uld she live properly in that place?

In fact, Ruan Ning really wanted to stay in this apartment for the rest of her life if possible.
The one thing she hated the most was to deal with all the troublesome stuff, however, it was impossible for her to stay out of it completely in the end times.

That night, the light bulb in the house suddenly flickered and this went on for about half an hour before the light went out completely. 

Starting from the fifth day of the apocalypse, S City went out of water and power supply.  

Ruan Ning knew the plot and made preparations in advance.
The water cut-off and power failure did not have much impact on her, but other people might not have this foresight.

On the seventh day of the apocalypse, Ruan Ning saw someone passing by along the corridor on her floor through the surveillance camera installed outside her unit.
It was a tall man whose appearance wasn’t very clear.
He didn’t walk towards Ruan Ning’s unit but stayed near the staircase landing for about ten minutes then hurriedly left.
He was probably avoiding zombies.

Ruan Ning knew this would happen.
Many people thought that the government would send the military to rescue everyone, so these people didn’t know how to ration their food.
When there was not much food left at home and the army didn’t come, only then they started to regret.

This man was not the first, nor would he be the last.
Soon, more and more people would be forced out of their house to search for food in order to survive. 

There was still a trace a kindness in everyone at the moment.
Most people would borrow or search the supermarket nearby for food.
When the number of zombies increased in the future, there would be less and less food to be found nearby.
People would start to turn towards breaking into houses and robbing.

The order collapsed little by little, and everyone was living in danger in the apocalyptic times.

On the tenth day of the apocalypse, zombies would usher in their first evolution and there would be grade 1 zombies.
Its speed would be the same as that of ordinary people when speed walking and its attack ability greatly improved.

The survival of mankind would become more and more difficult.

It was also at this time that a crystal nucleus would appear in the head of a grade 1 zombie.
This crystal nucleus could not only help those with abilities to upgrade and replenish their abilities, but also become the main currency in circulation in the safe haven.

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