himself to hate a frail little girl like Ruan Ning.

Lin Yang rubbed his chin thinking that it was a pity.
It seemed that the world was about to lose another flower-like beauty.

Jiang Jing Chao raised his head and before he could say anything, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded from above, “If you feel sorry for her, you can go out and find her now.” ”

Gu Yi Cheng had the perfect face.
Hidden beneath his fringe was a pair of indifferent and ruthless black eyes which reduced the rebelliousness that originally belonged to the teenager.

Gu Yi Cheng walked down from the second floor of the villa wearing black casual clothes.
He clearly didn’t have any anger in his words and even the corner of his mouth turned up faintly.

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But when Lin Yang saw him like this, he didn’t dare to say anything unnecessary.

Others might not know but how could he not understand when he had followed Brother Gu for so many years.
Something wasn’t right with Brother Gu’s mood, he actually smiled! He actually smiled in such circumstances.

It’s over, it’s over! Someone would suffer.

Lin Yang quickly waved his hand: “No, no, Brother Gu.
It isn’t my place to worry about your sister.” 

Outside was full of zombies who would bite whenever they see people.
If he were to get out there, he was not sure that he could make it back alive, let alone bringing a weak girl along.

Besides, even if he was confident to succeed, he didn’t dare to against Brother Gu’s intentions.

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The strange thing was that it wasn’t new that Mr Gu and Brother Gu didn’t see eye to eye on things. It stands to reason that that phone call shouldn’t have made Brother Gu so furious.

Jiang Jing Chao was a taciturn person and since neither of the other two said anything, he didn’t mention anything about saving Ruan Ning.

Gu Yi Cheng played with the satellite phone on the table, deep in thought.

In the last life, he was also at the capital city when the outbreak happened.
When that person who was treated by his father as his own birth daughter was found dead at school, his father became so ill that it took a very long time for him to recover.

If he were the one who died, that person might not even be this grief-stricken was what Gu Yi Cheng thought unconcernedly.

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Ruan Ning was already a half dead person to Gu Yi Cheng.
A person who was unable to survive in the early days of the outbreak was not worthy of his rescue.

If Gu Hua Sheng wanted to save her, he could come to S City on his own.
Otherwise, no one could save her.

Since his rebirth, Gu Yi Cheng has watched everything happening around him from the sidelines.

If there was anything else that could arouse a change in his emotions, then it was probably about sending all the people who plotted against him in the previous life to hell.

He would definitely play with these people in this life.

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