Not only would it act as a disguise, it could also provide cover whenever she tried to take something out of the storage dimension.

Once Ruan Ning was done at the supermarket, she thought of going to the pharmacy not far away to get more commonly used medicines.

In the post apocalyptic times, the value of medicine was no lower than the value of food.
Sometimes, an ordinary cold medicine was also invaluable as it was rare.
Even if Ruan Ning couldn’t use it on herself, she could still exchange it for other supplies in the future.

Just as she was about to walk out of the supermarket, there was a loud “bang” outside.

It caused a huge commotion and it attracted the attention of all zombies surrounding the area.

Before Ruan Ning even stepped out of the supermarket, she already saw several zombies heading her way out of the corner of her eyes.

As she was unaware of the situation out there and with no special ability to defend herself, she felt too unsafe.
In desperation, Ruan Ning could only grit her teeth and turn back into the supermarket.

At the same time in Shangyang Street where it was just one street away from the supermarket where Ruan Ning was hiding, the male lead Gu Yi Cheng was sitting in the back seat of a modified off-road vehicle with a cold expression.
His clean and tidy clothes were in stark contrast to the desolate and bleak neighbourhood outside.

He was in his element as he released his lightning ability towards the zombies which effortlessly knocked down more than a dozen zombies who were chasing them.

The off-road vehicle went on a rampage on the road, knocking into a number of zombies on the street and also smashed into the glass windows of several clothing stores.
This caused a series of sirens, instantly breaking the tranquility of the morning.

“Damn it! There are too many effing zombies in this place.
“Lin Yang who was driving couldn’t help but swear as he looked at the group of zombies surrounding them.

Shangyang Street was one of the bustling areas of S City before the zombie outbreak.
Although it was not as crowded as those large shopping malls in the city center, it was not much better.

Gu Yicheng raised his brows slightly and said solemnly: “Get off the car.”

Lin Yang and Jiang Jingchao also awakened their abilities in the last two days.
One had an earth-based ability and the other had a psychic ability.

As soon as Gu Yi Cheng voiced out, one of the two built an earthen wall around the off-road vehicle to block off the zombies and the other immediately launched a psychical net covering half of Shangyang Street and reported clearly the situation of their surroundings.

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