The next morning at five o’clock, Ruan Ning woke up naturally.

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To set off on time at dawn, Ruan Ning did a simple wash up and had a quick breakfast where she ate a bread and drank a bottle of yogurt.

To be safe, she moved everything of value into her storage dimension before leaving.
In the event she couldn’t return to this apartment, these supplies wouldn’t be wasted.
Besides, her storage dimension was quite sizeable and these supplies wouldn’t take up too much space.

Regarding the prerequisite where the storage dimension would not accept inexpensive items, Ruan Ning thought of a solution the day before.
She could place the supplies in her suitcase first then move her suitcase into her storage dimension.

If she wanted to retrieve any of the items from the suitcase, she didn’t need to move the entire suitcase out first.
She could just retrieve that specific item using her consciousness which was more convenient than she thought. 

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Ruan Ning thought that if maybe she had the opportunity, she would take the risk to go to the major luxury stores in the city center or some high-end home furnishing store to take some expensive storage cabinets with her.

However, there was no rush.
Due to the apocalypse, everyone had their focus on food.
There would hardly be anybody who would “rob” the luxury items that average people wouldn’t be able to afford before the apocalypse.

In the face of hunger, there was nothing more valuable than a piece of bread.

If it hadn’t been for Ruan Ning’s “pampered” storage dimension, she wouldn’t risk her life for the sake of seeking those flashy items that were unrealistic in the post apocalyptic era. 

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Ruan Ning closed the door and stepped lightly into the corridor.

The elevator would be too noisy to use, so Ruan Ning chose to take the stairs.
Perhaps she was lucky as she didn’t meet any zombie along the way and safely reached the first floor.

The anti-theft door installed at the entrance of the apartment building was properly closed and undamaged.
Ruan Ning was relieved as the situation in the community was better than she thought.

However, she was stunned beyond words the moment she stepped out of the building as she witnessed the destruction of the apocalypse.

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It was chaos outside.
The street lamp in front of her was knocked to the ground, shards of glass shattered all over the place and dried blood stains remained on the ground next to the flower bed.
It seemed that this place had experienced a battle between humans and zombies.

Recalling the scenes of zombies gnawing away on humans in the photos from last night, Ruan Ning subconsciously clenched her golf clubs tighter and became more alert as she made her way out.

The supermarket she chose was about a few hundred metres away from her current location.

Ruan Ning’s steps were light and every time she felt danger, she would quickly hide.
Therefore, she was able to reach the supermarket safely without much issues although it took a bit longer. 

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The doors of the supermarket were wide open and the glass window was smashed to smithereens.

Ruan Ning immediately thought of the possibility that someone had been here before her or perhaps they were still in there and couldn’t help but frown.
Or maybe it was the work of zombies.

With increased vigilance, Ruan Ning carefully stepped into the supermarket and surveyed the area.
The supermarket was not large, maybe only a few tens of square meters.
Sweeping her glance over the supermarket, she didn’t find any zombies or humans. 

Even the lady boss she met the day before had disappeared. 

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